Every Avenged Sevenfold Album Ranked WORST to BEST

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►Today on RANKED, I’m breaking down all seven studio albums by the heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold. I guess you could say I’m sounding the SEVENTH trumpet by putting out my list…I’ll leave now. But only if you hit the like button and leave a comment sharing your thoughts on the A7X album ranking!

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Damian Alberts says:

My fave album
1. All albums

Ulises Ramirez says:

Self titled is the best for sure and scream is really good

Sal Di Vittorio says:

Literally my list, City of Evil is a great fucking album.

Burke Izzo says:

1. Self Title
2. City of Evil
3. Nightmare
4. The Stage
5. Hail to the King
6. Waking the Fallen
7. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet

Charles Curry says:

My list is completely different from anyone i see here, for me, the stage is the worst then sounding the seventh trumpet

Syn het says:

You arenot objective when you say This means war is their worst song!

Crowson Roosa says:

I’d say
7. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet
6. Hail to the King
5. The Stage
4. City of Evil
3. White Album
2. Nightmare
1. Waking the Fallen

passionfruitsprite says:

I guess I’m the only Avenged Sevenfold fan who hates The Stage, haha. It reminds me of what most people would call “bad Metallica” songs. It bored me to death. I do agree that Planets is terrible but I wouldn’t say that Hail to the King is THAT bad.

Dorian Lopez says:

1). Avenged Sevenfold
2). City Of Evil
3). Nightmare
4). The Stage
5). Hail To The King
6). Waking The Fallen
7). Sounding Of The Seventh Trumpet

Ben Wasson says:

Here’s my list
7. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet
6. The Stage
5. Hail to the King
4. Waking the Fallen
3. City of Evil
2. Self-titled
1. Nightmare

Judah Schmidt says:

Buried Alive and Tonight the World Dies are probably my favorite song right now

Kapriizais says:

Waking the fallen is their best BY FAR

Flash Dash says:

My list:

7. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet
6. Hail to the King
5. Waking the Fallen
4. City of Evil
3. The Stage
2. Self titled
1. Nightmare

Cesar Izaguirre says:

Good list: Here’s mine
7: sounding of the seventh trumpet
6:Hail to the king
5: waking the fallen
4: self titled
3: nightmare
2: the stage
1: city of evil

Ashton Munday says:


#7: Avenged Sevenfold
#6: Sounding The Seventh Trumpet
#5: Hail to the King
#4: City of Evil
#3: Nightmare
#2: The Stage
#1: Waking The Fallen

Danny Drops says:

My list:
7: Sounding The Seventh Trumpet
6: Hail To The King
5: The Stage
4: Waking The Fallen
3: Nightmare
2: City Of Evil
1: Self Titled (Mostly Thanks To Almost Easy, Critical Acclaim, Afterlife, And Gunslinger)

Markus Rosales says:

Personal list:
1. Nightmare
2. Self-titled
3. Hail
4. CoE
5. Stage
6. Fallen
7. 7th trumpet

Blayne Littleford says:

This list was super predictable. I also feel some of your justifications for your feelings on some of the albums to be a little ridiculous.

The words you choose to describe your feelings are great, I just thoroughly disagree with your opinion and how you got there.

Adriano Moura says:

My list
7.Hail to the King
6. Sounding The Seventh Trumpet
5. The stage
4. Waking the fallen
3. Self Title
2. Nightmare
1. City of Evil

sean sutherland says:

I can respect your ranking. A few I would change up, but over all about right

Judah Schmidt says:

Nightmare will always be my favorite Avenged Sevenfold album…

World Famous says:

Sounding the Seventh Trumpet is actually when Avenged was in the underground still they were just another local band, they all lived in a van together its truely amazing, the amatuerness of it is what makes it so great

TerminatorZXY says:

Unpopular opinion passing by:
1. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet
2. Waking the Fallen
3. Nightmare
4. City of Evil
5. Avenged Sevenfold
6. The Stage
7. Hail to the King

