Every Killers Album Ranked WORST to BEST

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►Today on RANKED, I’m counting down every album by The Killers… all 5 studio albums (not Sawdust) from worst to best! Drop a like on this video, and leave a comment with how you would rank The Killers albums!

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Justin Williamson says:

OMG, I just relized I’ve been calling the album “hot fuss” “hot fuse” I’m sooo dumb

Thomas Carroll says:

Mr. Brightside is one of the best songs ever? No.

Lunar Scorpio says:

No fair! I just got into The Killers around a month ago!!

Brady Roese says:

The Maine Ranked?

Shea Norman says:

Great video! The Killers are one of my favourite bands but I find it extremely hard to rank their albums because I feel they’re more of a song band than an album band. Each album has a selection of fantastic songs but none of the albums really conquer as one flowing experience – at least in my opinion.

Faithy Lynn says:

Hot Fuss is my favorite, and Sams Town is my second favorite. They definitely have lots of other great songs from other albums but I’m not really able to listen to them straight through. Day and Age has some of my favorites like Human, Spaceman, and Dustland Fairytale, but other than that the whole album doesn’t really do it for me. Battleborn really doesn’t do it for me, and I only liked the two singles from Wonderful Wonderful. Nothing will beat the beginning of their career.

Oasis God says:

1. Hot Fuss
2. Sam’s Town
3. Sawdust
4. Day and Age
5. Wonderfull Wonderfull
6. Battle Born

Adam says:

1. Hot Fuss
2. Sam’s Town
3. Day & Age
4. Battle Born
5. Wonderful Wonderful

OMG KPOP says:

for me personally Battle Born is the reason i finally started to listen to all their albums rather then just listen to their singles, i know they didnt like making that album but theres just something about it that pulls the heartstrings for me, even after all this time i still go back to this album, like it hasnt aged to me, that and Day & Age o.o

Uummannaqsong says:

1. Sam’s Town
2. Day and Age
3. Hot Fuss
4. Wonderful wonderful
5. Battle born

Ernesto Jan Royandoyan says:

Please rank Worst to the best album of Goo Goo Dolls.

Uummannaqsong says:

I think with Hot Fuss and Sams Town they set the bar so high that they could not top that. Second half of the 2000s was their glory days and I’m afraid that will not come back.

Tiff 182 says:

Can we maybe get an Arctic Monkeys ranked when the new album comes out?

Kyle Campbell says:

Lady Gaga pls

neil Varma says:

Their debut is still the best to me

Neto Yáñez says:


Tyler Rock says:

I personally adore Sam’s Town and can’t see how some people wouldn’t enjoy it. My absolute favorite Killers track, Bling (Confessions of a King) has this raw and jagged feel to it that just catches me immediately, and the title track is fantastic. When I went through it the first time and then found the mixed reception it got, it really threw me for a loop.

Mackenzie Lambe says:

I wasn’t a big fan of the killers until I saw them live and really started listening to their lyrics. Now hot fuzz and battle born are a couple of my most listened to records. And they are one of the few bands that sound 10000x better live!!!

Jake Greer says:

What wonderful, wonderful timing – my favourite band and I’m seeing them play this Friday in Brisbane, Australia!

Pascal Siebke says:

Deftones ❤️.

ARTV says:

Say it with me: “Sawdust is not a studio album, it is a compilation album. Therefore it does not qualify to be ranked.”

Miss Atomic Doll says:

Sam’s town has to be my favourite, it has such a special place in my heart, everything about is amazing. I love it so much that I
have a stupid nickname for myself, “the goat from sams town” lmfao

Pig Icarus, Meme Lord says:

Nice video! Can you do Yellowcard next?

Tiff 182 says:

“Destiny was calling” man Jon that was good

Two Dollar Bill says:

Foo Fighters or Sum 41 next?

Jacob Rios says:

I’ve only recently started listening to this band. I’ve still only heard Hot Fuss, but this video makes me want to listen to the rest of their discography

Trevon William says:

Like the hair

Pooja Patel says:

Great video again! Sum 41 ranked?

James Owens says:

Its interesting that critics pretty much hated Sam’s town when it came out. I’ll have to revisit it.

AntzGamez says:

I️ would love to see you rank MCR albums

coanwilliams says:

This really made me want to go back and listen to every Killers album! I think Day and Age will always hold a special place in my heart and be my top pick. That album was released my senior year of high school so I associate a TON of memories with it. It’s cool how associations like that can really affect your overall taste and preferences for something.

Parrymore says:

My fav killers album is American idiot

Salman Airlangga says:

Battle born was kinda meh for me. But it was a long time since i listened to it…

Coldcut Combo says:

Do an “a day to remember” ranked

Lunar Scorpio says:

lmao that pun in number one “but destiny was calling”

Rhys Roberts says:

Could u do the Aiden albums ranked

Kyle Dean says:

As i suspected i would switch 1 and 2 but other than that in my opinion i agree with all ur picks

insertaghere says:

You should make video on your favorite side projects of your favorite bands. Like brandon flowers and juilian casablancas solo albums. Albert hammond junior of the strokes also has some pretty cool ones.

Katie Beth says:

Sam’s Town is my favorite.

tss3393 says:

A buddy of mine from work recently got me into A Perfect Circle, and by extension Tool. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk about either, but both would make for great Ranked episodes.

Beyond the Radio says:

Da Killaz

Noel McGovern says:

1. Sam’s Town (One of the best albums in the 00s. It proved that this band isn’t a mainstream poppy band. Rock and heart is how I define this one. 10/10 )

2. Battle Born (Massive soft spot for this one. The album reminds me of hot sunny weather. The smell of freshly cut grass. So ya nostalgia wins over. I’m a sucker for heartland rock)

3. Wonderful wonderful (worth the wait. “Rut” “Have all the songs been written” are songs close to my heart. Very fresh album. Great return. )

4. Hot Fuss (one of the best first half for an album. 2nd half suffers massively though. Every song is great on it but they should have rearranged the tracklist order as the 1st half overshadows the 2nd. Therefore its down to 4th in my list)

5. Day and Age (has some of my favourite tracks by the killers such as “a dustland fairytale” and “goodnight travel well” but it feels a bit tiresome at times and gets a bit boring with songs like “joy ride” and “I can’t stay”)

Bonus : Sawdust (would probably come 3rd/4th if I had to put it in as a studio album (even though its a collaboration / b-sides album))

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