Every Bring Me The Horizon Album Ranked WORST to BEST

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ARTV ranked every BRING ME THE HORIZON studio album (all six as of 2019) from worst to best! From deathcore, metalcore, alt rock, and even pop, the music has changed big time for the UK band. It’s all opinion based of course, so let me know how you’d rank their records in the comments!

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Max Rodriguez says:


Dayton Hamilton says:

Interested in doing Asking Alexandria next?

TheUrbanSoldier says:

Do a ranked on Breaking Benjamin pleeeassse

C Hutch109 says:

There Is a Hell 1# by a mile

Alex Rivers says:

1. Sempiternal
2. That’s The Spirit
3. Amo
4. There Is A Hell
5. Suicide Season
6. Count Your Blessings
7. This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made for

ryyukk says:

6.- count your blessings.
5.- amo (i listened to it just one time so maybe i like it if listen to it a couple times).
4.- that’s the spirit.
3.- there’s a hell.
2.- suicide season (yes).
1.- sempiternal.

Syahidah Farh says:

1. thats the spirit
2. sempiternal
i cant rank the rest of the album but those two are my favorite <3

Eva S. Solis says:

1. Sempiternal
All the others

Ben Barlow says:

Ranked best to worst

1. There is a hell
2. Suicide season
3. Sempiternal
4. That’s the spirit
5. Count your blessings
6. amo

Wind Sword says:

1) There is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It…
2) Sempiternal
3) Suicide Season
4) Amo
5) That’s The Spirit
6) Count Your Blessings

reefer 5 says:

100% agree

Richy Oathy says:

6/ CYB
5/ SS
4/ There is a hell
3/ That’s the spirit
2/ amo
1/ Sempiternal

House Dagoth says:

Great video, but my list would be a bit different.

6- CYB: I actually really enjoy this album even though its the band’s weakest LP in my opinion. There are some fantastic riffs and a few really catchy parts, but Sykes’ vocals are just not good, especially the growls. Liquor and Love Lost and Medusa are my favorite songs on the album, and Fifteen Fathoms Counting ranks among my favorite instrumental interludes ever. This album was extremely influential for the deathcore genre, for better or for worse, so I think it deserves some praise for that.

5- That’s the Spirit: Pretty much every song on this album is good, but for some reason I just haven’t been able to get into it all that much. I feel like it lacks some intangible element that BMTH’s other albums possess that really captivates me. It makes a fantastic background soundtrack for driving long distances though.

4- Amo: I think that all the experimentation that the band did with this album really paid off. Each song, even the shorter ones, brings something a little different to the table while remaining familiar and incorporating a lot of the same lyrical themes that run throughout the band’s discography. I was kinda iffy on the idea of the band doing an album all about love and relationships, but I think it turned out well. Medicine and Mother Tongue are extremely catchy, Mantra feels a lot like a That’s The Spirit track, Nihilist Blues has an amazing dark and ethereal vibe, and Wonderful Life provides a bit of BMTH’s familiar heaviness.

3- Suicide Season: SS is a wall-to-wall banger and an absolutely scene classic. Although the band still clearly had a lot of growth left to be made in the songwriting and lyrics department, pretty much every song on this album is enjoyable. The Comedown is a perfect opener, Chelsea Smile and Diamonds Aren’t Forever are iconic, Football Season is Over and Death Breath are great metalcore party songs, and the title track is a very emotional ballad that remains the longest track in the band’s discography. The introduction of electronics in this album really helped pave the way for the band the explore different sounds, and the switch away from deathcore just as the genre was beginning to peak shows that the band was always one step ahead of the rest of their peers.

2- Sempiternal: I still really love this classic, although I haven’t listened to it in quite some time probably due to overplaying it for nearly two years after its release. I don’t really have much to say about this that hasn’t been said elsewhere a million other times. It’s an emotionally charged album that in many ways revolutionized the genre, and it’s considered by many to be the band’s magnum opus. My favorite songs from this album are Shadow Moses, Antivist, Crooked Young, Hospital for Souls, and House of Wolves.

1- There Is A Hell…: I honestly can’t properly express my feelings about this album in words. It came at a very crucial point in my life and served as a gateway to heavy music for me. Every song, from the albums’ massive opener, Crucify Me, to the blistering conclusion in The Fox And The Wolf are thrilling, punishing, emotional, and catchy. Although the album largely deals with Oli’s addiction to ketamine, it also covers other themes such as love, broken friendships, and depression, but it handles each topic in BMTH’s signature dark and moody way. The songwriting and lyrics in this album were a massive step up from SS, and the electronic element that were present in SS play a much larger role. The band also introduces beautiful strings on songs like It Never Ends and Don’t Go. Additionally, the guest features on the album were very well done and only added more depth to what was already present. There Is A Hell… also really helped grow the band’s fan base and marked my personal favorite era of the band. I could continue to go on and on about this album forever without ever doing it enough justice, so I’m just gonna end by saying GO LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM! It really is fantastic.

