Ariana Grande – Sweetener | Album Review

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►My review of massive pop singer Ariana Grande’s messy and disappointing album “Sweetener”.

Republic Records
Release: 8/17/18
Rating: 2.5/5

►Favorite tracks: no tears left to cry, god is a woman, better off, borderline, breathin

►Least faves: the light is coming, sweetener, everytime, successful

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Ariana Grande – Sweetener Full Album Track List

1. Raindrops (An Angel Cried)
2. Blazed featuring Pharrell Williams
3. The Light Is Coming featuring Nicki Minaj
4. R.E.M
5. God Is A Woman
6. Sweetener
7. Successful
8. Everytime
9. Breathin
10. No Tears Left To Cry
11. Borderline featuring Missy Elliott
12. Better Off
13. Goodnight N Go
14. Pete Davidson
15. Get Well Soon


CatSpirito says:

i just can’t imagine how bad this album will sound on her concerts… especially sweetener, since she still has a lot of teen and even younger fans…

Sariah the Elf Queen says:

No tears left to cry in my opinion has been overplayed but it’s good and I love God is a woman so much

Sariah the Elf Queen says:

I like your analysis

Sariah the Elf Queen says:

I love Pharrell tho

CatSpirito says:

its more like 1,5/5…. i’m soo disappointed…

the big little lies cast is skinny fuck blue lives! says:

that intro was everything

riddy-pr says:

That opening skit made me like the video instantly.

André says:

I liked the album. I hated successful, the beat sounds like the music from wii

Alice Kim says:

Sweetener could’ve been her best album but tracks like The Light is Coming and Successful literally destroy that possibility. This is coming from an Ari fan

Androman says:

WTF YouTube unsubbed me??? Not cool… re-subbing now.

Raven The Acid Bath Princess Of The Dark says:

this is like what britney’s album ‘Britney jean’ went like; messy. But I find BJ to be fun. Sweet, feels super super lifeless

Sariah the Elf Queen says:

That intro was gross.

M. Firza Fadma Putra says:

This album contains sugar and sweet candies


This was a miss for myself as well. I just couldn’t get into it at all.

Taylor S says:

From no tears lift to cry I had HIGH expectations for this album,don’t get me wrong I do have my loves but only 10songs out of 15 made the cut for me. Glad I’m not the only person who thinks this is her weakest work.

xcatastrophic says:

This album is a grower

Lysander G says:

This guy’s an artist. Only a true method actor would actually put whatever the hell that was in his mouth.

Shalee Jade says:

I think that the album is incohesive and sadly emotionless. I don’t think pharrel and Grande work as a collaborative partnership, ironically with the exception of the light is coming. I dunno what it is about that song because I shouldn’t like it but I cant help but groove out to it and i am constantly humming the chorus. Breathin is the other highlight for me. That sound is so polished, has clear direction and production and had the catchness and vibe that I expect from pop music. Am baffled as to why critics like this album so much, when a huge chunk of it is indigestible to mainstream audiences.

tonypolk8 says:

i dont understand why her fans hate sweetener? i have not been a fan but this album is very good. the album is a great story, just listen.

Enrique Ganto says:

OMG Pharrell make this album the female version of JT’s Man of the Woods (excluding the country staff). Why??? Pharrel Why??????? You know it’s corny, dude.

angellovesBTS says:

The beginning is legit me at the last minute, making my meals before leaving home.

pinkkhime says:

I definitely agree that Pharrell may not have been the best producer to fit Ariana’s style. She always sounds best on the songs that channel the early 2000s pop diva vibe and GIAW/NTLTC both embody that very heavily. There are a few others on the album that I like because they do show off just how beautiful and versatile her voice (Breathin, Goodnight n Go and Everytime.) I don’t even mind Sweetener as a tongue and cheek little bop but I agree that overall this album is not the most cohesive and isn’t as solid as Dangerous Woman was.

angellovesBTS says:

I’m an arianator but I only like NTLTC and Sweetner off of the album. Sweetner was kinda ehh but I love the pre chorus and the beat in the chorus. The ” hit it flip it mix it and mix it blabla” parts are cringee.

Sariah the Elf Queen says:

I do agree tho it doesn’t sound like Ari

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