BEST LYRICS OF REPUTATION – Taylor Swift Album Review

It’s here it’s here it’s here! Taylor Swift Reputation Album Review!
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It was REALLY TOUGH choosing my favorite lyrics from each song, because we all know that every song is fire🔥🔥 BUUTT I think I was able to do it, with the help of YOU ALL! Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my post on The Swift Life or Tweeted me @LaurenLipman


ALSO watch till the end to catch the bloopers hahaha… I hope you guys are enjoying seeing my sillier side come out!

I WILL BE decoding End Game Music Video don’t you worry your pretty little mind 😉

I just had this video in the works when Queen Taylor decided to drop the music video. Don’t forget to comment below your theories about all the hidden messages!

I hope you all liked my Reputation album review, thanks so much for all of your support!

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Kirsten Anderson says:

Plus this album shows Tay being an adult, drinking and doing adult thing. (Scratches down your back-from So It Goes)
Top 3 Taylor songs:
End Game-It was my fave from the release of Rep.
I Know Places (1989)-I like the whole line about them being Foxes and running from the hunters, plus Tay is just a fox and she knows it ^_^ And Foxes are one of my favorite critters.
Shake It Off (1989)-I know this is probably a given, but End Game and Shake It Off just put me in a good mood instantly.
Runners Up: Our Song and Love Story-That country twang guuuurl. And 22. I love dancing to it.
I go from jumping around to Shake it Off/22 to thinking I’m a hip hop star with End Game. I can’t wait to see how many awards she wins from this album.

sanu kulkarni says:

Hey lauren! When are you releasing the end game decoded video?

Sarina xo says:

People think the song dont blame me is similair to Take me to Church , it may have a similair feel (church vibes) but thats about it. When i listen to Dont Blame Me, I get a bit of a theatrical Cabaret sexy feel to it.

AnimePageCalynn says:

If I was trapped in the island I would bring….
don’t blame me
So it goes

Raul Marchiori says:

Is the live stream available somewhere to watch?

Mimo Nguyen says:

The “deep blue, but you painted me golden” Lyric has me shook. I love it so much.
I would probably choose: don’t blame me, dress, call it what you want

Gunther The Penguin says:

That verse from KOMH kind of makes me sad because I feel that Taylor is also trying to say she’s going to stop her career, Idk that’s just how I feel.

musixxcha says:

Three songs from rep that I would bring with me:
1. Dwoht-because this is my absolute fav from the album.
2. Ciwyw-because this song is so sweet and catchy and warm and all that is good.
3. Rfi-because I would need an upbeat song to bang my head to and scream from the top of my lung and dance like crazy and this is the perfect song for all of that. 😀

Gunther The Penguin says:

If I happen to get trapped in a dessert island the 3 songs from Rep that I would pick are:
1.I Did Something Bad
2.End Game
3.This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Cookie Star says:

The minuted I heard Dont Blame Me for the first time I immediatly thought it sounded like Take me to church

Khushi Gupta says:

ummmmmmm 4:50 my hand goes straight up…… btw i agree abt the take me to church vibes.. and so it goes is an amazing song…….. but really underrated and i luved ur live stream. also, i think i listened to new years day abt 100 times on new years eve!!!!!!!! luv ur bloopers!!!

Thao Nguyen says:

I recall late november holding my breath slowly i said : “you dont need to save me but would you run away with me?”. My fav

Prabhnoor Kaur Boparai says:

This was a really good video . I liked it


I also like to mention this line “Baby I will fall from grace just to touch ur face If u walk away , I beg u on my knees to stay”

Laura Bolanos says:

Love your videos! I will say my 3 songs would be:

1. King of My Heart (makes me think of my husband)

2. Dress

3. So it goes

NobodyTrustsMe13 says:

Love this video! Do you ever think about doing another video like this but with all of Taylor’s other albums?

Briana LaBrie says:

keep up with the bloopers at the end!

xdarkness22x says:

You should check out the making of songs. In “Dont blame me” it was made to have a churchy choir vibe, so you hit it on the nose

Kylie says:

Delicate is my favourite song on the album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lovro Selaj says:

I would chose drees King of my hearth and dont blame me but all of her songs are great i love all songs from reputation and congrats on 10 000 sub #roadto100000 sub like if you agree

Thao Nguyen says:

Another cool thing is that in All too well Tay sang: i might be OK but I’m not fine at all “ and then in Call it what you want she said: “I’m doing better than i ever was” ❤️❤️❤️

Katie-Marie Anastasiades says:

I love you

crystal elizabeth says:

End game gorgeous ready for it hey lauren #swifties for life

Allany Lanot says:

My fave lyrics gotta be
“I’d kiss you as the lights went out
swaying as the burned down
I’d hold you as the water rushes in
If I could dance with you again”
from Dancing With Our Hands Tied

It just paints this end-of-the-world imagery where they’d rather spend their last minutes holding each other than try to run and escape

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