Every Blink-182 Album Ranked WORST to BEST

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On the second episode of my series RANKED, I count down my personal list of pop punk band Blink-182’s studio albums from WORST to BEST! This is just my list & opinion, leave a like if you’re enjoying this new series and comment how you would rank their discography!

On Ranked, I count down a band/artist’s albums or else their singles from worst to best, in my opinion. Feel free to leave a comment requesting something for me to rank, and upvote the comments that you agree with!

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Al Rossi says:

california album the worst!!!

Ky__ says:

Enema does not deserve to be below neighborhoods

Max Mesteth says:

5:Cheshire Cat
2:dude ranch

Orion Cruz says:

7. Cheshire Cat
6. Neighborhoods
5. Dude Ranch
4. Enema of the State
3. California
2. blink-182
1. Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

Slippy Jones says:

“Dude Ranch” really did SOUND like a demo, even though it was on a major label.

A.K. says:

Wow, I agree with your list almost completely! Maybe TOYPAJ a couple of ranks below, but still, spot on!

hamburger slug says:

4.Dude Ranch
3.Enema Of The State
2.Cheshire Cat
1.Take Off Your Pants And Jacket

Kyle Haynes says:

7: California
6: Neighborhoods
5: Cheshire Cat
4: Dude Ranch
3: Self Titled
2: Enema of the State
1: Take off your Pants and Jacket

It’s really hard to pick the top 3. But I’m going with TOYPAJ because it’s the album that got me into Blink and the reason I started playing drums like 14 years ago… Nostalgia always wins.

Haylie Halverson says:

No one is a worthy replacement of Tom. California is terrible.

Francisco Velasco says:

Dude you are lost…. is more than obvious that NEIGHBORHOODS is the WORST BLINK ALBUM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

darklotuz says:

pretty good list favs are dude ranch, enema and best take off your pants and jacket the rest are just meh.

R. Harrison Holt says:

Best to worst:
Enema of the state
Dude ranch
Cheshire cat

Chris Malliopouloa says:

7) california
6) untitled
5) dude ranch
4) neighbourhoods
3) cheshire cat
2) toypaj
1) enema of the state

Levi Pilkington says:

For me it’s

1. Enema ( I mean duh come on now how is this not #1)
2. Dude ranch
3. Toypaj
4.chesire cat
5. Self titled ( my number 3-5 can all switch up honestly they’re all even for me)
6. Neighborhoods
And that’s all no more true “blink 182” albums for me.
Can’t be blink without tom.

Vinny La Stella says:

7) California
6) Neighborhoods
5) Cheshire cat (Buddha was the better version)
4) self titled
3) Dude ranch
2) Enema of the state
1) takeoff your pants and jacket

Sean Wargo says:

The guitar works a lot more difficult in the earlier albums then they went to 3-4 chord progressions on all their other albums with weak solos. I thing dude ranch has Toms best work on guitar

Fluffy Monkey says:

7 cheshire cat 6 dude ranch 5 california 4 enema of the state 3 neighborhoods 2 take off your pants and jacket 1 blink 182

Iandianajones says:

7.) California
6.) Neighborhoods
5.) Dude Ranch
4.) Cheshire Cat
3.) Take Off Your Pants and Jacket
2.) Blink 182
1.) Enema of the State

Ghost Galaxies says:

3.Enema Of The State
2.Dude Ranch
1.Cheshire Cat
All are perfect though

DreamonCZ says:

7. California
6. Cheshire Cat
5. Dude Ranch
4. Self Titled
3. Neighborhoods
2. Take off your pants and Jacket
1. Enema of the state

I am huge fan of blink 182 btw.

Zackary Ford says:

Paused the video to make my list:

7. California
6. Enema of the State
5. Cheshire Cat
4. Neighborhoods
3. Blink-182
2. Dude Ranch

Girugamesh Guy says:

7. Neighborhoods
6. California
5. Untitled
4. Dude Ranch
3. Cheshire Cat
2. Take Off Your Pants And Jacket
1. Enema of the State

Nick Ramsey says:

noooooow would you rank the Deluxe Edition higher than California? Considering there’s enough new songs for it to be a full album.

Rui Pereira says:

Ok. Agree

Habituated Abnormality says:

Best: None
Worst: (Insert every Blink-182 Album Here)

Nathaniel says:

Enema of the state is #1 ya done goofed

TheNuggetMaster says:

7. Cheshire Cat
6. Neighborhoods
5. California
4. Dude Ranch
3. Enema of the State
2. Untitled
1. Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

daan pauwels says:

Important note: All albums i really really enjoy except California. It’s just hmm ok.

1. Enema Of The State (One of the most catchy things on this planet)
2. Blink-182
3. cheshire Cat
4. Dude Ranch
6. N
7. C

Broken record says:

My list



5:dude ranch


3:Cheshire cat

2:enema of the state


Tadi Wright says:

#1. Dude Ranch
#2. Self titled
#4. Cheshire Cat
#5. Enema of the State
#6. Buddha
#7. Neighborhoods
#8. California

Obviously ARTV is more into “pop punk,” new school kind of stuff, but I’m more into their old school stuff.

Orion Cruz says:

Am I the only one who thinks that Neighborhoods totally sucks? I have so much fun listening to California all the way through, but I could barely get through Neighborhoods ONCE

Mark Bucke says:

Red hot chill peppers rank albums


Dude ranch at 5 saddens me. Could be Nostalgia talking but I think it deserves top 3.

Angelie Duran says:

7. California
6. Neighborhoods
5. Take off your pants and Jacket
4. Self titled
3. Enema of the state
2. Cheshire Cat
1. Dude Ranch

The Simpsons fans says:

Nice shirt!!

theBranBran36 says:

Fall Out Boy ranked?

Evan Light says:

1. Take Off Your Pants & Jacket2. Dude Ranch3. California4. Cheshire Cat5. Blink-1826. Enema of the State7. After Midnight

Johnny Dramna says:

Neighborhoods better than Enema, dude ranch. My god. How just how could you say that.

Hwy9drums says:

“Lemmings” is the most underrated blink song ever…. “Laugh at the bands we hate… our spots we used to skate are they still there? But we’ve gone our own ways. I know it’s for the best, but sometimes I wonder will I ever have friends like you again” god damn hits me in the nostalgia feels everytime

My Nigga Productions says:

I wanna hate california but I just can’t! It has so many touching songs and many things on the album hits close to home

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