Drake – Scorpion – Album Review

For my 984th review, Drake delivers an overlong, often boring, frequently infuriating double album.

Best Songs: ‘Nice For What’, ‘Mob Ties’, ‘Sandra’s Rose’, ‘March 14’
Worst Song: ‘I’m Upset’, ‘Jaded’


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Drake – Scorpion – Hip-hop / R&B – Album Review


First Name Last Name says:

Hey Mark, are you ever going to review Joytime 2 by Marshmello?

Rasoc ojoy says:

I agreed and you were being generous by giving this 4. I gave it 0/10 but I only liked 1 track,God’s Plan. Other than that,I passed out 2x listening to this. And i then tried to listen to this and I got so frustrated. Its a diet RC cola version of Views.

Zombie Slaya says:

From that thumbnail I can already tell he likes this album

Ben Allan says:

Best Tracks: “Nice For What”, “Nonstop”, “Elevated”, “Mob Ties”, “March 14”, “God’s Plan”, “8 Out Of 10”
Worst Tracks: “Jaded”, “Ratchet Happy Birthday”, “Talk Up” ft. Jay-Z

Yurrelli says:

Do you think you can review angéles album. it’s coming out on October 3

The Rock Critic says:

Yeesh. Pusha T deserves some kind of title belt for how badly he’s knocked out Drake.

ThanhLS88 says:

Round 5 of Billboard Drakedown…

Man, this upcoming week is gonna be HELL!!!

franz morhart says:

The MICHAEL JACKSON song is an offensive grave-robbery. Blasphemously altering the King of Pop’s 1983 throw-away vocal demo to fit onto an undeserving beat that sounds more lifeless then Michael Jackson’s decade old corpse, seemingly just for the sake of covering for Drake’s lazy, mono-tone rapping ass? In life, the Smooth Criminal never would have lent his effort or talent to a song made with neither effort nor talent going into it.

ashton houran says:

Sandra’s rose is produced by DJ Premier so i’ll give credit to him for allowing him to produce the track

RiverOfWetness468 says:

Binge-watch all of Mark’s reviews and take a shot every time he says “oily synth(s)”. You’ll need a ride to the hospital before you get to his worst end-of-the-year list, I bet…

Alejandro Salazar says:

The only (new) songs I liked from the album were Mob Ties, Summer Games and In My Feelings

aa bb says:

You might as well start pre-recording every track for Billboard Breakdown and save yourself some time lol

Alextromagnetic says:

The first disc is just a complete snoozefest. It’s too utterly boring in every way to elicit real annoyance from me. But the second disc is arguably the worst album of the year and easily the worst thing Drake has ever put out.


HoodAlien says:

Wow, a 10/10!? Wasn’t expecting that, Drake.

Philip Moore says:

So does this mean that he will go back to being number 1

cdman40 says:

Please please please review Blockhead funeral Balloons. I know he’s an instrumental producer but one of the best!!!!

J b says:

Looks like your reading queue cards

Lauri Kurhinen says:


David Cremin says:

It really makes me sad that this gets 1 billion streams. A deadbeat dad making mediocre/bad music

xcatastrophic says:

Light 4

First Name Last Name says:

This album would’ve been way better if it was shorter

Su says:

I expected more from the album but i still enjoy some cuts. He dumped so much content out it’s hard to criticize it as a whole but you did a good job.

Peanut Butter Pikachu says:

Im feeling a strong whitegulrturnupmusic/10 to a light Atleastitsnotchrisbrown/10

Jeremy Diesel says:

All Drake addressed was his kid which we already knew and took subliminal shots at Pusha T and Kanye after ending the beef( it’s kind petty and weak) but that’s not stopping his first week sales at all.

Ayobami Gbadamosi says:


Dalton Riser says:

this album gets a who cares/10

evas em morf lleh says:


iLovemusic says:

I was already sick of Drake like three years ago.

evas em morf lleh says:

OK now that I’ve actually had the time to watch the review, I have to say I’d probably fit in with that third camp you mentioned at the beginning of the video, but I live with a Drake stan so I think about how annoying Drake is a lot more than I want

Freddy Main says:


Jeremy Diesel says:

I don’t think Scorpion’s that bad but it’s nowhere near his best album it’s near the bottom right above Views and More Life and that’s not saying much. Drake could breathe on the mic for an hour and it will sale Drizzy could do anything at this point you can’t stop the man.

Zorik says:

Bloated album. Some decent songs. Overall left me underwhelmed. 5/10

Richard Batchelor says:

Urgh….. Billboard Drakedown next week. May god have mercy on us all.

Gilby Moody says:


NotRealMusic says:

That laugh at 1:20 is very wholesome

Jeeses99 says:

Drake’s discography ranked imo

1. Iyrtitl: 7.5/10
2. Room for Improvement: 7.5/10
3. Comeback Season: 7/10
4. Take Care: 6/10
5. So Far Gone: 6/10
6. More Life: 5.5/10
7. Nwts: 5/10
8. Views: 4/10
9. Thank Me Later: 3.5/10
10. Scorpion: 3/10

Beatlesfiend says:

I’d run from Billboard Breakdown if I were you

chronicle a says:

This or the next album are the end for drake… sorry.

Luis Martinez says:

The downfall of drake

AnyThingWorx says:

Folks, let’s remember, Drake USED to be AMAZING.

Jeremy Diesel says:

He knew people would go straight to description box and not stay for the full review. Good job mark

The Negan Guy says:

Enzo Amore raps better than Drake

chronicle a says:

Best Song: Nice For What

Worst Songs: I’m Upset, Mob Ties, Is There More, Peak, Summer Games, Jaded, Final Fantasy

2/10. Worst album I’ve listened to that came out this year.

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