ALBUM REVIEW: Mitski “Be The Cowboy” is one of 2018’s BEST ALBUMS!

Indie singer-songwriter Mitski is back with her new album, “Be The Cowboy.” It’s one of the best albums of the year so far! Check out my review!

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10. CLASSIC- Among the best albums ever
9. MASTERPIECE- The pinnacle of the artist’s career
8. EXCELLENT- One of the best albums of the year
7. VERY GOOD- Very enjoyable with few missteps
6. GOOD- Solid album with a few great songs
5. FINE- OK album but not very interesting
4. DISAPPOINTING- A real letdown that should be much better
3. BAD- Hard to listen to all the way through
2. VERY BAD- Almost no redeeming qualities
1. TERRIBLE- One of the worst albums ever

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My Philosophy: I love music. I love all kinds of music. And I go into every album wanting to love it, so that’s my starting point for every review. Keep in mind, though, that music is a very personal thing. An album may hit me personally in a very different way than it hits you. That’s complexly natural and unavoidable, which is why I try to include some personal context in my reviews. It’s so you’ll have a better idea where I’m coming from. In the end, it’s still just my personal opinion, which is inherently biased, and which you may or may not agree with. Hopefully, once in a while, we’ll find common ground.

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Peanut Butter Pikachu says:

Am I the only one getting TOP vibes? Some of the synths are very similar to what that band uses on vessel and a bit of blurryface.

IsNot Brian says:

To be honest I listened to it once as background noise and was thrown off by how short each song was but after watching your review I will definitely give it the more careful listen that it deserves.

A Simple Man says:

Her third album, “Bury me at makeout creek” is amazing as well

Diego Souza says:

great album! I really loved puberty 2, this is a great follow up.

Ophelia C. says:

So glad you loved it, it’s one of my favorites of the year as well!

Space Alien Jesus says:

No one is satisfied
Its either too short or too long..
This album is like how Nick Drake was as writer.
Straight to the point …love it
How about Bjork’s new album review?

TheDuffyGMER64 says:

Great review, as always! When I first heard this album, it was very enjoyable, but I felt that a lot of the songs were too short and didn’t really stand out, making a setback more than anything. Maybe I should check it out again, though.

Charlie Brown says:

nice review! really like the album but like other people are saying wish a few of the songs were a bit longer

ARTV says:

Totally agree! Fantastic stuff. It’ll probably make my year end list for best albums.

Rock Album Unboxing says:

Hi Kyle. Thanks for the review. You have totally convinced me on this one. I need to hear this now.

Noah Farah says:

Can we get a Mitski, Japanese breakfast and Jay som collab 🙂

Noah Farah says:

Personally, this album felt tad underwhelming with the production. But her song/writing is top-notch and better than her last album. give it a 65/100.

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