Eminem – Revival – Album Review

For my 881st review, I discuss Eminem’s newest record – and it’s his worst yet.

Best Songs: ‘Castle’, ‘Like Home’ ft. Alicia Keys, ‘Walk On Water’ ft. Beyonce
Worst Songs: ‘Heat’, ‘Bad Husband’, ‘Remind Me’


Buy the album! https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/revival/1321744921?mt=1&app=music&at=1000lsNQ

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munis mirzoev says:

All true words… No lie

Trashy White says:

did not expect you to go in at the five minute mark.

Alexander Tomaino says:

Eminem clone isn’t any good…bring back slim shady.

jimmy Smith says:

you seem like a citric southpark would make fun of

Allan Jurgens says:

I’m sorry the old Eminem cant come to the phone right now why Oh cause hes dead

Thats why Eminem who used to be one of the best rappers has made this trash album

Andrew Lowery says:

It’s not great (as I think everyone seems to agree) but still think it’s better than Encore. Didn’t like that album one bit. Think the only thing I disagree with in the review is the complaint about Em using the same themes again (Hailey, Proofs death, his overdose) because as a rap conneiseur he should see that plenty of great rap artists use similar themes over and over. Be interested to see Ems next move with the reception this one has had!!!

Charlie Thurston says:

Relapse is probably one of the most underrated rap albums of all time.. top 3 Eminem albums alongside Eminem Show and MMLP in my opinion

Djcm says:

reputation got a higher score than this.

Jordan Robinson says:

How you gonna say recovery is trash?

AgentMcQueen says:

Great review.

ShinyDragonite1 says:

Tbh Relapse (2009) was ahead of its time.

Coolness Apes says:

Your a dick I Don really think you are a Eminem fan just a troll

GonnaGalvanizeU says:

You look like Trey Parker.

Luc Turgeon says:

Fuck this album, and on a side note, Relapse is legendary. That album is so good.

mjtubeme says:

I don’t think this album is that bad.
It has a lot of ligament problems, but I still like/enjoy it.

Kaan Ra says:

I really wish this album and more specifically the conscious tracks where better

A Dark Light says:

Damn something about you just makes me wanna smack the shit out you.

Abhishek kandari says:

X ambassadors sounds great.

gurrojos says:

i wanna see you rap all the eminems songs like you say you can do

David Dickson says:

Spot on review.

David Kolozetski says:

bro you must be mentally retarded if you think this album is no good go f*** yourself

Salami Sandwich says:

12:52 – 12:57 BARS

Tyler Eston says:

I agree that the puns in river ruined the tone thank you for addressing that

Cian Lancaster says:

Im going to buy a voltorb pillow

CatACor says:

Why isn’t anyone listening to the lyrics? Remember that everyone had this reaction to TPAB! Y’all are tripping. Listening way to much to this trash ass music has scared your ears. Good bye! He makes ALBUMS not HITS!!! The samples that were used on this were amazing. Again this is a trilogy!!

WeAreTheRest2050 says:

Disagree with literally everything this dude says. Oh lord so wrong . It’s a great album. “Gotta year your idols down .” So fucking typical of out of touch music reviewers .

The Ultimate movie and music fan says:


Pinwheel says:

people shouls listen to slim shady e.p or marshal mathers l.p 1 and compare it to his new shit… Night and day difference…

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