Cardi B has finally dropped her long anticipated first album INVASION OF PRIVACY not long after the success of her hit records Bodak Yellow, Bartier Cardi & Motorsport some of which feature artists like The Migos, Nicki Minaj & 21 Savage. Will she pull through on a full body of work? Let’s talk about it.

Cardi B – Invasion of Privacy FULL ALBUM
1. Get Up 10
2. Drip featuring Migos
3. Bickenhead
4. Bodak Yellow
5. Be Careful
6. Best Life featuring Chance The Rapper
7. I Like It
8. Ring featuring Kehlani
9. Money Bag
10. Bartier Cardi featuring 21 Savage
11. She Bad
12. Thru Your Phone
13. I Do featuring SZA

Best Tracks – I Do/Bikenhead/Bodak Yellow/Best Life

Worst Tracks – She Bad/Ring/Be Careful

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Gabby Gershom Bassey says:

Nicky Minaj is better and is way more original . Cardi stole her flow from Kodak Black and uses the same flow from every single song.

SallyGP says:

Great vid! You should do Saba’s new project

Burrdmizzle says:

I think you missed the point about the title of the album. It wasn’t about what she said on the album it was things that was happening during her making of the album

DeathOfKnxwah says:

Motherfucker react to some indie

Jonathan Andrews says:

I’m ready for Nicki to body her today with her new songs tbh. Do u feel the same way Shawn Cee?

Patrick Star says:

When is that Mf Doom and cezar face collaboration album review going to drop

bobbyw223 says:


olivia banks says:


xKayGe89x says:

When you gonna review Dex meets Dexter album? We all know lil xan album is shit of the year

SRrIN says:

Do a first listen to RAMIREZ

Cédrine V says:

Can you react to Rich the kid’s new album

SWLEO123JED says:

Shawn Cee react to J.I.D’s Para Tu mixtape

PM 15 says:

The album was garbage in my opinion.

michael klein says:

the album cover has illuminati symbolism… including the title name

Jeremiah Obeng says:

React to Saba care for me album please bruh

El Dyllo says:

I’m not a big fan of her music, but I like her charisma. I don’t think she’s GREAT, but I don’t think she’s trash. There’s better female rappers.

In my opinion Snow The Product is the best female rapper right now. If you haven’t heard her music, I’ll highly recommend you try it out.

Music is subjective. Remember that.

Martin Rosario says:

I give it a 8/10 she explained the title on the breakfast club saying people want more of her than what they have but I thought she stayed true to her authentic self which goes a long way in your first project and btw she shut down that whole ghostwriting bs so people need to squash that shit lol

Ash Benny says:

So mad you didn’t do a reaction

Arik Denmark says:

Nostalgia critic would’ve gave it a 10/10

Maudy says:

Bro I wanted a reaction not a review, smh, same thing with the Jay album

Dillon Oxenreider says:

I’ve figured it out guys, Shawn Cee has been giving Madlib samples

Say what you will about Shawn Cee but when I watch these videos I can say I see a man who genuinely recognizes these obscure samples from Bollywood movies, 60’s titty movies, and obscure 20’s Jazz romps and not some insecure douche with whosampled up on his browser like some of you have suggested

Madlib first started producing around 1993, am I just supposed to believe its just coincidence that Shawn Cee was born 2 years later, making his brain ripe for the picking by the time Madvillainy came out? By age 10, it is said he learned 75% of all movies, tv shows, and American music history, in addition to musicians from other countries. It is said that he would go to trivia nights, and have people play random clips of songs and tv shows, yet the obscurest of materials couldn’t stump Mr. Cee.

This leaves one scenario: At age 9 Shawn Cee easily could have hooked up Madlib with the samples for Madvillainy, am I just supposed to believe Madlib is some sort of master beat maker who knows all these obscure samples? Think for yourself s h e e p l e

B Garland says:


Awfully Hot Coffee Pot says:

Suggestion: put the camera a bit higher, otherwise the focus is on the chest.

Nolimit JM says:

Y’all can’t tell me Shawn don’t look like the nigga holding the sword on the Fortnite loading screen

Danny Jones says:

Her music is still trash though

Andy Garcia says:

Kinda wanted a reaction. I Like It is a banger even though I hate everyone on that song lol

Betweenhello1 says:

Yes omg I agree with everything you’re saying. Especially when I heard the song with kehlani on it…I was like wait?? Is this a kehlani song and cardi just put herself on it?

Nolan Borkovec-2019 says:

Ok cool but review saba


Stop doing only reviews. REACT!

† ѕтαявøу † says:

I don’t really get the Ring hate.

xxplvb says:

Her music is garbage and it always will be

Carlos Plascencia says:

Review Care For Me by Saba please

DJ DKap says:

Shawn on point check out my Jewish’s dad reaction to Cardi B

T.O T.O says:

Her album was better than Migos & I could understand what she was saying

SullyGosMoto says:

I hate cardi b she’s trash

Cale Gurr says:

Do Swae Lee’s new song!!

John Pearson says:

She’s way better than Nicki.

Myron Thomas says:

Where that Tyler the creator okra review at?

Bobby Biship says:

Nigga she ain’t write that shit

Angel Okaine says:

The Best Music review channel!!

waza 2229 says:

This nigga watched anthony fantano’s reveiw, basically said the same thing and even gave the album the same rating.

Phumelela Sambumbu says:

I like you and I enjoy listening to you

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