Eminem shortly after the release of some pretty mixed reviewed music like Walk on Water & Untouchable has finally showed up with his new REVIVAL Album. REVIVAL is Eminems 9th studio album produced mainly by Rick Rubin (ehhhhh…). Lets see if Em delivers on this new one.

Eminem – Revival FULL ALBUM
1. “Walk on Water” Feat. Beyoncé
2. “Believe”
3. “Chloraseptic” Feat. Phresher
4. “Untouchable”
5. “River” Feat. Ed Sheeran
6. “Remind Me (Intro)”
7. “Remind Me”
8. “Revival (Interlude)”
9. “Like Home” Feat. Alicia Keys
10. “Bad Husband” Feat. X Amb4ssadors
11. “Tr4gic Endings” Feat. Skylar Grey
12. “Fram3d”
13. “Nowhere Fast” Feat. Kehlani
14. “Heat”
15. “Off3nded”
16. “Need Me” Feat. Pink
17. “In Your Head”
18. “Castle”
19. “Arose”

Best Tracks – Fram3d/Arose/Castle/Believe

Worst Tracks – Literally Everything else MAYNE

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T Snyder says:

Eminem is the best I loved the album I don’t know how u don’t

Superlative B says:

ya’ll gonna make this man go back to narcotics just to press out an album you’ll get behind lol hey I hear ya , his punished soul made solid material but ehhhhhhhhhhhh that’s a messy mess trying to get back to the old shady

ADP phyzic says:

Its called sampling ….lol

Ryan Rackley says:

your review is horrible. just saying

Kyuba says:

My opinion is the same as yours. Some enjoyable af songs on here, but the majority of the songs on here aren’t really hip hop. The project may grow on me personally, similar to how DAMN, Everybody and Shady XV had but at the moments, it’s eh.

TNT gamer says:

In your head is the best on the album are u high?

Dominic078 says:

Same flow every song god damn this is trash

Law 2612 says:

I don’t understand how you are nodding your head through most of the songs and snapping but says the album is not good

S K says:

His demotivating way of reacting makes me punch him in the face. No hate, clean review.

Lol Menime says:

I’m honestly fed up with people acting like Eminem is trying to bring people together with the music he’s doing. He is making his music because he LIKES TO MAKE RAP. Whether you enjoy it or not he’s having fun doing it. He’s mixing old sounds of rock and roll, which he enjoys, with what he’s good at. And he also throws pop songs there because he enjoys pop music. Yes there’s a drive to try and recreate that ‘Love The Way You Lie’ but come on, he knows he is already done telling people anything new. He just wants to tell his ideas. So please, stop saying Eminem is trying to bring people in to listen to his music by rapping over beats and choruses that don’t belong to him. He is doing it for fun, he’s clearly stated that before.

magic beans says:

I want old Eminem back

Jesus Martinez says:

Guys u need to chill down Eminem is no longer going back to Slim Shady attitude he’s going serious this all about politics abuses that don’t get solved like terrorist black men getting judged and how women suffer from abuse so Eminem is (I think). Not going back to his Slim Shady attitude.

HomeboyPlays says:

It seems that you’re more so not liking his messages than his actual rap ability. The album does hop around on different stories but Em has always done that. And some are just fun songs that you were looking for meaning in. The only songs you could say were objectively bad were the ones when he wasn’t on a hip hop beat. I don’t see how anyone could genuinely call this trash

Leon Wright says:

‘Remind Me’ is the worst song I have heard all year.

WildcatAirsofter says:

Anyone else think Eminem’s Bad Meets Evil style was the best consistent rapping he’s done?

Marshall Mikers says:

Bad review man…

Nick Taylor says:

Good album

Aaron Smith says:

Does anyone else think that “Arose” was the best song on the album by far?

Gambino says:

Look, remember when Jordan went to the Wizards? Let’s, just as hip hop community, just pretend this album didn’t happen

Reina Anier says:

I’m still waiting for MY SALSA!

Clockwork says:

Eminem sounds like he’s trying the care free “JAY-Z” flow.. doesn’t really work. em is usually technical. i dunno

From DeeTown says:

I liked walk on water, believe, cloraseptic, castle, arose, framed, bad husband, and like home. So about half of the album. The lyricism is just excellent. It beats out encore and relapse for sure.

Batman 1113 says:

I think this album is really good.

BigBallerBro says:

em is washed

Kromitas says:

Eminem’s old songs are clearly much better but this album is great I love all his songs where he isn’t featuring someone else

Amireddy Tharun reddy says:

fuck you , idiot ! what credibility do you have to comment on someone else’s work ! simply slog your ass down there and alk bull shit about someone just to get some subs , shame on you.
Do you have any idea what’s going to take to make an album?

Hasan Dbouk says:

Eminem amazing album!!! Framed is the best! Va fan cullo haters!

Curtis Hare says:

Garbage review

Demetri J says:

YOO! I caught that pedigree/pet agree line at the EXACT same time you did in the video. As I was reacting to it you did the same thing in unison that was dope


You never fucking understand until you are in the same god damn situation! Ya never can write the shit like Eminem’s

Pie lover says:

I enjoy the album for the most part actually I think most of the songs work very well and that the overall message was that everything is a problem atm our president, some of the things American people are doing or enduring, and himself

Lyrically Sunken says:

Not pulling the race card…but eminem comes from a white culture. So dont forget that! I could maby understand why alot of black people wouldnt like his songs because they indeed have white culture music, especially rock mixed in his music. Especially with this album. Listen to ( in my head aka Zombie by The Cranberries ) or ( Need me ft pink ) which kinda has a punk rock sorta vibe to it. My point is that we all know eminem loves rock, and with that love comes with his music also even if it is hip hop.

Cubanboy 1012 says:

Bruh react to lil wayne dedication 6 when comes out xmess day

Crsar Contresras says:


Aleks 5.0 says:

why can’t eminem just stop dissing trump and start dissing these new soundcloud rappers

hi says:

He said “like air chimes” not an air freshener reference lol

James Bond says:

It’s funny he talked trash on trump to get you brainwashed people to buy his album lol

chillybilly474 says:

“can you have hailie go over your bars” IM WEAK

Eternal Eclipse says:

Listen up world, Whatever eminem drops its fire!! The GOAT knows exactly What he’s doin

Skyfter Kurtaliqi says:

Em can rap evean on a melody of a mockingbird dude

Jason LovesABR says:

I’d say 3/10 at most.

Christian Stober says:

People try so hard to like this because it’s Eminem. You guys are lying to yourselves. I’m a massive fan but I will call it like I see it. His flow is whack now…and that’s okay, he already lived his glory days.

#Revive? No. #Retire!

Tommy Walker says:

Em was my number 1 but this album was so bad it take away from his other shit. Ever beat he sounds the same tf.

Cee Jaii says:

I’d much rather these eminem songs, when he actually raps about stuff that has meanings rather than other songs that just consists of drugs, money and girls

spoon clank says:

I like the beat on offended. That’s it 🙂

Legacy Fanta says:

Bruh these comments be making me mad low key I can’t even lie

Giovanni Crivello says:

loves multiple songs, doesn’t vibe with multiple songs, and apparently that equals trash. Maybe need to think more objectively here. : /

djm 5586 says:

Were are people finding the whole album I haven’t heard ever song yet !?!?

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