Welp, lets do it(pause). What is Aubrey Drake Grahams overall best ALBUM in MY OPINION? We have a SLEW of projects to choose from so lets start.

Drake – So Far Gone
Drake – Thank Me Later
Drake – Take Care
Drake – Nothing Was The Same
Drake – If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late
Drake – Views

Choose your favorite album


Lonnie Gillard says:

Take Care is definitely in my eyez his best project, since it had everything in a great album. It had great features. The slow R&B vibez. The radio hits. The turn up songs. It had great variety. Its a classic for sure.

Siegfried says:

Nothing Was The Same

Donovan Henderson says:

Nothing was the same. Have y’all heard Wu tang forever, Paris Morton music, Tuscan leather, etc

Leonel Garcia says:

Take care

Aj Wells says:

nothing was the same

ISHE Entertainment says:

Nothing was the same without nothing was the same (classic)

Owen Luo says:

Drake – If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

CJ Eastt says:

I only liked 2 drake albums, IYRTITL and Take Care. So Far Gone and WATTBA were ok but still pretty bad imo. But here are my rankings anyways.
1. If You’re Reading This Its Too Late
2. Take Care
3. So Far Gone
4. What a Time to Be Alive
5. Nothing Was the Same
6. Thank Me Later
7. More Life
8. Comeback Season
9. Room For Improvement

clue less says:

Take care is by far drakes best album classic

its JV says:

NWTS is his best imo. Take Care and If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late are close 2nd.

chris jackson says:

mine is if your reading this it’s to late

Ernie Diaz says:

If you’re reading this it’s too late Bc it had the most flex drake

Broken Boys Entertainment says:

Views is my favoirate

JaylenOfficial says:

Honestly, in my opinion, “Views” was Drake’s best album.

Shyish says:



Mason Gustafson says:

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, hands down

N3FS From SoundCloud says:


ATN D says:

Love Drake`s album the Life of Pablo. Also 808s and Heartbreak is pretty good.

Lil Crunch says:

views for sure

Ethan Rue says:

So Far Gone is better than Thank Me Later

Shirli Williams says:

I think you took the car keys thing the wrong way, if any guy couldn’t just tell their girl to stop taking the car keys that’s a whole lot of problems that just have no place in any adult relationship. Like hiding the car keys, deep it. How old are you. But I think Drake said it as a joke, that’s how I received it anyways but I could be wrong and a Drake could be a different guy than I thought, who knows?

King Ling says:

Mines is Views

dan61909 says:

And drake and future project was so fire holy fuck

Dylan Arruda says:

1.)Take Care
2.)If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late
3.)More Life
5.)Nothing Was The Same
6.)So Far Gone
7.)Thank Me Later

WSlaughter8 says:

Take care is the best

lee graham says:

take care the quintessential drake album

James Young says:

I think take care is his best project, but I’d also like to say that views is very underrated. The production is fantastic and the songs flow so well. As you said this is the best conceptual work and I really value that in albums. It felt more like a story

Ayanna Smiles says:

Mines is nothing was the same

Thomas Hester says:


dan61909 says:

Ur kinda wrong about drake. He made albums for all types of genre for music. That’s why he’s on top. And views is 4x platinum

jack macleod says:

‘If you’re reading this’ is mine

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