Cardi B – Invasion Of Privacy – Album Review

For my 934th review, I discuss a controversial review from my past and its parallels to the much-anticipated full-length debut from Cardi B.

Best Songs: ‘Best Life’ ft. Chance The Rapper, ‘Money Bag’, ‘I Do’ ft. SZA, ‘Bickenhead’, ‘I Like It’ ft. Bad Bunny & J Balvin
Worst Songs: ‘Ring’ ft. Kehlani


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JJ Therone says:

The on screen text would look better and be easier to read in a pop up box with a cleaner font.

Mo Naqvi says:


The Negan Guy says:

Review a metal album please

eb man says:

100% agreed, I didn’t like her at first but she’s really grown on me. This was a solid debut and I’m hoping one day Cardi irons out the flaws and makes a truly great project

Myke C-Town says:

I woulda paid money just to watch a video of you sitting there listening to this album. I dunno why. Just cuz.

I’m actually surprised you weren’t surprised that she surprised the rest of us with dropping a halfway decent album (in the realm of this type of rap). But hey…

RE 30 says:

You may not agree. But I loved this album, I feel it’s an 8/10. The album was pretty suprising for me. It completely outdid my low exceptations. Definitely will stay in my library.

Tarika AOM says:

I would give the album a 8/10 because most of my favourite songs are on this album. Best life, I do, like it, bodak yellow, bartier cardi, be careful but I hate bickenhead, get up ten, drip

Cooper says:

It was a pretty alright record, like a strong 6/10. My favorite songs from it were Bodak Yellow, I Do, Get Up 10, and I Like It.

AnyThingWorx says:

The New Classic isn’t that bad, Jesus Christ.

Niggas overreact to her, but give Cardi B a pass.

Fuck. That.

Jackson Hoye says:

Honestly loved this album. Tho I have to agree on Ring being the worst track. Overall, I’d give it somewhere from an 8 to a 9, just because I love this kind of music.

Richard D says:

I honestly don’t care much for the album and Cardi B mostly for what you mentioned about Iggy Azalea. I’ve seen what happens when a female rapper blows up with a number one hit and everyone starts hailing her as the next big female rap star only to flame out in a year. Another big issue I have that you pointed out is how the music feels empty which is why I didn’t like Bodak Yellow aside from how overrated it was and how it came out of nowhere. I will admit that she does have a lot of energy with her flow but just wished she had better production that matched it cause personality can only take you so far. I also feel like she’s already bled out her own hype. While she’ll get some tracks debuting next week, I feel that if she had released the album in the fall when Bodak Yellow was at number one she could of struck while the iron was hot and really make an impact. Like you said, this furthers the impression that no one including Cardi B herself anticipated the amount of success she’s gotten. Like with Iggy, I can’t imagine Cardi B staying relevant within a year and will end up regarded as another overblown relic of the 2010s unless she proves other wise. Good review though!

Ariana Grande says:


Best Songs: ‘Get Up 10’, ‘I Do’ feat. SZA, ‘I Like It’ feat. Bad Bunny & J. Balvin

Worst Songs: ‘Be Careful’

LeninMoron2000 says:

no way.

Taylor Glover says:

Billboard Hot 100 Re-Entries & Debuts (March 14th)

82. Broken Clocks by SZA

100. Focus by H.E.R.
96. Proud by 2 Chainz feat. YG & Offset
94. Woman, Amen by Dierks Bentley
92. Take Back Home Girl by Chris Lane feat. Tori Kelly
89. OKRA by Tyler, The Creator
78. Boo’d Up by Ella Mai
52. Privilege by The Weeknd
45. Medicine by Queen Naija
43. Hurt You by The Weeknd feat. Gesaffelstein
35. I Was Never There by The Weeknd feat. Gesaffelstein
27. Wasted Times by The Weeknd
26. Try Me by The Weeknd
16. Be Careful by Cardi B
4. Call Out My Name by The Weeknd

Ashton Hight says:

*sigh* none of the reviewers like Ring but I actually love it so much

Redox _x says:

Please review Expectations by Hayley Kiyoko

Diko Avtorizacija says:

Nothing new just another industry plant… Listen to her shit while you can because another plant will take her place a few years down the road.

FlipTrackz says:

I am genuinely convinced Cardi B can speak Spanish. It sounds way too natural for her.

alondra. says:

Still waiting for that Hayley Kiyoko review, for a debut LP she really nailed it.

Redox _x says:

Get up 10 the only interesting song here. Don’t know why she didn’t have more songs similar lyrically to that. Couple of others had decent hooks and beats (Bodak Yellow, I like it), but other than that it was just boring flexing or toxic relationship stuff. Meh. 4/10

M. Schoss says:

Anyone else notice how mark dickrides new artists so he can seem likeable to all fans. Lol kind of an old stick man maybe don’t act fake?

Daniel Toureau says:

He’s such a hater

BroderHugos says:

Review Amen Dunes or norwegian experimental duo Soft as Snow

you already know says:

i wanna hear more about his opinion on get up 10

Disx 131 says:

Really liked this album, I would give it a 7. The only thing I disagree with is Money Bag, thats one of the tracks I dont like. Oh, and I cant believe I enjoyed Bad Bunny in I Like It 😮

Dalton Riser says:

10:48 was this your computer issues talking with the weird audio glitch/

Jonathan Andrews says:

Make the background music louder please. Check my channel out for tips.

Itz19576 says:

review hayley kiyoko’s album expectations

Naos says:

This album was just meh to me. I prefer The New Classic myself. This album is better than I thought though. I thought it was be completely awful.

Wigney Flewston says:

This is getting 5 star reviews from major publications. It’s such a joke lol

John Delfino says:

hey, still waiting on that kali uchis review

Vox 2448 says:

Wow I’m surprised Get Up 10 wasn’t one of your favourites….

Zachary Jobe says:

When’s The Voidz review coming?

Moonlightbae 14568 says:

So you gave this a 6/10 but you gave the pinkprint a 5/10???? You went too far

Alexis Simmons says:

Please review Alina Baraz!

keerst 11 says:

Your reviews are getting better and better man

Matt Whitaker says:

I completely agree with your review. I also have it 6/10 and think “I Like It” is easily the best song.

Jonathan Andrews says:

What iphone do u have? Tell me on ig. It is @thundertails95.

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