Bruno Mars – 24K Magic ALBUM REVIEW


Pop phenom Bruno Mars throws it back to the sounds of synth funk and R&B from 30 years ago. The result is his best album yet.

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


ryan chatterjee says:

The first 4 tracks are like a 9, the other stuff is like a 5.

Andre Novacaine says:

How can you not like Chunky? That joint was jumping. I don’t even like pop.

Mobley Hernandez says:

thumbs up if you celebrate the booty

Rhett Raham says:

“Anthony fantano celebrates the booty”

Spartacus Savona says:

Fantano I love ya but this isn’t Bruno mars’s best album

Sydney says:

Celebrate the Booty. :D:D

Wina Wonders says:

“The only one who can hate 24K Magic is someone who hates smiling” SO FUNNY HAHAHAHAHAHA I snorted my coffee

chris pease says:

The music is amazing but some songs have the most egocentric and tacky lyrics I’ve ever heard.

Emiliano Felix says:

WTF CHERRY BOMB > 24k Maggot

Infinity Mashups says:

I would it 7/10 too,or better a 7,5/10.I completely disagree on Chunky,it’s a great song,while in my opinion the worst song is Perm

whatsup89100 says:

lsitened to the album before coming here. Did anyone else get a rappers delight vibe from 24k magic?

Jose Calderon says:

Anthony fantano celebrates the booty

King Kev!! says:

Glad some one said it, he’s Flat af

Revanima says:

I heard that Anthony Fantano celebrates the booty.

VYVM says:

I personally prefer the Doo Woops and Hooligans album

L - Boi says:

Just wanted to return to this video to remind everyone that Anthony Fantano celebrates the booty.

Bex G says:

How do you like Perm, better than Chunky and SUAD? As far as corny, Perm is the corniest. And I say that as someone who loves this album dearly, and thinks, as a whole, it’s the furthest thing from corny.

MrTrollingspree says:

Anthony fantano celebrates the booty

camron me says:

Your upper lip looks like an unshaven vagina

Boymalice 403 says:

That’s what I like is my fuckin jam

Ále Lacombe says:

i would have probably given it a light to strong 6 rather than a 7 but i agrre with most of this. . i do feel bruno could have pushed the whole vibe instrumentally so much more without alienating the pop audience in the same sort of kendrick heavy oldschool instruments way. like withing straight up funk and wht hes doing

Dims pondering about shit says:

straight up and down the best song on the album

Joanne Tran says:

Thank you. Chunky is one of my top favourite song!

SMPMS8389 says:

I love this album

sonderfalls says:

wow, ur right, i do hate smiling. how’d you know?

Carol Danvers says:

Nigga this deserved a 9 at least tf

SBKP 0507 says:

Best album? The first 2 albums were pure art. ART. 24k Magic is good but there are songs that’ll last generations in the other albums. Grenade, just the way you are, lazy song, locked out of heaven, when I was your man, etc.

Mykel Mixks says:

You look like a pervert molester hipster

Giacomo De Cecco says:

UPTOWNY FUNKTANO what about “Uptown Special” by Mark Ronson?!

Charles McBrian says:

“I celebrate the booty” -Anthony Fantano

Kazeem Mimiko says:

Review “Lost Boy” by Akeem Mimiko

Harley Trinder says:

I don’t like smiling because I don’t like bruno mars, that makes me smile.

cookie says:

Why does Fantano go out of his way to look like a predator? He does look in the mirror every morning right?

Daniel Morocho says:

What a fucking dumbass. Wtf are you even saying

Riley Jones says:

Bruno Mars is probably the most improved artist of the decade. Didn’t care much for his early stuff, adore the latest.

AC Official says:

dont take this the wrong way but if you had a jerry curl , you’d look like weird al ! 🙂

Teague Johnson-Randall says:

This is by far my least favorite album of his I was so bumbed out 🙁

John Hamm says:

Always thought Bruno Mars was super goofy and not that good of a pop artist. Probably his most tolerable album though.

Aran Testa says:

Bruno Mars, famed Song-Stealer

JohnnyOmm says:

What a Flop. This should’ve been a 8/ light 9!!!

Petter Vos says:

“Platinum without any features”

chadergeist82 says:

The one thing majorly wrong with this album is that it is only 33 and 1/2 minutes long. Who in the world does that today with making a half hour album? That is something that soundtracks can be with a score album, but not a artists’ album.

John Habib says:

Anthony Fantano celebrates the booty

willian cardenes says:

Bruno mars is a better singer than the weeknd

Hamze Ahmed says:

The album was carried by throw backs he has no character

Petter Vos says:

I really have nothing against Bruno Mars

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