21 Savage – I Am Greater Than I Was Album Review | DEHH

21 Savage has captured the hearts of many during his rise to fame. His latest album, I Am Greater Than I Was, has been heralded by many to be his best work. We sit down and discuss his new album with DEHH Interns Kon, Huey, and Jaelon. FYI, Myke was not amused.

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éb sôl sôl says:

Beezy loved it and didn’t stay in his corner…That’s all you need to know.

Christopher Adams says:

Why y’all keep making them niggas introduce themselves lol but anyway I did not expect DEHH to tackle Sir Savage the 21st this was pleasantly surprising

Sebastian M says:

They’ll free him, in the UK

XBR4Da says:

Bloody good review bruv

The Voice of Snake Eyes says:

24:10 “Don’t know where he’s going in the future”….I see a plane ride in his future.

Cd StyleZ says:

Myke tryna not get his gold fish popped Rod let him be Lol

éb sôl sôl says:

#Free21 #Free808sReview

SaltTM says:

Mike’s face when they said classic on savage mode LOL

Huh? says:

Hello interns! Great to year your feedback.

Bernardo Mattos says:

Finally reviewed the brand new UK grime rapper

Ramon Diaz-Sifuentes Jr. says:

Honestly, too many opinions on a 21savage album

Dragonnight49 says:

Beezy rocking the fresh concord 11s

Alexander Edden says:

Prolly the 1st review where you can tell they let alot of factors besides the music affect their opinions

TBD Art says:

22:41 Myke once again I owe u just off that facial expression lol.

Anthony Vargas says:

myke looks stressed out lol

H Bizzle says:

UK’s best MC

Camilo Pedrero says:

Myke’s place on that couch make him appear on every shot and he’s not happy about it lmao

Jay says:

I get both sides, I’m warming to 21, not all of his stuff but theres definitely moments where that monotone works in his favor. But there were still plenty of times on this album where I questioned why I was willingly torturing myself by not hitting the skip button

Afro Jamz says:


Hey its Bill says:

Myke only likes maybe only 2 rappers younger than 30

gshooting says:

Dunno why people are blaming Mike when Rod’s the one with the camera, the one who edited this video and the one who deliberately focused the cam on Mike after he had said his piece and tried to instigate him further.

Dot Park says:

And about comment section…I understand it’s funny kind of but it’s very uncomfortable how much you live America doesn’t make you American never. I thought he lived there enough.

KG says:

Jaelon looking like a young Keith David

Mike WOP says:

Myke always a hater

ifiwereabside says:

Bout time y’all reviewed a grime album. Hell yeah.

MichMich Platini says:

Huey le gilet jaune

The Laughing Storm Born Again says:

With Issa I only like a few tracks on i am > than i was I like every track.
all my friends
ball w/o you
and of course everything else. I think he made a much better album.

Black Heathen says:

You know you’ve made it when you got interns keep up the great work

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