Composure Is The Best Real Friends Album.

What do you think of Composure?

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Benny rodriguez says:

you forgot to mention put yourself back together. It’s on your table, but was never mentioned…

Rybread 28 says:

I freaking love real friends to death I am a die hard fan. This is my second favorite project from them right behind there debut album. Now I don’t know which album is better but there debut just hits me harder that’s why I like it more. I don’t know I loved the home inside my head only real flaw I had with it was it didn’t progress the band at all it just did the same thing again which was annoying but other then that I loved it. Computer is my second fav album by them.

Никита Галушин says:

Wow what a nice channel i have just found! 🙂 Liked and subscribed

Jack Sehn says:

I agree it’s their best, but it’s not that hard because as much as I love them, the boys weren’t that good at making full lengths until now

ENBAuto says:

I liked Home Inside My Head and listened to it quite a bit but never liked it as much as Maybe This Place or Everyone That Dragged You Here. That said I’ve had songs from Composure stuck in my head for the last few days now and can’t get enough of it, I’m loving it more and more as I keep the album on repeat.

Jack Wilsher says:

Your reviews are really good mate, love your taste in music. You deserve a lot more views and attention! Keep it up x

x a n a x says:

Composure may be the best technically but no one holds the special place in my heart like their old stuff does. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the album and I’ve been listening to it non stop. But I have a special love for their older stuff too.

Noah R says:

I never liked Real Friends. Get By was the first RF song that I liked. It’s the reason they got my attention when I heard this album was releasing. This album finally made me like them.

x a n a x says:

Ripcord is the BEST

Just because says:

Nice video! I had been waiting for this! LOL. Also, is it just me or do you look a little bit like Joe Taylor from KP in this video?

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