Every Coldplay Album Ranked WORST to BEST

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On this episode of RANKED, I’m counting down every Coldplay studio album from worst to best! As with any list, it’s all OPINION based, so be sure to leave yours in the comments!

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Vinny La Stella says:

do a day to remember!!!

Evan Bonar says:

7. Head Full of Dreams
6. Ghost Stories
5. Mylo Xyloto
3. Parachutes
2. Viva La Vida
1. A Rush of Blood to the Head

Hayden Smith says:

I like
A Rush Of Blood To The Head

Ja'Crispies says:

Even if you don’t like Coldplay, you have to admit that they have one of the best fanbases of any musician. Go to Metallica, you have a bunch of metalheads that believe in only one genre of music and can’t seem to tolerate others’ opinions (especially Megadeth fans). Go to Panic! At The Disco, and you have some annoying people that, while more respecting towards personal musical opinions, seem to have this cult following to their bands and a tendency to combine all, I don’t know, 4 bands that they enjoy into their username. Then you’ve got bands like Coldplay, Weezer, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers etc. that are so welcoming and tolerant. Imagine that.

LZ says:

1. Rush of Blood to the Head
2. Viva La Vida
3. Mylo Xyloto
4. X&Y
5. Parachutes
6. Ghost Stories
7. Head Full of Dreams

Scott Erin Bradley says:

X&Y all the way. Then rush of blood. Then parachutes. Then ‘daylight’ before ghost stories – MEH to the rest. I never could see what the fuss was about Viva la Vida. Have given it a good go, but nope. Nothing. LOVE X&Y. One of my favourite top ten albums of all time. Thanks

Aquainfinium says:

Death and all his friends

Abenot says:

7: Ghost Storys ( the only one i didn`t like)
6: Parachutes
5: Viva la Vida
4: X and Y
3:Rush of blood to the head
2: Head Full of dreams
1: Mylo Xyloto

Jacob Patrick Poulsen says:

You could maybe do a album ranking of U2´s albums (since Coldplay were influenced by them), or maybe a Lady Gaga album ranking, since I think that she experiments which each album and constantly is developing herself as an artist. 🙂

Gatsby Fan says:

Different people have different opinions,whatever i don’t like this rank!

DEUnknownPLAY3R says:

the list can go either way or their last 3 albums as being the worst since it seems like they sold out their sound to a poppy electronic sound besides a few exceptions, still wishing for a pre 2011. more alternative rock sound for Coldplay’s next album though
7. A Head Full Of Dreams
6. Ghost stories
5. Mylo Xyloto
4. Parachutes
3.A rush of blood to a head
2. Viva La Vida
1. X & Y

freshnspicy meatbol says:

7. A Head full of dreams6. Mylo Xyloto5. Viva la Vida4. Ghost Stories3. A head full of dreams2. X & Y1. Parachutes

Cesar Ismael Civera says:

Por que todos odian A Head Full A Dreams :’v

ColdplayFan360 RollerCoasterFreak says:

All their albums have something special

7: Parachutes
6: A Rush of Blood To The Head
5: Viva La Vida And Death And All His Friends
4: Ghost Stories
3: X&Y
2: A Head Full of Dreams
1: Mylo Xyloto

ÐiggerisTriggereð says:

It’s alright, I have different opinions too.
This is my list on the coldplay albums from worst to best.
7. Ghost stories
6. A head full of dreams
5. Mylo xyloto
4. A rush of blood to the head
3. Viva la vida
2. Parachutes
1 X&Y

Nurul Kharisma says:

“Violet Hill one of my all time favorite Coldplay song” Same!

mostafa maky says:

7- A Head Full of Dreams
6- Ghost Stories
5- Mylo Xyloto
4-A Rush of Blood to The Head
3- Viva La Vida and the friggin’ ep!
2- X&Y
1- Parachutes

Teal Appeal says:

Gosh… I never thought of ranking Coldplay’s albums … it’s tough as a Coldplay fan. If I had a gun to my head, in my heart of hearts I think Viva La Vida is Coldplay’s strongest album (imo). I’m also thinking about every song as well.. the only one I wasn’t as passionate was “Yes”, but I don’t skip over it, it works with the theme. I was so lucky to see them live during their Viva tour!! ♡

My list [1=Best; *=EP; ¤=Special]
1. Viva La Vida ((& ¤Left,Right,Left,Right,Left ))
2. Rush of Blood to the Head
3. X&Y
4. * Kaleidoscope
6. * Prospects March
7. Parachutes
8. Ghost Stories
9. A Head Full Of Dreams
10. Mylo-Xyloto
11. * Brothers and Sisters

Jackson says:

Please do one for Deftones! It is so hard to rank their albums!

