Every Brand New Album RANKED Worst to Best

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►Today’s episode of RANKED counts down every album the alternative rock band Brand New from WORST to BEST! Hope you enjoy the episode, be sure to drop a like & comment how you would rank their studio albums!

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MC says:

Your favorite weapon number 5!? No way.. daisy is def number 5

Madison Ozment says:

Science fiction is my least favorite currently, but it took me forever to get into Daisy. I love Brand New, and every album they’ve made is 10/10. ❤️

41max182 says:

Hey there’s lots of music not written by an abuser you could maybe talk about instead!!

ph sp says:

5your favorite weapon
4deja entendu
2science fiction
1the devil and god are raging inside me

Dylan Gordon says:

Devil and God
Science Fiction
Deja Entendu (pains me to put it 4th, it’s amazing but not quite as amazing as the other 3)
Your Favorite Weapon

Corey Slone says:

I personally can’t place science fiction above Devil and God, vice versa adding Devil and God above Science fiction. To me they’re both deeply personal and meaningful. I agreed with your list on the whole however great video Jon.

Gabriella Cuevas says:

wow definitely 100% agree with this ranking!

Trevor Granberg says:

1. Science Fiction
2. The Devil and God
3. Your Favorite Weapon
4. Deja
5. Daisy

Teppichrasen says:

1. Daisy
2. The Devil And God are Raging Inside Me
3. Science Fiction
4. Deja Etendu
5. Your favorite Weapon
My first pick might be an unpopular opinion but there is really no album, which ever hit me as hard (and still does ’til today) as Daisy does. It is so beautifully broken, I can’t explain what goes on in my mind while listening to it. Also I love the cover art and the overall fire and forest theme throughout the whole record. Hands down, my favorite album of all time.

William Thomas says:

Devil and God
Science Fiction
Your Favorite Weapon

Joanna Diamond says:

First of all, I love your videos Jon, keep it up!
Secondly, I’d like to say that my ranking is almost the same! (Deja and SciFi swapped places)
However, even though I agree that despite the scandal, you should still upload this video, I would have appreciated a short disclaimer at the beginning of the video if I were a new listener. While people should decide on their own wether they still want to listen to Brand New, I think they should be aware of who they are supporting. Brand new were my favourite band but nowadays I can’t even get through one song without getting uncomfortable.
Fantastic review, but I just wanted to give some constructive criticism.

george barrett says:

Great video dude, Brand new are starting to become one of my favourite bands.If you were stranded on an island and you could only listen to one song from each of their albums, which ones will they be?

MagicalTrevyn says:

I’d have to agree with your order although Devil and God and Science Fiction swap around a lot but I always go back to D&G being number one just because of the massive impact it had on my life and how it influenced my music taste so much. The other two that swap around a lot are Deja and Daisy. I got into them through Deja and didn’t like Daisy at first but I’ve grown to love it and it’s anger. Sentimentally Deja would be at 3 but musically it’s Daisy at 3. Incredibly hard to rank these as you said. They were such a phenomenal band.

Fifteen Fathoms says:

I noticed at certain points in my life every brand new album has been a favourite at some point. My opinion changes throughout the year and I love that

And u ur great

Whaduhsihdo says:

My problem with everyone who refuses to listen to a band because of allegations is that there are bands who have members who have done terrible things that have never been caught, and we just aren’t aware. Most rock bands probably have a member who has done something terrible and we just aren’t aware or blow it off. In general, the music industry is full of people who are terrible, as is the world. We can’t just pretend that we hate something because of stuff like this.

Henry Best says:

My list would go daisy (1) science fiction (2) devil and god (3) deja entendu (4) your favourite weapon (5) every album is amazing

Molly M says:

Seventy Times 7 gets me every time.

Jacob Bretz says:

I’ve never listened to Brand New. Should I try them out?

JakePM30 says:

Would you ever make a top 10 favorite albums of all time? Or would that be too hard to choose?

Jason Walter says:

Put Devil and God at 3 and I agree

Zayloxithe says:

i’ve only ever heard deja entendu and science fiction personally

ガヴァッソマッチア says:

Mine would be
1. Deja Entendu
2. The Devil and God…
3. Your favorite weapon
4. Science Fiction
5. Daisy

glassboob says:

5. Your Favorite Weapon
4. Deja Entendu
3. Daisy
2. The Devil&God Are Raging Inside Me
1. Science Fiction

zachangle8 says:

They only have three albums so this probably wouldn’t work but I wanna see a Young the Giant Ranked at some point.

tazmon122 says:

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Jaden Quintana says:

Do a review of the band Afterparty they just released an ep called On My Way To Hell!

Lianne Dekker says:

I would have to say:
1. Devil and God.
2/3 Daisy and Science Fiction. I honestly can’t choose, they keep switching around.
4. Deja Entendu (Yes I think Daisy is better than Deja, and by quite a lot lmao fight me)
5. Your Favorite Weapon.
Brand New is/was my favourite band. I’ve just noticed I have kind of lost my appetite for their music since the allegations came out. It’s not even really a conscious thing, I just don’t really feel a strong urge to listen to them anymore :/ It’s just not the same as before. Oh well. Peace.

