Album Review- Science Fiction by Brand New

“Science Fiction” by Brand New is one of the most buzzed about albums of the year, so how is it I’ve never listened to this band before? In this video, I review the album from my perspective as a first time Brand New listener.
PLUS: Bonus Track Trivia!

Favorite Tracks: Same Logic/Teeth, 137, Desert
Least Favorite Tracks: No Control, Batter Up

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My Philosophy: I love music. I love all kinds of music. And I go into every album wanting to love it, so that’s my starting point for every review. Keep in mind, though, that music is a very personal thing. An album may hit me personally in a very different way than it hits you. That’s complexly natural and unavoidable, which is why I try to include some personal context in my reviews. It’s so you’ll have a better idea where I’m coming from. In the end, it’s still just my personal opinion, which is inherently biased, and which you may or may not agree with. Hopefully, once in a while, we’ll find common ground.

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Mikey Mike says:

Excellent review, love the album!!

Juice Rossi says:

“I have no idea if this album is representative of their other 4 albums.”
Baby, you have noooooooooooo idea.

Baphomet Reborn says:

Listen to the devil and god are raging inside me

gatherformandfly says:

Your opinion of Batter Up is valid, of course. But most likely due to the fact that you’re not a Brand New fan. It’s their last album ever, Batter Up made me cry like a baby…

Elijah Ah-Sha says:

Subscribed! Great review, my friend, made me think about the album in a different way. Definitely would recommend you check out “Daisy” from Brand New. It’s their album from 2009. It’s very, very different from SF and I’m curious to hear what you think.

Collin Vaughn says:

Fantastic Review – I agree with most everything you have stated and although I do agree with your sentiment of the record ending in on an anticlimactic note with their last track “Batter Up” – I can’t help but think it was intentional and by design. I am curious as to your thoughts on the various sound clips throughout the record and how you felt it aiding to the development of the narrative?

hayden lewis says:

Listen to The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me, pls

Charles Vaughn says:

The Devil and god are Raging Inside of me is viewed by most as their most polished album, and many fans favorite. Deja Entendu is the other album people often site as their favorite. If you enjoyed science fiction those are definitely the two albums you should look into. Daisy is a very industrial sounding, angry, grungy affair with a lot of great guitar. I love it but it’s a departure from the previous two albums which were a hard act to follow and made it a very controversial work. Then you have their first album, Your Favorite Weapon. It’s very pop punk and as someone who adopted in later, I’d say it’s their weakest album. The leaked demos/fight off your demons needs a place in there somewhere as it has some great tracks, but as you commented about science fiction, their work is really best listened to as an album “cover to cover” as I like to say and the leaked demos obviously aren’t made into a complete album. The first two albums I listed are amazing complete works and I love listening to them on vinyl regularly.

aaron kirkup says:

kyle, i would love to hear you go back now and review them all! please!

Zachary no says:

This was a great Objective review from a new listener! With that in mind I would next try “the devil and god” and its precursor, the leaked 2006 demos (available on spotify and everywhere).

Bullet Blaze says:

Seeing a review that is solely based on what this album is, not on what it is compared to the others was super refreshing, and I fucking loved it. Great video!

paulerxx says:

Batter Up is a passing of the torch type song. This is suppose to be their last album/tour. They want us to make our own band, it’s their way of saying goodbye..At least that’s my take on “Batter Up”

em motionless says:

I’m a long time fan of BN and I just need to say this review is brilliant xx

Joe Warner says:

I’d like to hear your thoughts on the others, especially Devil and God and Daisy

Ben Skywalker says:

Science Fiction was a perfect chapter to end their career. It really felt like the old age part of the band life. And plus the southern touch all over the album is freaking awesome. I recommend you go through their album “The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me”.

Geoffrey Hulsether says:

Listen to and review Daisy!!!!

Roaming Shaman says:

Honestly, if you haven’t already, you should listen to all their records in order. Even the first one, which is a pretty mediocre record in my opinion. But they have one of the most surprising careers in how they’ve evolved from a simple pop punk band to something else entirely. It’s really quite impressive.

I disagree with you on Batter Up though, but I’m not all that surprised you feel that way. The song works better in the context of their career and the fact that this is their last album.

ѕoυɴd & vιѕιoɴ ASMR says:

You’re my new favorite.
Get down off you’re high horse Fantano, this guys good.

Joseph says:

You need to listen to the Devil and God Are Raging Inside me

Robert Eichler says:

before i hear what you think, im glad that a first time listener would make a video reviewing them. its really cool that you would review an album from a band that has such a cult following and shows that if more people were like you and at least gave it a chance, they may like it and find out about a band that has meant so much to me.

lobsterxcore says:

Dude. Listen to Devil & God and review it. Please.

Rick Kaufman says:

Brand New (no pun) subscriber to your channel. Your year end list brought me here. Keep up the good content. Would love to see some metal stuff!

youandwhosearmy? says:

A good review, but I really can’t agree that “Batter Up” is in any way a weak ending to this AMAZING ALBUM (or that “No Control” is poor, for that matter) . The first time i heard this record I knew that what i was hearing was something out of the ordinary, and Batter Up just blew me away. Would really be interested to see you do a review of the other really great Brand New album.. The Devil and God (which contains a song with almost certainly the most depressing true story behind any song ever recorded… Limousine.

Christopher Klein says:

Please review The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me…. You will be blown away.

Heather Sumner says:

Brand New is my favorite band and has been since HS. It’s a totally different relationship to a new listener. I grew up with the band and grew like their music has. I love all of their albums, but I imagine a new listener who enjoyed this album would only like the last two albums and not the first two.

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