Every Kidz Bop Album Ranked WORST to BEST

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►Today on RANKED, I finally count down all 37 albums by the Kidz Boy Kidz, as HIGHLY requested by you guys!

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►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon: https://youtu.be/Wm-H2d_5FSg

►Every review I’ve ever done: http://bit.ly/ARTVarchive

►More Ranked: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLojZ5gufY8haSX5yalIJAgxm8DhT6bIk9


Skeletonwithskin says:

Now THIS is the QUALITY CONTENT I subscribed for

Rsgg95 says:

Top ten kidz bop’s covers according me
10) S&M by Rihanna
9) Pepper by Butthole surfers
8) The beautiful People by Marilyn Manson
7) Guillotine by Death Grips
6) Lemon Incest by Serge Gainsbourg
5) Cop Killer by BodyCount
4) Kim by Eminem
3) Suicide Solution by Ozzy Osbourne
2) Me so horny by 2 Live crew
1) Rape me by Nirvana
Honorable mention:
– Killing an arab by The Cure
– Blurred lines by Robin Thicke
– I cum blood by Cannibal corpse
– Constantinople by The Residents

Champagne Sound says:

They banned capital punishment in my state so they’re not allowed to play Kidz Bop in public schools

olivia bourne says:

i’m so excited for the baha men review

Lone says:

please rank every big time rush song from worst to best!!

Punk/Hardcore/Metal says:

Any chance on doing a ranked on Biffy Clyro? It’d be cool to hear your thoughts on both the old and new albums

Hopelesslittlekilljoy says:

Kidz bop still releases CD’s?!? Yikes… Kidz Bop 4 will always be my favorite. I looked back today and the track listing isn’t terrible.. if only they weren’t butchered and mangled

Ur daily memes says:

Kidz bop> literally every musical composition to be created and thought of

r3v0lv1ng d00rs says:

this is the best video I have seen in your entire channel

Adam Samuelson says:

I think you had some editing issues. Might wanna reupload, couldn’t see the full list.

Matthew Edwards says:

Pointless making this list, all of them are shit

helena says:

your content is GOLD

Molly M says:


olivia bourne says:

jon is the number one kidz bop stan

T says:

i didnt even recognize that this was a joke until like 2 minutes in, i hate myself

Dylan Crain says:

My new favorite ranked episode. Fucking gold.

Matthew Roberts says:

This…is…a work of art. Well done!

Lapithyst trash says:

Top tear content

Kelsey Valeska says:

Is it sad that I was actually excited for Jon to rank Kidzbop? Kinda feel let down. Lol

Tyler Straka says:

Review your live performances worst to best

xxDespairxx 666 says:

Anyone else a kid when McDonald’s gave out short Kidz Bop albums in Happy Meals? I remeber the one I got had Hey There Delilah on it.

Elizabeth Nicole says:

I. I have no words. I’m laughing too hard.

Two Dollar Bill says:

At first I said WHAT THE FUCKING HELL, but then I remembered it, in Usa today is the April Fools

Addict With A Harpøøn says:

At first, I couldn’t stand Kidz Bop. But thanks to Jon and ARTV, I’ve seen the light. Kidz Bop brings great messages, instrumentals, and vocals to the table that I was arrogantly hating on. Kidz Bop is the best band that ever has and ever will exist (this pains me to type) Thanks for recognizing me Jon, you’ve brought me into the light of Kidz Bop

Addict With A Harpøøn says:

Dude, PLEASE do a BOTDF ranked episode
They really rank up there with the greats like Nickelback, Justin Bieber, Simple Plan, and Baha Men, all legendary

three cheers for gerard way says:

okay but I would actually like to see this

Abrany _ says:


JestingWorm697 Of Valhalla says:

You went there. You ranked perfection.

Mr Moustach says:

“The original Kidz Bop kids would be rolling in their graves”

That’s hilarious.

Abena Adu-Offeh says:

this is the cutest april fools prank ever… except for the pauses in between

Purplepentapus157 says:

that song preview for believer hurt my soul, omg

PookPlayz says:

Easy.. all of them are tied last

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