Every Fall Out Boy Album Ranked WORST to BEST

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►Fall Out Boy RANKED is finally here! I’m counting down and ranking every studio album they’ve released, from 2003’s debut “Take This to Your Grave” to 2018’s “MANIA”! Drop a like on the video, and remember.. it’s all just my opinion!

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Taylor Barricklow says:

Thriller always gives me chills.

Paul S says:

Just no….but I gave up on these guys after Folie. Infinity was their peak imo.

Blip head says:

Do Panic! at the Disco albums

Positive Corner says:

I absolutely respect old fob songs but I do the same for new ones and some times I like them more. Just check the video in my channel about them and you can understand what I mean

RubberTV says:

Infinity on High and Folie e Deux are my fave albums of all time

Fred Pilon says:

This is a horrible thing to say but Fall Put Boy was better when Pete was emo. Horrible but true, it’s why MANIA sucks. the other albums since the coming back together are good but Pete is too happy now. Again, horrible but true

Fred Pilon says:

I’m so glad they tried to remake Mania after the first single. I don’t want to see how it would’ve happened

Positive Corner says:

Uma Thurman and Irresistible are amazing songs

Whatever ? says:


Hannah S says:

1. Srar
2. Fd
3. Ab/ap
4. Mania
5. Futct
6. Ioh
7. Tttyg

Jarred Parsons says:

Take This To Your Grave is And always will be my favorite Fall Out Boy album but I feel like From Under The Cork Tree is their best album musically and lyrically ❤️❤️❤️❤️

BONES13 is cool says:

Why did you have to hit me with bang the doldrums like that? I was not prepared.

EmanuelAvenged says:

How about a DEFTONES ranked? I’d watch that.

Brett Novelli says:

Shoulda titled this Worst to Worst. Fall out boy sucks

carly Hindhaugh says:

Thiis guy is a stereotypical example of not being able to handle band’s changing their music style.

A Lloyd says:

I’m really glad to finally see someone rank albums while still being so respectful, really cool to hear your opinions and I do agree with most of them!

My list is something like this, although I do like all their albums so putting one at the bottom was pretty difficult:
7. AB/AP
5. SR&R
4. IOH
1. FAD

Percy Jackson says:

6.save rock and roll
5.take this to your grave
4.american beauty
3.infinity on high
2.folie a deux
1.from under the cork tree

alonetimewithjoey says:

7. Everything post-hiatus 4. Take this to your grave 3. Folie a duex 2. Cork Tree 1. Infinity on High

Liv Kelly says:

Amazing video and great evidence to back up your opinions but I have to respectfully disagree. For me it goes American Beauty/American Psycho, MANIA, Save Rock and Roll, Take This To Your Grave, Folie a Deux, From Under The Cork Tree, and Infinity On High (This goes from least favourite to favourite)

MrFnaf says:

7. American Beauty/American Psycho
6. Take This To Your Grave
5. From Under The Cork Tree
4. Save Rock & Roll
3. Infinity On High
2. M A N I A
1. Folie à Deux
It’s just my personal opinion

palestblue says:

Huh, I must admit that I really really love MANIA. It’s not my fav by any stretch, but it is such an emotional album to me and I really love the weirdness of the music and the lyrics. Guess I am kinda alone in liking it 😀

Charlie Chitty says:

For me:

7. Mania. Weak electronica with only one rock themed song – “Stay Frosty”
6. American Beauty/American Psycho. Repetitive and jarringly uninspiring. Similar to their remix album, disappointing.
5. Save Rock and Roll. This is a good album, with consistent songs and few experimental pieces including dubstep, but an album of solid hits.
4. PAX AM Days. Whilst technically more of an EP, thr record produced in the course of an evening whilst the frontman was drunk shows more inventiveness than anything past Believers Never Die, their Greatest Hits Album.
3. Folie A Deux. The musical elements of Infinity, combined with the rock sound of Cork Tree. Back in the day it was trashed along with Panic’s Pretty Odd, but it had great songs and was fun, political, inventive (I’m thinking that Lil Wayne feature.) and had wonderful orchestral components. This album was underrated, but now appreciated fairly.
2. Infinity on High. A weird, wonderful rockopera with memorable songs, it was an arrogant little musical but with the instrumentals to back it up from the epic “Thriller” to the haunting and almost purposefully uncomfortable “Golden”.
1. From Under The Cork Tree. A guitartrashing rock album that had everything from the crunching and growling starts of “Gin Joints” to the more heavier ballads of “ISWSIFOB(AAIGWTSSWAM)”.

There’s some other album, but I won’t put it on this list. It gets just one.

1. The Undisputed Bible of Pop Punk.

Take This To Your Grave. Go listen to it if you haven’t.

Hybrid Gamer says:

Infinity on high is the FOB’s Pretty Odd except it was way more accepted by fans and members of the band

majestic mallard says:

Agree with your list for the most part except I would switch save rock and roll and take this to your grave

My Chemical Republican says:

#7. Save Rock and Roll #6. American Beauty American Psycho #5/4 Take This to Your Grave/Mania (can’t decide what one I like more #3. Infinity on High #2. From Under the Cork Tree #1. Folie à Deux

Legitimate0073 says:

1. Folie a Deux
2. Infinity on High
3. From Under the Cork Tree
4. American Beauty/American Psycho
6. Save Rock and Roll
7. Take This To Your Grave

trash can says:

Pete, I love you, I liked ab/ap and parts of MANIA but you know what I really love
*hearing your bass*

joshua crewes says:

Cool vid man

Caitlyn Leedom says:

I’m guessing this guy is an old fall out boy fan that can’t get over the fact that the band changed their sound, like a lot of bands do

Tee Jee says:


1- Folie a Deux
2- From Under The Cork Tree
3- Save Rock and Roll
4- Infinity on High
5- M A N I A
Joint 6- American Beauty/American Psycho and Take This To Your Grave

This isn’t based on how well the songs are written, this is just my preference on how much I enjoy them. I’m sure everyone’s mood about the albums changes depending on how you feel as they do mine.

Monster Swamp Studios says:

7.) AB/AP
3.) SRAR
2.) Folie A Deux
1.) IOH

I know that my rating is a bit strange compared to those of others, and while MANIA does struggle with its identity crisis, Patrick Stump shows how strong his vocals really can be and how he can actually put emotion behind what he believes in. With AB/AP, it just sounds like they were trying to put another record out there to get a little more popular. It didn’t feel like something they TRULY believed in.

Bella B says:

Ok I definitely agree with Folie A Deux being the best. My favourite from it is 27 and WAMS and She’s My Winona

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