Brand New – The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me (Album Review)

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►My review of the classic 2006 album “The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me” by emo rock band Brand New. Incredibly sorry that I accidentally edited out the part where I talked about one of my favorite tracks “Degausser”.

“The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me”
Interscope Records
Release: 11/20/2006
Rating: 5/5

►Favorite tracks: Jesus Christ, Degausser, Limousine, You Won’t Know, Not the Sun, Sowing Season, Millstone, Handcuffs

►Least faves: n/a

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Lel says:

awesome video keep making them

Ryndan Riley says:

adjective is the wrong word. I think you meant expletive.

Luis Fuentes says:

Sir, you just discovered me an amazing album, thank you so much. Im discovering so much good music with your reviews. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Lawliet Jayson says:

Fantastic review. To be honest, I legitimately believe Daisy is their best album and it’s certainly my favorite. But this album is a masterpiece as well.

Mike Hanes says:

Whoa thanks for the review. One of my favorite records ever. Not the Sun is my favorite.
I usually skip “–” because of the sounds of the mics, which really annoys me in a way.

alizah vernon says:

Brand New is personally one of my favorite bands because they make you recognize pain, even if it isn’t your own. I can’t even explain it, this album review is sick and probably one of my favorite ones.

rockkiller124 says:

This and Sunny Day Real Estate’s Diary are my fav emo records ever. Deja Entendu is also good as well.

Kevan Thatcher says:

Been meaning to check it out

pannkakesangen says:

Finally! Stellar review and very in depth analysis. You brought up lots of great points. Easily in my top 3 favorite albums of all time! I have so many memories attached to this masterpiece. Like when I cried subtly one morning waiting for the bus to school listening to Limousine or how everything about this album paralleled my experience being infatuated with a girl. I remember the first time I showed the song Jesus Christ to two of my best friends and their reactions. I remember how my day and my outlook on life and music completely got turned upside down the first time that I heard Jesus Christ. I remember a tense debate I had in the middle of a crown with my best friend if this album or Nirvanas Nevermind is the superior album. I remember screaming along to this album when I was home alone so my voice got fucked up for a couple of days. Most importantly is that since the day I heard Jesus Christ, I dont want to remember the days before it because of my attitude on life and how its now changed for the better.

Awwhburn Awwhburnius says:

I think limousine is a masterpiece when u realise he wrote it of a true much emotion in it

amelia marie says:

Great review!!! Couldn’t help but laugh when you said “this album is going to kick your ass the first time you hear it, you won’t even know whats coming” because its so damn true! I remember the first time i heard limousine and i couldn’t believe what i was hearing!!! Then i read the story behind the song and i couldn’t listen to it for months because it was just too much, the story kept replaying in my head. Even now i can’t listen to that song just anytime because its so hard hitting.

TheSilver964 says:

Great review man, simply amazing album. Do you plan on reviewing Daisy at some point?

Nathan Averett says:

+ARTV I just found your channel today thanks to your review of Weezer’s white album, but now I’m a subscriber! Great stuff!

Loved this review, but I’ve gotta say that Jesus Christ is definitely about the literal Jesus Christ and not the adjective at all. I hear this song as almost a prayer, like he’s talking to Jesus and the song is chock-full of Christian metaphors:

–“So what did you do those three days you were dead?” is a direct reference to Jesus’ death and subsequent resurrection three days later
–“Do I get the gold chariot or do I float through the ceiling?” refers to the Biblical prophet Elijah who was taken to heaven in a gold chariot
–After Jesus resurrected and appeared to his disciples, Thomas asked to see his hands as proof that it was really the resurrected Jesus (“And at the gates does Thomas ask to see my hands?”)
–“I know you’re coming in the night like a thief” refers to instructions from Jesus to his disciples to be watchful, because he’ll return at a time that they least expect “like a thief in the night”
–And of course there are the obvious references to the crucifixion, in which Jesus was nailed to a wooden cross (“But I’m scared I’ll get scared and I swear I’ll try to nail you back up… We all got wood and nails and turn out hate in factories”)

These are some very powerful metaphors, especially to those familiar with Christianity, and it’s clear from these lyrics that the devil and god are truly raging inside of him. It’s beautiful and tortured, a very impressive song.

One more thing, Millstone is another song with heavy Christian themes, as Jesus warns that if anyone causes harm to “these little ones who believe in me” that it would be better for them to have a millstone hung around their neck and drown in the sea. That’s some heavy, heavy stuff…

Arctic Frank! says:

YES!!!!! YES!!!!!!

Andi Baumgarten says:

This is my second favorite album of all time and it really changed me as a person. even After hearing limousine 100 times it still builds up so much tension and emotion. the screaming breakout on luca, the mesmerising lyrics on jesus christ, the highly emotional outro of degausser. This album is what comes closest to musical perfection, at least for me.

Chris Alderson says:

It actually took me two years to listen to this album in full. “Sowing Season” was such a powerful gut punch that I couldn’t get past it.

Daniel Mclinn says:

I miss having sex with you John. Good to See your videos are taking off.

Greg Goat says:

Easily top 3 albums of all time for me. Every single song on hear serves its purposes and continues speeding you along the journey of the album without skipping a beat. It hits every emotion note fucking perfectly, and has some of the most GET UP AND THE JAM THE HELL OUT moments in music for me. Jesus Christ is my favorite song from this, and my favorite Brand New song. I have listened to the second half of it one probably more than any other song in their library.

justin workman says:

master PEACEEEEE 0:46

Dalbert Leal says:

“What do you carry the torch for my young man?
Do you believe in anything?
Or do you carry it around just to burn things down?”

Connor Mortifier says:

Your score is too low. This is a 6/5

Wesley Monroe says:

Definitely one of the best. I love the mood this album gives. Everything from the intense vocals of Degausser, to the intimidating yet relaxing vibes of Untitled is downright phenomenal. Awesome review!

Raegan Cole says:

is brand new a christian/ religious band?? i absolutely love the band with all of my heart but many of my friends have asked me that i havent really known how to answer them…. SOS

Yhetti64 says:

I like this album, but I find those who revere it do so in such a pretentious manner it legitimately makes it more difficult to appreciate. Many fans act like they’re smarter and better people for listening to it.

Venomous Vince says:

One of the albums I’ve been wanting to check out after listening to a few tracks but haven’t got around to it yet. Definitely will now! I do know that Luca is a musical masterpiece and You Won’t Know is amazing

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