Eminem “Revival” Album Review – IS IT GOOD?

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Hey guys!
Today in my IS IT GOOD? review series, we will be looking at the new Eminem album, Revival. I was very excited for the album, despite me not liking Untouchable that much and only kinda liking Walk On Water feat. Beyonce. But was this a good album? Well for Revival, I will be doing a track by track review, because I feel I can say something about almost every track. So is Eminem’s Revival any good? Watch the video to find out!


1) Eminem – Walk On Water – 0:49
2) Eminem – Believe – 1:28
3) Eminem (feat. Phresher) – Chloraseptic – 2:26
4) Eminem – Untouchable – 3:51
5) Eminem (feat. Ed Sheeran) – River – 4:38
6) Eminem – Remind Me (Intro) + Remind Me – 6:06
7) Eminem – Revival (Interlude) – 7:16
8) Eminem (feat. Alicia Keys) – Like Home – 7:43
9) Eminem (feat. X Ambassadors) – Bad Husband – 8:42
10) Eminem (feat. Skylar Grey) – Tragic Endings – 9:52
11) Eminem – Framed – 10:49
12) Eminem (feat. Kehlani) – Nowhere Fast – 12:06
13) Eminem – Heat – 13:02
14) Eminem – Offended – 14:06
15) Eminem (feat. P!nk) – Need Me – 15:47
16) Eminem – In Your Head – 16:33
17) Eminem – Castle – 17:17
18) Eminem – Arose – 18:53
CONCLUSION + Final Thoughts – 20:16
Album Rating /10 – 22:11

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Eligh Ros says:

Justice has been reached

TrulyTerrible says:

I strongly disagree with you in this video (except on three tracks), I vehemently hate most of the songs on this album which sucks because i only listen to Eminem.

Only songs i liked:
Framed (i agree with you on the hook, its kinda annoying), Castle (again i agree with you on this track), Arose (fuck the line: “Then a breath, machines go *beep beep beep*
Must’ve guessed the cheat codes to this shit” it just irritates me)

sorry for any spelling mistakes its 3:16 AM, i have just got home and i’m still a little drunk (thank god for auto correct!)

Cassie Lance says:

Let me rate you ok first of all it has to be perfect and that was perfect as i heard it but the way you heard it having a big problem with your verdict and the way you word it ohh and the way he said it but you said it not sure if you rate it or hate it well you diss it or wish it not sure if your saying it or im taking a shit I don’t expect you to understand you talk like a rubber band is this about Stan yo try to be a man who are you Uncle Sam no Uncle spam no matter What he do you aint going to be shady crew

MelssuperC says:

it’s kinda funny beacuse you seem to care more for the rapping than the content unlike me (not saying that’s a bad thing) cuse i liked untoucheble… like a lot and i didn’t really cear for river. witch was the compleat oposit opinion from what yours was… but hey at least we still agree that castle was the best on the album so thats a thing

Hazel Ninja says:

3:11 *NO*

devilblueduke says:

I’ll give it 4 out of 10

Christian Channel says:

My fav were believe, river, castle, arose

joe lisiecki says:

I just wanna c bad meet up with evil again but I LOVED this album and every song, with my favorites being arose, castle and believe, also he did actually leave his body like he said in arose(according to him), he talks about it a little and references it in you’re never over

FlashDTL says:

This opinion was completely valid and I get where he is coming from but I think that believe chloraseptic and his verses may be a bit choppy on the first two but I think that’s just him adapting to the new style of rap and I quiet liked it and and his verses on his remind me verse was like berzerk 2.0 in a way but a bit under that with the corny lines


NateDogSturdikat says:

#justice42chains , but I mean he’s never had great lyrics and I feel like Eminem woulda over shadowed him-just speaking the truth lol

PrawnStorm says:

Quick answer: No.

ravengamer god says:


MEGA clash says:


Ryan Jackman says:

The chorus on remind me is on the song called I love rock and roll.

