KB ‘TODAY WE REBEL’ ALBUM REVIEW – I give my thoughts on KB’s latest album the third reach records project of the year, with Lecrae’s ‘All things Work Together recently & Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed’s Magic & Bird.

KB – Today We Rebel (Full Album Stream)

2. Tempo
3. Monster (feat. Aha Gazelle)
4. Primetime (feat. Ty Brasel)
5. Get Through (feat. Lecrae)
6. Art of Drifting
7. Art of Hope
8. Not Today Satan (feat. Andy Mineo)
9. I Am Not the One
10. New Portrait
11. Bring You War (feat. for KING & COUNTRY)
12. Sing to You (feat. Casey J)
13. Rebel Intro (feat. Sarah Reeves)
14. Rebel Rebel 88

►Intro/Background Music
KB – PrimeTime Ft. Ty Brasel

Ftureable – Forgotten™ w_ Abang kay
Abang Kay -Motionless

Eternal Perspective Clothing

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Nathon Fleming says:

primetime was my favorite first listen i think

Will Tellez says:

For me it’s a three way tie with Crooked, Perception and TWR

Nathon Fleming says:

my ranking of albums this year:

1. Magic and bird
2. Today we rebel
3. Perception
5. Worthy
6. Trill 2
7. Your soul must fly

albert segura says:

KBs album was great imo. David you should also do a review on beautiful eulogys album that dropped today too! Really good music coming out!

Jorge Yepez says:

Hey David are you gonna review Beautiful Eulogy’s album too?

Aidan lende says:

Honestly almost everything on this channel I can listen to and nod my head about. I personally am wondering if you are any bit of a beautiful eulogy fan?? They are the way that I personally entered the chh world, and they just dropped their third album the Same day as kb’s third album so thought that was pretty interesting(also capital kings dropped a single but their stuff goes for more edm) just was wondering if you’ve looked into them, mostly god and really unique production, maybe you could make a vid??

braydon pate says:

this may be the most creative album of the year

Moises Estrada says:

Am I the only one dat didn’t like the chorus/hook in Primetime kinda ruined the song for me

Sineamon Toth says:

Did you get a chance to checkout new Capital Kings release ?

TheXecutioner22 says:

As christians evaluating christian work, we should definitely give more weight to godliness in our assessment. Kb has awesome production n nf literally in eminem without the cursing. Crae mr righteous and ratchet himself. I like all the albums but value kb’s the most as a believer

Quack Television says:

Guy’s new portrait goes hard

Austin chapman says:

There’s also one song that sounds like it was remixed to a worship song that is out

chrisdcurby says:

Album of the year is definitely Worthy by Beautiful Eulogy.

Griffith Biju John says:

Chh 5 Best Albums
1.Lecrae – ATWT
2.KB – Today We Rebel
3.NF – Perception
4.Aha Gazalle – Trilliam 2
5. Andy Mineo/Wordsplayed – Magic & Bird

C Wheelez says:

Kb’s best album yet. Hands down. Love the message, production, and overall quality. The features were also well thought out. Andy Mineo, Lecrae, ty, and for King and country all worked very well on their respective songs.

Messy Jessy says:

Ty Brasel isn’t Reach .. yet X’D

Josue Simeon says:

Top 5 this year:
1. KB – TWR
2. Lecrae – ATWT
3. NF – Perception
4. Andy and Wordsplayed – Magic and bird
5. Gawvi – We belong

DeAndre Elliott says:

I liked the album kinda sad that get through wasn’t Neva gon change… But still a good album

Xavier Simmons says:

So Far My ranking would be
1. Today We Rebel
3. Trilliam 2
4. Perception
5. Magic and Bird
This is my top 5 for 2017 so far , but from what Aha has been putting out Trilliam 3 might take top spot.

Kai Burmeister says:

Lecraes album is by far the best. Every song on nfs album has the same message and sound lol. Christians only relate to nf because he’s white

Apa_0214 says:

I think “Rebel Intro” contain (a) sample(s) from “Battle Song” by Lecrae

Random Nation says:

Perception takes #1 for me

Brittany B says:

I wish he put Tempo before DNOU. It would of flowed better in my opinion as far as his mantra of being free. Rebel 88 oh my goodness! But whole album touches the soul and it really shows or manifest God’s glory! HGA! I loved it!

Jairo Marquez says:

Review Beautiful Eulogy!!!!!!!!!

Gavin Mokoena says:

The best for me would be KB- TWR, Shai Linne Still Jesus, Beautiful Eulogy- Worthy… NF and Magic and bird feels more like Conscious rap, I wouldn’t call it CHH

Isaac Metraus says:

NF’s perception has gotta be the best CHH project this year, then TWR from KB. The two of them run christian hip hop right now.

Mark Prioleau says:

I think Ty Brasel is WAY over rated, can’t rap on beat.

Josiah Harrison says:

Anything similar about the intro to rebel rebel 88? Lecrae used it in one of his early songs(Battle Song off of Rehab: The Overdose). Pretty interesting that KB is being the old crae, but making it cool with banging beats and great messages and good features like your boy Ty Brasel

Tk.1 4 sure says:

Hie David
As you did with crae & NF
On sales for the first week
May u so do for KB

James Washington says:

Album has been out for a few hours and your already doing a review?

Will Tellez says:

Overall this year Damn. Young T, Croocked, TWR, ATWT, and perception are my are my faves this year

Zoe Guzman_22 says:

Not Today Satan is my fav song on the album!! I have to listen to more songs!! Thanks for the review!!

Stephen Felder says:

NF and KB both did really well on their 3 record……


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