Every Arctic Monkeys Album Ranked WORST to BEST

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►Today on RANKED, I position from worst to best EVERY Arctic Monkeys studio album. The acclaimed UK rockers have undergone several transformations over time, so how would YOU rank their records? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to hit that like button while you’re at it.

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Raph Jojo says:

No 1 is definitely favourite worst night ware.. It has such a great glow to it..

Steve Harvey says:

6. Suck it and see
1. Whatever people say I am
1. Favorite Worst Nightmare
1. Humbug
1. Tranquility Base
1. AM

Dajah Turner says:

TBHS is a great album by the monkeys. Real AM fans love all their creativity. In my opinion:
1. AM
3. Whatever ppl say i am…
4. Suck it and see
5. Favorite worst nightmare
6. Humbug

Jamie Thompson says:

5 AM
3 Suck it and See
2 Favourite Worst Nightmare
1 Humbug

Leonardo Gatti says:

5. Tranquility Base
4. Suck it and see
3. Hambug
2. Favorite Worst
1. AM and Whatever People say together at the top

El Padrino says:

Suck it and see is a great album. There are some songs that are kinda meh but it´s way better than FWN and AM

Juan Cruz says:

Wow nobody ranked suck it and see in the best 3. For me it’s one of the best albums they have, i would put it on second place under their first album.

EWBU72 says:

Do this for Courteeners

Kristaps Ducens says:

I would rate them:
6. Humbug
5. Suck it and see
4. Favorite Worst Nightmare
3. Whatever people say I am…
2. Tranquility base Hotel & Casino
1. AM

Josh Pemberton says:

6. Tranquility base- it’s a grower on me

5- favourite worst nightmare- it’s grown on me in recent years and is a great album

4- suck it and see- reckless serenade is one of the most underrated songs ever made by the monkeys

3- whatever people say I am- I loved it when I was 16 I still love it now

2- humbug- full moon music, my propellor, cornerstone, secret door are the standouts and pretty visitor

1- AM- the first 6 or so tracks are high energy awesome, then it gets slow and then it becomes something else…..I genuinely think it’s a masterpiece

frinaldi 412 says:

6. suck it and see
5. tranquility base hotel and casino
4. humbug
3. FWN
2. AM
1. whatever people say

Anatoly says:

Suck It And See is really underrated by most of the fans. At least it’s should be 3 – 4 place. It’s definitely better than AM and Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino.

YouTube Is fucked says:

Do oasis

Angelo Vieira says:

4-Suck it and see

Tomas Miranda says:

What ever people say its their best

Kyyp3r says:

I kind of agree. Maybe Tbhc is a bit better than suck it and see, and I’m also a big fan of AM maybe even would swap it with their first, but generally, I like the list

Slimmy_007 says:

1. Humbug
2. Everything else

Aidan Collins says:


Tomás says:

1- Whatever pelple say…
2- FWN
4- Humbug
5- Tranquility Base…
6- Suck it And See

Ben Cheatham says:

Thanks for all the AM content Jon. Loving it. Their debut and FWN are two of my favourite albums of all time and I can’t decide which. I think WPSTWIN has stronger songs but I prefer FWN as a whole even though that makes no sense. Anyway, for the time being, FWN clinches the top spot but it may change.

6. TBH+C. 3/5, have to be in the right mind for these songs due to the moodier sound. Lyrically, as always from Alex, genius and its nice to see him tackling new issues compared to the previous releases. Four out of five, title track and one point perspective and I particularly love the verse about ‘video call with god’.

5. Suck it and see. 4/5, for a long time I had this above humbug but I think a lack of musical variety has put it down a spot (spoilers). Still a great album and lyrically perhaps one of their most metaphoric, laced with double entendre. Piledriver Waltz remains one of the best songs ever. Also black treacle is underrated.

4. Humbug (surprise). 4/5, for me, an album filled with some amazing songs (cornerstone, dance little liar, secret door) but put along with some duds that I find boring from a melodic viewpoint (potion approaching, fire in the thud). Nonetheless, a very solid album. Surprising to see how many people have commented with this so high as it seems like in the UK, its very overlooked as most people over here place so much attention on the first two albums. Nice to see its being appreciated.