Barlog says:

Lol me too – Framed gets better over every next listen. I actually liked the album but it misses some masterpieces like Rap God or Bad Guy that were on MMLP2

Magnus P1 says:

Look at it track for track, it isn’t too bad

Just A Guy Who Likes Rap says:

Not trying to be a dick but I hate it when you show videos of other songs. I know that you can’t get videos for revival but on videos like the fastest verses

CDTVProductions says:

So I had to listen to Revival about 10 times before I could really decide how I felt about it. Now that I have I’ve got this track by track review for you guys so enjoy!

Lemme know what you think and remember to hit me up on that Tweeting ting @cdtvproductions

Beat the beat says:

My opinion

Walk On water : great song very honest and it’s a fitting as a revival opener
Believe : great first verse wasn’t as good but third was so good
Chlorastepic : it’s not bad it’s decent but the remix is way better
Untouchable: first part has a better beat but doesn’t fit him very well but the second part was very good
River : good song but it’s too mainstream for me but ed Sheeran has a perfect delivery and Eminem is ok on this song
Remind me : I like his flow very much and the sample is very good and it gives me a berzerk vibe and I like everything but the story itself isn’t good
Like home : I didn’t like it very much but Alicia keys vocals are great but the trump shit is what I don’t like cause I got bored of trump and shit about him
Bad husband : it’s ok it’s not the best but it isn’t that bad it’s intriguing but I don’t like x so it was just decent
Tragic ending : I seriously love this song the vocals from grey were fantastic and Eminem isn’t so corny at this
Framed : it reminds me of his slim shady style and it reminds me of the good old days and very fun and the hook wasn’t as bad its catchy and fun
Nowhere fast : I got tired of that style very fast and I hate the beat its too cliche and kelhani doesn’t fit Eminem
Heat : if u don’t like this rock rap style you will hate it but it isn’t that beat was great but lyrically it wasn’t perfect but it’s fun
Offended : it has the the best goddamn rapping in his career after rap god and it was very good but the hook killed the vibe
Need me : too much pink
In your head : beautiful track I like it very good the bars are good and the sample was very good it’s the best rock beat he has used
Castle : concept is wonderful and it’s my favorite song and it’s very emotional for me since I have been an em fan since i could remember
Arose : it’s a great ending and probably the best ending in any of his album and it’s segwayed from castle very good and the rewinding is perfect and it makes the album end on a perfect note

Overall there was 3 passable songs and about 5 9/10 songs and some 6/10 songs

It isn’t lyrically good but today’s rap ain’t that lyrical
Didn’t like the features from pink and kelhani and x ambassadors
But liked features from skyler gray and Beyoncé

Overall for me I give it a 7.5/10
He expirements with many types of rap which is good for his future albums

TwoNumberNEINS says:

Chloraseptic sounds like Em making fun of Logic’s rap style, because immediately after he did it he went back to a slow rapping pace.

billny33 says:

8:27 incorrect lyrics. Eminem did not say “So basically you’re Adolf Hitler” this was some of his wordplay at work. He said “So basically you ate off Hitler” (knowing full well how much ate off sounds like Adolf). He set this up with lines about cleaning plates and such so the viewer wasn’t caught off guard and could understand the wordplay on the first listen.

So, he didn’t say Trump was Hitler, he merely said Trump is taking some pages from Hitler’s playbook. It’s still a scathing criticism but not the same as calling him Hitler. And I think it’s also a fair criticism, there are key tactics Trump and Hitler have in common as leaders without being hyperbolic (criticizing the media and anyone critical of him, gradually increasing persecution of minorities, justifying harmful policy with strong sense of nationalism). And yes that is a scary and unsettling thing.

Cake says:

Ed sherran recorded the river hook in 2016 and em said in a interview that he jots every idea up since 2007 and 2007 is when soulja boy started to rap

Thot Patrol says:

This album was very bad. Cmon shady…

ADK says:

I’m HUGE Eminem fan. I listen atleast couple songs by him EVERYDAY but i still have to say: no replay value (except couple songs) bad mixing, boring beats and SERIOUSLY: guy who was mad years ago because media called him pop artist and after that he made the real slim shady and started to diss pop artists.. made a song with fucking ED SHEERAN?? Idk but after this album i really have started to think that Eminem is washed. Chloraseptic remix prove me wrong tho.

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