TC Cathcart says:

Sempiternal is one of the best metalcore LPs CDs of all time

reflections says:

6. That’s the spirit
5. Amo
4. There is a hell
3. Count your blessings
2. Sempiternal
1. Suicide Season

Nick Everingham says:

6 ~ Amo
5 ~ Count Your Blessings
4 ~ There Is a Hell blah blah etc
3 ~ That’s The Spirit
2 ~ Sempiternal
1 ~ Suicide Season

I do like all their albums but I also think obviously the quality and progression of the band did change with time, CYB was a good album for it’s time, but Pray for Plagues really is the only song most people know from that album, I love deathcore but that was definitely a band who’s never written an album previously’s attempt at deathcore. Amo is an okay album, it just doesn’t feel like they tried to make an album, more like they threw in a bunch of random songs that are soft. TIAHBMISITIAHLKIAS (There is a Hell) was a good album to an extent but the production and mixing on it was horrible. That’s The Spirit was a good album for sure, it’s a must have album but the lyrics were very poorly written and it was repetitive as heck. Sempiternal was a very good album, at times sounded overproduced, but overall can’t complain. Suicide Season was perfection, it was an aggressive album, well produced, well written riffs, hard hitting lyrics, it was a great album, the only thing I would have changed was probably The Sadness Never Ends, it was clearly an after thought that should have been on There Is a Hell, and Blacklist easily could have been on Suicide Season instead and would have fit in perfectly.

To sum this up, BMTH is trash and we love them because they’re the band below the bar that puts everyone else above the bar. But, they did help change the metalcore scene and many bands have credited them for being what they are today so good on them. Blacklist was their best song and you can’t deny it.

jakedaily says:

Newest to oldest is the best IMO.

Karen Patino says:

Sleepwalking or It never ends is probably my favorite record off bmth’s discography

Ryan Herbert says:

My ranking of there albums would be.
-count your blessings
-Suicide session
-that’s the spirit
-there is a hell…

Craig 0811 says:

1.Thats the Spirit
2. Sempiternal
3. There is a Hell
4. Amo
5. Count your blessings
6.Suicide Season

But honestly didnt wanna make this list because I love all the albums.

Crylhound says:

Sandpitturtle is #1 for me

Juan says:

Hoping to see an Interpol or The Strokes ranked soon!

Luis Mendes says:

Couldn’t agree more. Sempiternal is the most epic thing I’ve heard in the world and I don’t think nobody can balance heaviness, melody and emotion better than BMTH

John C says:

1. I
2. love
3. All their
6. Amo

Denis Rovich says:

1. Amo
2. That’s the spirit
3. Sempiternal

The rest is shit.

zach reeder says:

Count Your Blessings >>> Sempiternal >>>>>>>>>>> Suicide Season >>>>>> That’s The Spirit >>> Amo >>>>>> There’s A Hell

Katie Beth says:

I agree with your list. Sempiternal is my favorite.

Michael Davis says:

cant say i care much for deathcore music in general but count your blessings is superb! it might be due to mostly nostalgia from being a scene kid at the time and being a teenager finding your way but i still listen to it today !

Karen Patino says:

“That’s the spirit” and “Sempiternal” are like bmth’s “The Black Parade” and “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” by mcr to me. Like I love them both so fucking much and i can’t decide which one’s my favorite. One is a lot more ‘mainstream’ or commercially successful than the other but both albums by both bands are so fucking great.

Brett Suriner says:

Count your blessings isn’t musically adequate….dude comeon none of their songs off any album come close to the difficulty of ANY track off of count your blessings. There were actually guitar solos, sweeps harmonics all while keeping fast temp to…imo

2.count your blessings
3.suicide season
4.there is a hell
5.thats the spirit

Daniel Prado says:

1. Sempiternal
2. That’s the Spirit
3. Amo
4. There’s a hell
5. Suicide season
6. Count your blessings

Phil Apart says:

tbh i rly enjoy Count Your Blessings :/

Sunforged says:


Frank The bunny says:

Suicide season is their best album along with there is a hell……

jayslayernation666 says:

There are compared to metallica, suicide season is their master of puppets, there’s a hell is their and justice for all, sempiternal is their black album and that’s the spirit is their load, maybe if amo is their reload, it wouldn’t be a surprise if their next album is their St Anger LOL

Koragh says:

where is the ep

Jonathan Moreno says:

Wow i actually HATE Sandpittuttle i think its as bad as count your blessings.
Amo & Suicide Season are the best

Porter says:

1. There is a hell
2. Suicide Season
3. Count your blessings
6. Thats the spirit

This guy has no idea what hes talking about really, ranking thats the spirit higher than There is a hell? Are you mental?

Tallboy Telly says:

1. Sempiternal
2. That’s The Spirit
3. Suicide Season
4. There is a Hell
5. Amo
6. Count Your Blessings, even though it has a special place in my heart

Marco Päben says:

My opinion:

6: Count Your Blessings
5: Suicide Season
4: There Is A Hell
3: Thats The Spirit
2: Amo

Kai Music says:

Did you accidentally put this list backwards? ha ha ha… (dying inside)

Tye Alexander says:

1: suicide season
2: amo
3: count your blessings
4: there is a hell
5: sempiternal
6: that’s the spirit

MaNson Fan. Bye! says:

My ranked list may be a tad bit weird to some, but:
1- Sempiternal.
2- That’s The Spirit.
3- amo.
4- Suicide Season.
5- Count Your Blessings.
6- There Is A Hell….

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