ALBUM REVIEW: Nine Inch Nails “Bad Witch”

The long awaited new album from Nine Inch Nails is finally here! Check out my review of “Bad Witch.”

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5. FINE- OK album but not very interesting
4. DISAPPOINTING- A real letdown that should be much better
3. BAD- Hard to listen to all the way through
2. VERY BAD- Almost no redeeming qualities
1. TERRIBLE- One of the worst albums ever

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My Philosophy: I love music. I love all kinds of music. And I go into every album wanting to love it, so that’s my starting point for every review. Keep in mind, though, that music is a very personal thing. An album may hit me personally in a very different way than it hits you. That’s complexly natural and unavoidable, which is why I try to include some personal context in my reviews. It’s so you’ll have a better idea where I’m coming from. In the end, it’s still just my personal opinion, which is inherently biased, and which you may or may not agree with. Hopefully, once in a while, we’ll find common ground.

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Matt Miles says:

1+1= who cares?

Sean Ocrotty says:

I wonder if any of these album reviewers actually write or play music instead of having an opinion and wearing glasses

Skinperiod Inc. says:

my biggest issue with the last 3 albums is that the volume and mixing/mastering is all over the place. He should release the 3 together with a new mix/master. I would consider buying it then.

Andrew Strachan says:

I bought Add Violence out of context, I enjoy it all (except the run time). I wonder if I will enjoy listening to it more in the context of a trilogy

David SDHC says:

I really dig this EP. I enjoy the dirty sound, as it is very much in line with where I’ve been evolving from lo-fi. This EP has a creativity where I want to give it another quick listen because so much of interest has gone by, like the old NIN days. I haven’t listened to it with any song titles in mind, and just put it on. It is a great listening experience from beginning to end. I luckily didn’t hear “god break down the door” until the EP was released and it feels fresh with Trent kind of crooning, which isn’t typical of him. It sounds like him not trying to sing as “Trent” of NIN. Atticus and Trent made a unique piece here.

Khul Golgotha says:


Jason Bly says:

I generally agree with Kyle’s remarks on the album. As a NIN fan for almost 30 years GBDTD is definitely weak on it’s own. This “album” doesn’t have that radio friendly break out song on it. Shit Mirror would have been a much better choice in that regards. I appreciate the experimentation in this even with the hits and misses. But you can tell there wasn’t as much layering, feeling or effort put into this as there was say in Downward Spiral or The Fragile. But still overall not a bad album at all as a whole. It’s just not one that really stands out. I still have hope that Trent puts one more epic “shake the walls to the ground” full length album together that has the NIN stamp on it before it’s over.

Ryan Stevens says:

do xiu xiu

Nicholas Kloss says:

The fact that people can’t wrap their heads around this album makes it even better. NIN doesn’t need to make rock radio albums or sell a billion albums.

Garrapaterorulez says:

Still growing in me… listened to it twice and so far so good. My fave is Shit Mirror and Over and Out ,,/

Annon Mclan says:

fuckin album sucks

lux lucis says:

“Are you a good witch or a bad witch?” ~Glinda the Good Witch

Fuckingflesheater says:

Who is this Anthony Fontano wannabe?

Dustin The Dick Show says:

It’s just a title, bro. Who cares what it’s classified?

A highly suspicious badger says:

I have no idea why would anyone care about the ep-album debate.

Bad Witch, in my opinion was pretty great, and I was lucky enough to see nin live a few weeks back, and can definitely confirm that the songs from bad witch sound great live! I absolutely love blackstar, and bad witch almost feels like a deeper, twisted continuation.

But then again, for me, Add Violence is the best thing nin released since downward spiral which appearently puts me in the minority.

Elen Ara says:

Judging by the reviewer personality he is unlikely to become biggest NIN fan anyway. He seems not very serious, not the type who looks thoughtful, I doubt he’s into dark, strong, sensitive, complex music that NIN represents

Ryan Weiss says:

I’d love more music from HTDA.


I strongly believe Trent Reznor shouldn’t have let Atticus Ross join the band, to put it simply it is not Nine Inch Nails anymore there is a distinct difference in the sound and content. If anything they should have started a side project and called it something other than Nine Inch Nails, because it is not Nine Inch Nails. Don’t get me wrong it is still alright sounding stuff if you think of it as something other than NIN. Unfortunately that is not the path Trent chose and in my opinion that sucks because all future NIN releases will be tainted and we will never have another true NIN release for as long as Atticus is in the band. I don’t mean to come off as I’ve got something against him, I don’t I just feel they should have kept it separate from the main NIN stuff.

