Asking Alexandria – Asking Alexandria | Album Review

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►My review of the new self titled album by British band Asking Alexandria. Lead vocalist Danny Warsnop returns, and brings a change of pace and maturity to this long running band on their 5th studio release.

“Asking Alexandria”
Sumerian Records
Release: 12/15/17
Rating: 3.5/5

►Favorite tracks: Where Did It Go?, Into the Fire, Alone In a Room, Vultures, Eve

►Least faves: Empire, I Am One, When the Lights Come On

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►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon:

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Gino Simplicio says:

I could not agree with you more about this but I have to disagree with the thought about Empire. Yes it is standoffish and very unlike them but I can’t help but enjoy it. When I hear of it, I think of Share the Sunshine Young Blood (feat. Kyle Lucas) by Slaves and the way that Kyla Lucas raps in that song reminds me so much of his this guy goes in Empire mixed with that old Asking Alexandria sound. In some ways it brought back nostalgia for me in a very positive way.

Vincent K. Lynch says:

I feel like the only thing the whole fanbase agrees on is that Empire is the worst song on the album

A Distressed Catbug says:

I absolutely love this album and so glad Danny is back

JAMiE DC says:

Hopelessly Hopeful sounds a little like Of Mice & Men’s Product Of A Murderer during the chorus, but it’s a great song

SaculOssir says:

I thought they couldn’t release a worse album than The Black. How surprised I was

Gliched1324 says:

I love almost every somg from the album. The exceptions are when the lights come on and empire. Other than that i was so excited for the album and I wasnt let down

Dante says:

Awesome!! Haha, I personally found “I am one” lyrically powerful. Although it has less lyrics compared to other songs, I resonate a lot with it, and with Danny’s voice which just gets powerful and powerful as the song goes is simply mind blowing.

Nightmarenero says:

I mostly hate the album but everyone’s got different opinions

Dabbing Dan says:

To be honest I was rather disappointed with this new record

Benlikesdamusic says:

When you said the track with the rapper sounded corny was that a Korn pun?


Thanks for your reviews

Capture Nexus says:

I think they album was pretty great lyrics, sound, openings. All on point but like he said little things here & there could’ve been improved but I still loved it

Jack Brown says:

great album

FooledSweetness says:

I love all the songs seen them live last night! Your review is amazing

Richard Fonseca says:

Thoughts on panic ! At the discos christmas song

Carlos Castanheira says:

I dont get what people have with eve. Its honestly my most hated song in this album as someone who likes their heavier side i was surprised with how much i hated that song.

Daniel Morales says:

I think that, in a few years, AA will be the band that sells out entire arenas. These are songs to sing along in a big stadium.

Loving Under Denver and When The Lights Come On.

Kevin L says:

PLEASE listen to Ghosted’s “Get Some”, and watch the music video (it’s incredible). It’s their first single, but I feel like they could really become a big hit.

panicORdie says:

Do a throwback review of his country album I think its actually good for country lol

Benji Fox says:

I don’t get all the hate towards Empire, yes it’s really different but if you actually listen to the lyrics it’s really well done and the song works really well, it’s one of my favorites off of the album alongside Rise Up and Eve

Vick Ruthless says:

I think its a bit repetitive in somes songs…

Jack97 says:

Consider about 2 years ago Danny was killing the band he has sure come back and saved it love this album definitely one of the best of the year

Martina says:

I love Danny’s voice on Empire, that’s the only reason I don’t skip that song. Loved your review Jon

Jordan Feller says:

Best Rock Album of 2017 & G Eazy “The Beautiful And Damned” best rap album of 2017. hands down

Samual Hodges says:

You should keep an eye on I Don’t Know How But They Found Me. It’s a alternative duo with Dallon Weekes. (former bassist of Panic! At The Disco) and Ryan Seaman (Former drummer of Falling in Reverse)

Joshua Gutierrez says:

I want him to review deuces new album Invincible

klasesalk says:

Love Dsnop

John Brook says:

Danny is just amazing on this record. BEst vocal performance ever 😮 I mostly agree on you BUT I love I am One… actually one of my favorite songs on the record.. also when the lights come on might not seem like it has good lyrics.. but if you think about the fact that it is written about those moments before going onstage and being nervous and THEN listen to the song.. it gets exactly that feeling across so the lyrics just fit the feel of the song… To me.. a 4,5 out of 5

Halo 050901 says:

Everyone watch the bangerzTV review of the album

Dickens Cider says:

Into the fire is the only good track on the album… that would be a fresh direction but the rest is just filler.

Oli Marie says:

I didn’t know they still made music after Dennis took over for Danny 😮

Mike Lyons says:

To me, it’s a part 2 from death to destiny. I think that is the better album. But this new one is still great and refreshing. Love the direction !

Derek Norris says:

Danny sounded good but the instruments were weak. Terrible album.

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