Ariana Grande – thank u, next ALBUM REVIEW


Sweetener is no longer Ariana Grande’s strongest album.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


PureAnnhilation says:

I agree with a lot you said but when you justified the holocaust with Ariana grandes song ghostin that was a little odd

Melanie 2 says:

Ilya, Max and Savan are the holy trinity

Purple Activist says:

Ariana grande is like the worst fucking thing ever.

RoDoz says:

Did you ever listen to her albums prior to Sweetener? Lol Dangerous Woman is still her best to me. And then My Everything, Thank U Next, Yours Truly, and Sweetener is in the trash.

Proudly Problematic says:

Everyone is acting like he just sold out. As someone who’s been watching him since 60,000 subs, I’d say he sold out when he started almost exclusively reviewing rap.
I remember all of his great metal reviews back in the day.
I don’t blame him, though. A man’s got to eat. He’s got a wife and seven children after all.

pedro6720 says:

Where is “Head Above Water” review????

Alayna C says:

i loved this review, thank u (next)!!

Amber Formula says:

Very pretentious ,the Album is very shallow , doesn’t need all that reading in it , hearing you talking it feels like it s a Shakespeare play or something

Emma Roberge says:

i like that he doesn’t just trash it for being pop like most people do. he really does look into it. thank you

Tuna Snouted- Nippleplow says:

This is the same girl who played cat in “Sam and Cat”

Dank Paladin says:

Comments in a nut shell
80% – joke about people who don’t like the album because it’s “mainstream”
10% – people who don’t like the album because it’s “mainstream”
10% memes

Nicholas Ray Cruz says:

Do a boogie

Joschua says:

i love ariana, but sweetener wasnt her strongest album b4 tu,n.

Tommy Dowd says:

I know this is nothing new for Fantano but I love the diverse amount of music he can review and appreciate. I don’t listen to Arianna Grande but since I’ve watched this I’m gonna give her a try. If it wasn’t for fantanos respect for all music I would have kept a close mind

Lil Swipe says:

Bladee better than Ariana

Jonathan Rodriguez says:

I agree with you. This album is fire, and I don’t usually like pop music.

Jordan Pool says:

Anyone listen to Sabrina Claudio? She’s good esp the album ‘About Time’. Also never thought Dirty Projectors and Ariana Grande could fit in the same sentence.

jake pm says:

the only songs i enjoy are ghostin and thank u, next. all the other sound the same.

Tom Shiner says:

This album is amazing

PUREtrollin says:

Ariana grande is the definition of being basic. Breaks up with a dude than one month later gets engaged to someone else to spite that other person. Then once that other man commits suicide (rest his soul) she eventually breaks up with her new boyfriend. I’m sorry but I can’t stand women like this. Ariana takes the L for an eternity.

Gun on my Hip says:

pharrell is honestly a shitty producer and ruined sweetener for most people.

Fern says:

you’re so hot to me right now melon

J.T. R says:

Max Martin is just always there lol it’s strange

Numayam says:

I don’t know why I even watch these. I always disagree

Ethan P says:

I really love this album, so much that I think it’s better than dangerous woman.

Eddie M says:

Wtf… who cares about Arianna gangbang? I don’t and ain’t nobody gonna make me care! Ha! Make me try…. still failed. Thanks.

mr pwdytt says:

ok melon thank you, next

Tommy Le says:

for someone who talks music, you should know the term whistle register.

cool and good 遠ドイ says:

fuck you melon you fat fuck

yesmickey8 says:

I like your analysis but I completely disagree about “make up.” It sounds like a demo that should be pitched to Beyonce. One of my faves on the album.

Joffery Hollsworth says:

While I haven’t gone through the entire album just yet, the first half sounds great and I’m personally impressed by her. I was never an Ariana fan, but if she keeps going deeper and less “showy” – like this album- I will easily become one. Besides the singles, Fake Smile is fantastic. Love the vocal choices, lyrics and overall concept.

Amber Formula says:

And yes ! The Album is terrible , overly basic , the two previous albums are way better ,

No Cheating says:

Can you do a review on LIL GOT IT young thugs friends he has an album out I think he’s gone blow so just mentioning it.

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