Johan says:

1. The Devil And God is Raging Inside Me (10/10)
2. Science Fiction (9½/10)
3. Deja Entendu (9/10)
4. Daisy (8½/10)
5. Your Favorite Weapon (7½/10)

Spanglish93 says:

Honestly it took me a while to actually come around to realizing this, but after many many countless listens of Science Fiction in the past year I have placed it as the top Brand New album in my opinion. The rest of your list I totally agree on, and I can see how one can be hesitant on changing The Devil and God out for SF, since they’ve had so many more years to digest it, I myself was totally set in my ways for a while. But I feel that both the production, and the lyricism brought forth with this last album have managed to surpass all of their previous work. This album has managed to bring out emotions in me that no other work of theirs has in the past. Nothing else by them has brought me to tears as much as a few of the tracks on it. It’s honestly the perfect note for the band to go out on. They made the perfect album and they left it for last.

Ophelia C. says:

Mine will be
5: your favorite weapon
4: daisy
3: science fiction
2. Deja entendu (for nostalgic purposes)
1. The devil and god are raging inside me

Th3 Zm0nst3r says:

what happened your ranked radiohead

heisedren says:

Was 10:50 a reference to At The Bottom

tazmon122 says:

there are 2 kinds of Brand New fans, those whom like Brand New, and those whom like Your Favorite Weapon.
see this band goes heavy handed in applying emotions from rage to despair as the foreground of their art. this is good. what they discovered starting on Deja Entendu was how to bloom those emotions in a slower pace, and really focus the sound.
while this might have been a new venture in the sonic evolution in the band, i feel the energy lost really thinned out the heard and drew a line in the sand of who you are as a critic of their art.
to me when they did that, i got B-O-R-E-D bored. all the gravity of the emotional resonance was lost in a veil of whiney sadboi poems that drone on. it got stagnant.
Your Favorite Weapon, a few singles from Deja, and that I Am A Nightmare single. everything else can join Radiohead in the recycling bin that hipsters dig through.

dtPlaythroughs says:

Sorority Noise’s last two albums are my favorite Brand New albums.

Failing Novelist says:

I’ve been fighting off my demons for awhile; it’s a shame this phenomenal band will always be associated with Jesses allegations, and some may even chose not to listen to them upon discovering them and seeing all that. Still love the band, Jesse’s still a lyrical mastermind.

Samuel Tomaszko says:

Making a video on Brand New in 2018 Jeeeeeeeeez. I used to love this band they were one of my favourites but it hurts to listen to them now (particularly their early material). Cool video though! I’m glad people can still enjoy Brand New even if I/others can’t.

Glazed says:


Ophelia C. says:

Well, the comment section going to be fun.

Harru San says:

The strokes soon, maybe?

Hereafter says:

Hey Jon what was the song you used for the Daisy preview? I can’t seem to find it.

Eli Suro says:

5. YFW
4. Science Fiction
3. Deja
2. Daisy
1. Devil and God.

Absolutely adore Daisy!

Brady Roese says:

I starting listening to Brand New
because of your science fiction review. Since you dedicated 20+ minutes to an album review I was intrigued. So, weirdly enough Science Fiction was my first taste of Brand New’s music.

I remember the first time listening to it while I was driving home from work at 12 am and Lit Me Up came on and the opening dialogue of the women recounting her dream mixed with the night drive honestly scared the hell out of me.

Honestly, I didn’t like science fiction that much the first time I listened to it. Maybe because I wasn’t used to their sound or maybe I just didn’t get it. But I decided to give the rest of their discography a listen and it took a while, but I finally came around to liking them.

And when I finally gave science fiction another listen, I was blown away and honestly think it’s a masterpiece.

Brand new, I think, is one for those bands that are unique enough to intrigue you, but may honestly be an “acquired taste.” At least in my experience.

Sorry for the long comment, but I just thought my experience with this band was unique :p

smeagol juicey fish says:

yay i have been waiting for this 🙂 🙂

OK! Covers says:

My PERSONAL favorite.
1. Your Favorite Weapon
2. Daisy
3. Science Fiction
4. Deja Entendu
5. The Devil and God.

tss3393 says:

Maybe it’s because I’m currently working on a logo for myself, but I still can’t get over how good of a choice it was to use chevrons in your Ranked logo! How did you come up with the idea?

austin01142 says:

1. Devil and God
2. Daisy
3. Science Fiction
4. Deja Entendu
5. Your Favorite Weapon

Chad M says:

1. Science Fiction
2. Deja Entendu
3. The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me
4. Daisy
5. Your Favorite Weapon

Aaron Britton says:

You should review the leaked demos❤ this was a great video

Michael Harris says:

My list is a little different, but it’s got the same top and bottom ranks.

5. Your Favorite Weapon – fantastic punk record and has some amazingly witty lyrics, but it just doesn’t hold up to the others quite as well.

4. Science Fiction – It’s a great album and definitely a grower, but the lyrics seemed weaker than any other outing. Lyrically, I think it’s easily their worst, but sonically it edges out Your Favorite Weapon.

3. Daisy – Really it’s a tie with Deja Entendu, but just a little less sing-alongy, so I’ll put it at number three. But it’s a majestic album and anyone who ranks it as BN’s worst is insane.

2. Deja Entendu – Just a fantastically well done album, that manages to be both fantastically fun, deep, and heartbreaking at the same time. It’s near perfect.

1. The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me – Basically a perfect hard music record. There’s nothing I would change and every song is a masterpiece and unforgettable.

Punk/Hardcore/Metal says:

Your Favorite Weapon is so underrated

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