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►My review of the 9th studio album “Revival” by legendary Detroit rapper Eminem. If only this album was anything even remotely resembling legendary.

Shady/Interscope Records
Release: 12/15/17
Rating: 1.5/5

►Favorite tracks: Walk on Water, Castle, Chloraseptic

►Least faves: too many to list

►Killer thumbnail designs by Infinity on Hannah: http://bit.ly/InfinityOnHannah

►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon: https://youtu.be/Wm-H2d_5FSg

►Every review I’ve ever done: http://bit.ly/ARTVarchive


Junior Junior says:

Haha when you read the rap lines at the end. Made me laugh lol…

JustSimon419 says:

I actually really enjoy this album.

Jays rhythym says:

soon as i heard the first 2 songs i was like Ems career iş döne. he should hang it up. his fire expired a little pass 30

Neil Avila says:

Em should just put 2 pop artists and 3 or 4 rappers as features throughout the album. Cause he is REALLY going down the pop route.

Randomfools says:

How anyone can defend this album is beyond me. Even compared to Relapse, it’s awful. Untouchable is one of the worst songs of the year and it’s 6+ minutes! Then Offended gets stopped dead every time it hits that nursery rhyme chorus. This is like this years Britney Spears – Glory. Utterly forgettable a hour after listening to it.

Jack Brown says:

awful comeback album

Corbin M says:

Just curious why did you list Castle as a favorite track but not Arose? Those two songs pretty much go together.

ciao_fiv says:

honestly the only songs i dislike on this album are Remind Me and Heat, and Need Me doesn’t fit on the album but i can enjoy it. Castle/Arose are fantastic, Walk on Water is pretty great, and i really enjoy Bad Husband and Framed as well. this album isn’t TERRIBLE, but it’s not great imo

dakidjahsiah says:

this album officially removes eminem from any debate about all time greats. period. this album was horrendous. it was pure ass juice. he needs to retire. period. this makes relapse sound like a classic.

Ace Dragon says:

I like the first 10 tracks and the last 2

WarGamer 42 says:

I liked this album though 2-3 songs were bad IMO

sarah peros says:

Believe, river, like home, bad husband, nowhere fast, castle and arose are the best songs

Mike Hawk says:

I have an idea why don’t you come out with an album and then we can rate you lol.

MindTech says:


jojoexperience says:

Trump curse

Raj -Epic Gamers says:

eminem revival album is on top in uk

Jeremy Howard says:

I felt the same about this album, and I did give it a fair chance, even though I was put off by his remark basically telling his fans that supported his Trump that they can’t support him and be a fan.

Besides that, I gave it a listen and just couldn’t get into it. I’d give it a 1/5

Chetanya Munjal says:

I honestly found it pretty good. Its not as good as the old eminem stuff, but that can be argued about every artist.

DomozoveoGZ says:

i don’t like the song Untouchables either

Lincoln hawk says:

Omg this album is god awful. Horrible beats and way too many pop songs that are terrible. I like 2 sings believe and framed. This album is really hard to listen to. I tried to like it after 3 plays but damn its really really bad

Dat Pug says:

I actually kinda liked it

AvaB815 says:

I like untouchable but that’s it

daniel orozco says:

yep, don’t get the dislikes, but you are completely right

Matthew Alistair says:

“I’m looking at your right rear like a sight seer” not bad actually . Next line is bad

DomozoveoGZ says:

Eminem should do a collab with Corey Taylor

RandomDude WhoLikesMusic says:

I”m a Stan, but this album was terrible. Walk on Water, River, and Heat were the only tracks I truly liked. I admit that he hasn’t been perfect since Relapse. a little piece of Recovery, and a few bits of the MMLP2. But I face palmed through this record.

Zain Jim says:

The album sucked

Brian Collins says:

For an album called Revival, this sure looks like it’ll kill Em’s career.

CatACor says:

Why isn’t anyone listening to the lyrics? Remember that everyone had this reaction to TPAB! Y’all are tripping. Listening way to much to this trash ass music has scared your ears. Good bye! He makes ALBUMS not HITS!!! The samples that were used on this were amazing. Again this is a trilogy!!

BaronVonBielski says:

i listened to this at least 20 times now, buries recovery and MMLP2. im happy he did something different and played with flows. i also cant get enough of the rock/rap hybrids. pop features i can do without but castle and arose have more emotion in an em song than there has been in years. if he did the same ol shit, you people would say its bad, he does something different, its bad. its laughable because i know no matter what he puts out it’ll instantly be bad. you, ARTV enjoyed walk on water, one of the worst tracks. thats all i need to know to instantly take your opinion and shove it up your ass because its trash. he also stepped up on what beats he chooses. in every way he improved. i couldnt be happier with it. if any other artist put out these exact songs, it’d be so amazing to everyone, hands down. while i enjoy a few of your videos, others just make me wonder if your favorite band is green day or 5SOS because your knowledge of music is just about as high as my 6 year old nephews

Kevin O'Brien says:

I personally liked the last six songs and “Walk on Water”, but when you have to skip over ten songs to get something of value, that’s not good. Remember that one Simpsons Blowfish episode? There’s too much poison than there is fish (fugu), and the chef’s trying hard to cut it out, but Homer ends up eating it. That’s Revival.

Intacto Здесь says:

I feel like u just a hater. Album is nice,u -not nice

You Just Made The List says:

If other rapper would have made this album probably you all would sucking his balls
Just look at the lyrics god damn
In particular WALK ON WATER lyrics
Is not a bad album, you just want to be catchy cause this is all about know
And wtf analyze is that?
Album is 7/10 if MMLP or The Eminem Show are 10
These type of videos are shity if you want just take every song in part and analyze in a video Lyrics Flow and other shit
2 from 10?
Go fuck yourself
I dont care who you are
He have some shity songs but he have a lot great to
Is your opinion, mine is another
Fuck all opinions, he have what he want

Stonemountboy says:

Brockhampton Saturation 1, 2 and 3 over everything else this year

Pancake monster says:

I absolutely love Eminem, but this album made me sad I was just listening waiting for something hype to come up but in the end I was left disappointed, lyrics, flow, everything was a bit off. It might be a good/decent album for another artist, but Eminem is held to a higher standard that he did not reach this time. Hope all the negative feedback serves as a lesson and he delivers something hype soon.

Jeremy Dove says:

I’m kind of surprised Ed didn’t rap on River I mean he has some talent in that area he should’ve had a rap verse added in that song rather than just singing the bridge & chorus

John Ricotta says:

The weakest point of the album was the production. It was (mostly) garbage. The bars, flows, and concepts though were great. I liked 13/17 (didn’t count the interlude or the remind me intro) songs so a 7.7/10 for me.

Raul says:

I don’t know about you…i really liked it !

That One Guy says:

Oh God… this album is borderline bad… Ugh.

FreakingJames says:

The album released right after your “TOP 25 WORST SONGS OF 2017” video. He escaped from you

Plunder Sonics says:

Eminem don’t care how successful this album is he’s getting paid by George Soros

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