Avarice says:

I didn’t like a single song on it. I feel like Trent’s run out of ideas. I get trying to get outta your comfort zone, but this album has no NIN identity.

Ste McFreeman says:

First view of this channel and not impressed. What was the whole Trent taking on the persona of the alt right comment???? Haha who is this fat, bald no neck nerd criticising Trent Reznor anyway? Not a fan of new NIN or this album, but what a ridiculous thing to say for so many reasons. Thumbed down and won’t be subscribing thanks.

The Upper Room says:

Just put the three EPs into a playlist & you have a 1 hour and 15 minute album. BAM!

Tony Angellilli says:

This review could’ve been better if it didn’t drag out so long. I felt that it should’ve ended 3 minutes into the video. And that still may be 3 minutes to long for this reviewer. I’m not sure if the length of the review qualifies as an album or an ep. The review was very hard to get through. Kind of like watching someone assemble a crap sandwich, with another crap sandwich on top. Easily one of the most unqualified individuals to review an album. Or should I say ep. Honestly, who cares. Just enjoy the music and be happy they are still releasing new material.

I give this video minus 3 stars. Save yourself the trouble and spend this 10 minutes enjoying 1/3 of the new album.

Kliner Defekt says:

it shouldn’t matter fans should be happy that new music by NIN should be enough for them. This man is an idiot.

Kenneth Terry says:

This album sucks monkey nutts

Black Ferdinand says:

Same price as an album? I bought it for an album debut price at HMV

G says:

Sounds like Patrick Bateman breaking down the review.

20RyeGuy05 says:

Hey. Senor Authoritarian!!! Truth-Speaker here from the largest Tribe on the East Coast…. Who the Fuck are You????

Please let us all know what you have to present, other than sitting your fat ass in a recliner, criticizing other’s works while you have produced NOTHING. You pathetic Cunt. Get off the land that I belong to…………

Intraterrestrial says:

The ones who got ahead of themselves were all the liberal “progressives” who tried to force their socialist nonsense on society, way way way before (in their eyes) society was ready for it. That’s what got Trump elected. We never wanted it, and we will continue to never want it, because it doesn’t work. I personally love the album, but Trent really needs to look at the other side of the coin when it comes to politics. Trump is going to sweep 2020, because the people will continue to resist the artificial sway of the mass media influence, just like what happened in 2016.

Reggie Manning says:

Great shit . All will be reveal when NIN plays it live. All their shit sounds great when they play anything live

Stargate Video Productions Productions says:

I dont like anything Trent has done post Year Zero. His movie scoring is alright, but with NIN he needs to pull from a different bag of inspiration.

decentradical says:

I don’t really care how technically accomplished the music is. I never liked Nine Inch Nails for its technical prowess, I liked it for the timeless and emotive ideas and melodies wrought into tortured instruments. Trent stopped doing that after year zero (though The Slip was fine). Maybe I just lack the patience to listen to very repetitive music and all the complexity and depth is lost on me. I just hope Trent finds the inspiration to be Nine Inch Nails again.

Mark P says:

This is thee worst album Trent has EVER put out. What was he thinking

Trey Stephens says:

It’s okay but a terrible finale. At least it was only $10.59 after tax.

Matt Miles says:

Who should I vote for Nostradamus?

Brad James says:

Just bought it on wax and listened to it 3 times in a row. Solid album IMO.

Skinperiod Inc. says:

also ahead of ourselves and god break down the door have very similar drums. i know they are different but it bugs me.

Vision Division says:

Might I say there is a reason that the beat on Ahead Of Ourselves, it is specifically, art jazz/jazz fusion, that is what most of this record is encapsulating. Also saying this because I love this cut!

Jonathan Chiasson says:

Reviewing albums is kinda weird imo. Listen to it to see if you like it or not.

Music, sounds and ambiances triggers emotions differently for each individual depending on their experiences.

For me, I take album reviews with a grain of salt…

Matt Miles says:

Do you like Taylor Swift? LOL!

MJ Rocker says:

Well done and detailed review! I’m going to pick this one up! What did you think of their album Hesitation Marks? Curious of your thoughts. I’ve subscribed to your channel! Look forward to hearing and seeing more reviews!

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