3. AM. 4.5/5, easy to see why loyal fans get frustrated due to its undeniable success. However, it definitely deserved the success it achieved, not necessarily being their strongest album, but the fact the album almost has this cool rock persona which turner embellished so charismatically. Obviously its full of great songs; R U mine, the criminally underrated I wanna be yours and arabella which I think has some of the best lyrical structures of all time. Cuts like mad sounds and no.1 party anthem I think brings the pace down and I seem to be the only person who doesnt have much love for knee socks. Nevertheless, love this album.

2. WPSIATWIN. 5/5, considering the age of the band members, it was clear they were going to be one of the biggest bands of all time. As i’ve said, this album has so many strong songs whether they be hits or fan favourites. In the UK, i think its likely to be most peoples favourites, especially for those who grew up with the record. When I saw them in concert, people were chanting mardy bum and when the sun goes down requests. The only song which I think is a misstep is perhaps vampires… but this record is still amazing. A certain romance will be played at my funeral as a homage to family and friends as it always reminds me of them connections you couldn’t live without.

1. FWN. 5/5, although I don’t always come back to listen to the album as a whole, I think it has so much variety that you can go to different songs at different times. Not to say it isn’t a great listen all the way through, I just always find myself coming back to this record for different songs depending on my mood. Even weaker cuts like beware… are still fun and packed with youthful energy, yet an adults self-awareness. Fluorescent Adolescent is one of my favourite monkeys songs with brainstorm being an absolute jam. Embarrassingly, I often picture myself and a band opening with this song, coming out with a synchronised dance buy hey ho, thats music for ya. Gem of an album.

Eric Eierman says:

Humbug is their best work. Period.

ARTV says:

How would YOU rank the Arctic Monkeys albums?! Drop a comment & let me know!
Also, this episode is intentionally less “edited”, just as an experiment. I often have to dedicate extra hours of time to finding things to put on screen while I’m talking, and I just wanted to see how people feel without it being there. Ranked is the most time consuming series I have (not complaining, I enjoy it) and I’m just looking for ways to make it a little bit easier to produce, but still keeping it enjoyable for everyone watching.

Rebecca Jones says:

I’m sure my ranking is unpopular opinion so apologies in advance..
6: Suck It And See
5: Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not (sorry)
4: AM
3: Favourite Worst Nightmare
2: Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino
1: Humbug

For me, Humbug is miles ahead of the rest and Suck It And See is definitely my least favourite but the others do switch around depending on my mood because all of them have such incredible songs

I can't get 1 subscriber says:

Do panic at the Disco! Ranked next

Wendy says:

i had to listen through everything again so i could actually make a decision -it’s all so good-

6. favorite worst nightmare
5. whatever people say i am, that’s what i’m not
4. suck it and see
3. -my propeller- humbug
2. am
1. tranquility base hotel + casino

Leon Müller says:

Hard to rank all these beauties, but at this moment i would rank them like these:
6 Suck it and see
5 tb h & c
4 am
3 favourite worst nightmare
2 whatever people say
1 humbug
Every albums is so different and got lovely songs and it’s hard to compare them

Gezzer Lad says:

6. Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino
5. AM
4. Suck it and See
3. Humbug
2. Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not
1. Favorite Worst Nightmare

david elliott says:

Favourite worst nightmare
Tranquility based hotel
Whatever people say I am that’s what I’m not

AREA 52 says:

my rank

6. Suck it and See
5. AM
4. Tranquility Base
1. Favourite Worst Nightmare

TEM says:

Whatever people say I am is what I am not


Favorite Worst Nightmare


Hotel and casino

Suck it and see

Noots 182 says:

Pretty good list, I’m glad AM is not in the top 3. My personal favourite is Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not.

Mr Degenerate says:

6. AM
5. Suck It and See
4. Humbug
3. Tranquillity Base Hotel and Casino
2. Favourite Worst Nightmare
1. Whatever People Say I Am

Oof Oof says:

I’m sorry but your fucking insane for putting whatever people say i am that’s what I’m not at third… Also putting humbug at 2nd XD. I agree with everything else though I would have swapped whatever people say I am and and humbug

xeilian says:

1. FWN
2. Whatever
3. TBH+C
4. Humbug
5. Suck it and See
6. AM

Alex T says:

Review of Miles Kane’s new album? Coup de grace?

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