Every All Time Low Album RANKED Worst to Best

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Today on Ranked, ARTV ranks Every All Time Low Album from WORST to BEST! Just one opinion on display here, leave your ranked list in the comments!

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ARTV says:

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Band Trash says:

i agree with you on Last Young Renegade

Film Frenzy says:

I think LYR was their most heartfelt album and has some of their best lyrics and themes

Chris Moraitis says:

Do the wonder years pleaseeeee

Vinny La Stella says:

I saw that live learn let go pun

Avenue Teal says:

I just started this video, but I know Last Young Renegade and Dirty Work will be on the bottom. That just shows ATL needs to stay away from major record labels. I’ve only listened to samples of LYR songs on Spotify, but after hearing their earlier records, I don’t like it at all.

Edit: After reading the comments, I now know Dirty Work is higher than I thought.

My Ranking is as follows:
Honorable Mention. The Party Scene (I have yet to listen to it)
6. Last Young Renegade (Too Poppy for me, I prefer the more Pop Punk ATL)
5. So Wrong, It’s Right (I feel ashamed to put it at this spot, but I don’t like as many songs on it as others. Dear Maria, Count Me In, however, will always have a special place in my heart)
4. Dirty Work (Still has some pretty catchy songs, but not the best)
3. Future Hearts (Best of their 2010 era albums, so far)
2. Don’t Panic (I agree that it has probably their best work in their career, but my #1 pick just outdoes it)
1. Nothing Personal (So many songs that I keep coming back to on Spotify. Without a doubt, if I ever go to one of their concerts, you will find me singing to any song off of this album)

I Can’t Leave My Emo Phase says:

I don’t get all the hate for Dirty Work and Last Young Renegade… but I do like that you reviewed all the albums in a mature manner and didn’t say you downright hated any of their work. Great job.

The Rev says:

The used ranked

Null and Void says:

Even Dirty work is better than last young renegade

Scsigs says:

I really wish Alex was more open to constructive criticism. I get wanting to be positive about things, but you learn more from criticism, especially constructive criticism, than you do praise. Praise tells you what you need to do more of, or what you can work off of, while criticism can tell you what you’re doing wrong & can help you iron out the kinks of what you’re doing wrong.

catia g says:

if you switch swir & future hears, my ranking is like yours!!! i agree with like 99% of what you said

Edgy Username says:

Yo I’m just starting to get into All Time Low so if anyone has any suggestions to songs I should listen to by them it would be greatly appreciated

Adrian Hernandez says:

Does anybody know the song that comes on with his logo at the beginning?

Lucas Andrews says:

My top 3, last young renegade, future hearts, don’t panic it’s longer now!

Josh Rychwalski says:

Literally have the same ranking lol

Jack Brown says:

personally, I enjoyed Last Young Renegades, not their best album though

Lisa Kokx says:

Awesome review! Being critical without downright insulting someone’s work

Rachel Martz says:

a good 90% of me agrees with you on this list: except for the comments about Bail Me Out and Edge of Tonight. those two are a couple of my favorites from Future Hearts. pretty much everything else I totally agree with, though.

Joshua Higham says:

you know for me it would be hard to rank all time low album as they are one of the bands I dedicate my time and money to nearly seeing them 4 times all time low were one of those bands that saved me with many other bands

Amber S says:

God this made me realise how hard it is for me to rank their albums
Probably would be (least fav to fav)
Future hearts
Last young renegade
Dirty work
Don’t panic
The party scene
Nothing personal
So wrong it’s right
That’s such an unpopular opinion but I have such a soft spot for their older stuff

Giggs says:

Ahhh Dirty Work is my favorite album why does everyone hate it

Justin Rogers says:

Boi, Too Much is one of my favorite All Time Low Songs.

Anyways, I totally agree with your top two placements. The rest of their albums I have a hard time ranking, but Nothing Personal and Don’t Panic are definitely my favorite

Louisa Hauth says:

my ranking; worst to best:

future hearts
dirty work
last young renegade
the party scene (Noel is my favourite ATL song ever, though!!!!)
nothing personal
so wrong it’s right
don’t panic

Bri Allen says:


brian finch says:

crap.. dirty work 4th? no way noooo waaaaaaayyy

All time Dissapointed says:

Boring songs? Ehm lyr is not boring maybe its a diffrent genre but its not bad, also i dont agree with spot one

memes forevermore says:

could you do ADTR? please?

Kayla Elaine says:

im so glad dirty work was higher on you’re list, that was the album that introduced me into ATL. i agree with everything in this video haha

Felix Petersson says:

My list, best to worst:
1. Future Hearts
2. Don’t Panic
3. Last young renegade
4. Nothing Personal
5. Dirty Work
6. So wrong it’s right
7. The Party scene

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