Best Coast- The Only Place ALBUM REVIEW


I’ve returned to Best Coast’s music almost out of a morbid curiosity just to find I’m even less in love with this album than I was the California rock and pop outfit’s debut.

What did you think of this album? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?





Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


Alex Brown says:

I totally loved Crazy For You, it’s still one of my favorite albums. Yet, I thought this album totally sucked. It totally lose the vintage Best Coast sound, and as he said, it seemed like a commercial for California. Yeah, I like it too, but it was just way too corny.

serfbort says:

I LOVE this album. I find it very relatable. but that’s just my opinion.

Juan Martinez says:

I liked the album.

Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?

Cardenaldana says:

I can’t believe I actually bought this one

Nick Morgan says:

Yeah I like Best Coast. Some of the songs you can listen to a lot others not so much. A good/bad thing about it is that you definitely know what you’re going to get. Anyway they’re more of a break up band to me.

hot aga says:

best coast’s covers are dope as fuck, just like wavves’s covers

Trent Greene says:

Subliminal Pains of Being Pure at Heart advertising in the background.

Charles Drake says:


Michael Todd Berland says:

totally agree with this

Wesley Horn says:

Im a bass player, what is the best bassline on this track. thanks

Vincent says:

are you working for pitchfuck ?

cwbellor says:

My reaction: another band worshiping at the altar of The Mary Chain!

alba tross says:

“our deal” is probably the best song from them. and its OKAY. other than that best coast and wavves sucks hahaha. not even hating. just sayin

Laura Gómez says:

Agree in it is not the greatest piece of music ever done, it’s kind of lame actually. But hey, I’ve going through to a lot of changes in my life, and the lyrics just feel so right to me, I can perfectly cry for hours listening to Best Coast.

Brittany Drake says:

spot on review.

ice Bloop says:

I agree with you.

ImTooAbstract says:

I felt like all of the songs on this album sounded the same. And it had a pretty heavy country influence which I wasn’t particularly fond of.

Zachary says:

I like this album.

Bela Pereira says:

i don’t hate this album, but it just annoys me to listen to something that sounds like anyone could have written it. so many of the songs sound similar and the lyrics are awfully boring

Deezelando says:

To me, the album seemed more of something to reflect on. I’d be nice if they changed back to their old sound like on Crazy For You.

churchyobrian says:

he made a good point about the bubble gum pop, its good for background music and doesnt go deeper

Alberto Torres says:

Awww noo, not this one, this album is way better than crazy for you. I have to completely disagree with you weedthony blunttano

Nerozumim says:

He didn’t like that? Oh come on, that album was fabulous.

MrBeesknees95 says:

the intro is basically Airplane! 😛

David Arriaga says:

I just found out about em, They have a great sound, better then half the shit out, and why is less of a rock attitude better???? WE NEED MORE OF THAT!!

delnuggets says:

I see dat Pains of Being Pure at heart record peeking out… Don’t try to hide it Fantano… I see it… Fantano…

theglassman32 says:

fuck you

Nova Season says:

No love, no hate..just not my thing for me.

kerry mcphearson says:

Maybe best coast can change up their sound like radiohead

kendallxcasablancas says:

in my opinion this album was good and doesnt deserve as much hate as its getting no its not the best but definitely not a piece of shit like a lot of you guys are saying

chicacometa says:

im in love

figgity fag says:

god fuck off best coast is friggin ammazing. <3

Cecil Sutton says:

love all of their work because I like that style of rock. hey im from the Caribbean, can’t help it…
they make beach-music

wehrlerichard says:

the worst fucking band

theNerdifacation says:

I feel my love of the album comes from the time I started listening to it.

Mark Berman says:

Look up his review of W by Planningtorock.

The NEW Nile Ue Ue Fly says:

Are you wearing the D.A.R.E. shirt ironically?

KubrickKing says:

I have to admit, this album is a guilty pleasure of mine. BC dropped everything see had going for her on her first record, and added more production and more serious themes (yet the lyrics seem to be of the same seriousness of “I wish my cat could talk”). It’s just simply not that good of a record, yet I’m always playing it in the background and what-not just cause it’s so easy to listen to. So I guess that means I like it…

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