IAmPathological says:

Top 7 Best Coldplay Albums:
7. A Head Full of Dreams
6. Parachutes
5. Mylo Xyloto
4. X&Y
3. Ghost Stories
2. A Rush of Blood to the Head
1. Viva la Vida

(4 and 3 can flip flop anytime, my mood changes)

Isaiah Isel says:

Yeah… mines weird
7. X and Y (standout- Fix You)
6. Viva la Vida and Death and all his Friends (Viva la Vida)
5. Ghost Stories (O)
4. Mylo Xyloto (Charlie Brown)
3. A Rush of Blood to the Head (God put a smile on your face)
2. Parachutes (Don’t Panic)
1. A Head Full of Dreams (Up and Up)

RavRaynRose says:

i LOVE Viva and used to think it was their best album, until i listened to a rush of blood.

Snaxq Gaming says:

7. Head Full Of Dreams 8/10
6. Mylo Xyloto 8/10
5. X&Y 9/10
4. Ghost Stories 9/10
3. Parachutes 9/10
2. Rush Of Blood To The Head 10/10
1. Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends 10/10

James Beckham says:

My rankings:

#7: Rush of Blood to the Head
#6: A Head Full of Dreams
#5: Parachutes
#4: X&Y
#3: Mylo Xyoto
#2: Ghost Stories
#1: Viva la Vida or Death And All His Friends

wdym Brett Siemens? says:

I haven’t listened to every song on every album, but I’ve listened to a couple, and here’s my top 10!

10) Adventure Of A Lifetime (A Head Full Of Dreams)
9) Magic (Ghost Stories)
8) Clocks (A Rush Of Blood To The Head)
7) Fix You (X&Y)
6) Yellow (Parachutes)
5) Hymn For The Weekend (A Head Full Of Dreams)
4) Viva La Vida (Viva La Vida)
3) Everglow (A Head Full Of Dreams)
2) Paradise (Mylo Xyloto)
1) The Scientist (A Rush Of Blood To The Head)

Harry Giles says:

7. Mylo Xyloto
6. A Head Full Of Dreams
5. Ghost Stories
4. Viva La Vida
3. X & Y
2. A Rush Of Blood To The Head
1. Parachutes

their debut will always be no. 1 for me

ThatCrazyKid says:

7. Ghost Stories – Another’s Arms
6. Parachutes – Don’t Panic
5. Mylo Xyloto – Charlie Brown
4. X&Y – Swallowed In The Sea
3. A Rush Of Blood To The Head – Politik
2. A Head Full Of Dreams – Everglow
1. Viva La Vida Or Death And All Of His Friends – Violet Hill

Ramyres Mansur says:

2-A Rush of Blood to the Head
4-Viva la Vida or Death and all His Friends
5-A Head Full of Dreams
6-Ghost Stories
7-Mylo Xyloto

Uncle Bozo says:

#7 – Ghost Stories
#6 – Mylo Xyloto
#5 – Parachutes
#4 – A Head Full of Dreams
#3 – A Rush of Blood to the Head
#2 – Viva La Vida or Death and All of His Friends
#1 – X&Y

Nurul Kharisma says:

My rank
7. Parachutes
6. Mylo Xyloto
5. A Head Full of Dreams
4. A Rush of Blood to the Head
3. Ghost Stories
2. Viva La Vida
1. X&Y

Nour says:

I can’t rank those albums, they’re all my favourites, Coldplay is my favourite band. Sure their style changed a bit with time but it will always be my favourite band.

ii TheHIndian ii says:

Viva la Vida = Rush of blood to the head = X&Y = Parachutes = MYLO XYLOTO = A Head Full Of Dreams = Ghost Stories

goobiehoobie says:

My personal list:
7) Mylo Xyloto
6) Ghost Stories
5) A Head Full of Dreams
4) Parachutes
3) Viva La Vida…
2) X & Y
1) A Rush Of Blood To The Head

pfeifanddrum says:

I grew up on XandY so I guess I have some bias, there is not a bad song on that album

The Weird Fire Flower says:

Okay, it may be their most popular album, and say what you will about it…

But VLV or DAAHOF is one of the greatest albums ever as far as I’m concerned…
Edit: WOOHOO!! VIVA LA VIDA NO. 1!!!!!!!!!!

heppolo says:

I’d say their last three albums are Coldplay trying their hardest to remain relevant in a world that turns its back to alternative music in any shape or form
1. Parachutes
2. Viva La Vida
3. A Rush Of Blood To The Head
4. X&Y
5. Ghost Stories
6.-7. Two of the other ones, not really bothered, awful records

David Cremin says:

I actually adore Mylo Xyloto its such a chill album and I have great memories with it

Matthew Adcroft says:

My personal ranking
7. Ghost stories
6. A Head Full of Dreams
5. Mylo Xyloto
4. X&Y
3. Viva la Vida
2. Parachutes
1. A rush of blood to the head

coldplayerCWJG1996 says:

6)Mylo Xyloto
3)Ghost Stories

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