None Morenone says:

1.) Nightmare
2.) Self Titled
3.) The Stage
4.) City of Evil (this and the stage are really tied)
5.) Waking the Fallen
6.) Diamonds in the Rough – I consider it an album! 🙂
7.) Hail to the King
8.) Sounding the Seventh Trumpet (Although, I do like it more now then I did at first)

Schock TV [YTK] says:

5. They’re
4. All
3. Equaly
2. Good
1. Nightmare

McRoberts Music says:

This means war is worst? HELLO! That’s one of the best fucking songs ever

Isiah Man says:

You forgot 2 albums

ARTV says:

Whoa, hold the phone! Two things:
1. Dear God isn’t a cover. Damn, I’ve been misled for a decade now. I was told it was a cover of the Sarah McLachlan song of the same name for years, and never double checked that. Sorry.

Hans423 says:

good list man i was really thinking this was going to be a bullshit httk fan list. ugh. honestly sounding the seventh is better than httk. lazy fucking album. still gets me mad. city of evil, nightmare, and waking the fallen alway battle for the number one spot for me

Thomas Lovell says:

I try not to rank albums in personal orders. Only because as a band the albums you release, are more or less show chasing the development and the evolution of ones sound.

Nuno Luna says:

My list as an A7X fan since 2002.

7. Sounding The Seven Trumpet
6. The Stage
5. Hail To The King
4. Nightmare
3. Self Titled
2. Waking The Fallen
1. City of Evil

Jim Graves says:

1. Waking The Fallen
2. Nightmare
3. City Of Evil
4. Sounding Of The Seventh Trumpet
5. Self-titled
6. Hail To The King
7. The Stage

Leo says:

Sounding The Seventh Trumpet could definately use a rework. The vocals need to be fixed and syn should get on some solos on the songs.

Thomas Lovell says:

With that being said it is a good ranking you have given.
No the same rank Id give the albums.

But I’ve noticed their career and history of album releases are very different and clearly too other bands.

Sandro Papava says:

‘This means war is bad’. what?

DenDenSushi says:

Just throwing something to the air, This Means War is kind of a tribute/remaking of Metallica’s Sad But True and isn’t meant to be taken too seriously

Isiah Man says:

Your dumb dear god is NOT a cover

Burke Izzo says:

self title should be #1

Matt MattMatt says:

‘Dear god” is not cover its original song

98izzark says:

1. Nightmare
2. Self-Titled
3. The Stage
4. Hail to the King
5. Waking the Fallen
6. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet
7. Shitty of Evil

Music Man says:

This band is super popular

Tim says:

1. Nightmare
2. Hail to the king
3. City of evil
4. Self titled
5. The stage
6. Waking the fallen.
7. Seventh trumpet.

Andy Hackett says:

7. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet
6. Hail to the King
5. Waking the Fallen
4. City of Evil
3. The Stage
2. Avenged Sevenfold
1. Nightmare

iTs pApa says:

err…the white album should be just a bit higher..like from florida to alaska higher..
but yessss nightmare and city of evil represents them perfectly, but the self-titled represents jimmy the most, also hail to the king is more like a tribute album towards metallica and inpring bands to them, since jimmy wanted a band the sounded like pantera and metallica you know :))

Corbin M says:

1. The Stage
2. Nightmare
3. Hail To The King
4. Waking The Fallen
5. Self Titled
6. City Of Evil
7. Sounding The Seventh Trumpet

Matthew Rhee says:

1. Self-titled
2. Nightmare
3. City of Evil
4. Hail to the King
5. Waking the Fallen
6. The Stage
7. Sounding of the Seventh Trumpet

Though honestly, the first 6 are so close. Love em all. Except their first album, couldn’t get into it.

World Famous says:

7. The stage is trash
6. Hail to the King
5. Self titled
4. Nightmare
3. City of Evil
2. Sounding the Second trumpet (where they started has a great story to it if you actually listen to it)
1. Waking the Fallen

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