Every Linkin Park Album Ranked WORST to BEST

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On this episode of RANKED, I’m sorting out Linkin Park’s entire studio album discography from WORST to BEST! This is just my opinion on the ranking, comment below how you would rank the albums!

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K111M3P1Z says:

I love how you put Meteora at 1, as I do. The lyrics, the vibe, the emotion is still very Linkin Park, I think since it is slightly less edgy it makes it a little better.

Angel Rider says:

SO if hybrid theory was #2, …. was Meteora #3?

Michael Bunn says:

1: A Thousand Suns 5/5
2: Living Things 5/5
3: One More Light 5/5
4: Minutes To Midnight 4.5/5
5: The Hunting Party 4/5
6: Meteora 3/5
7: Hybrid Theory 2.5/5

Jeremy Jahns says:

This is a great video dude. Very technically analytical while bringing us in on why you’re connected with certain albums at a personal level.

MrRobotHead says:

My list raked BEST to WORST:
Minutes to Minute
Hybrid Theory
The Hunting Party
One More Light
A Thousand Suns


Honestly my favorite album was hybrid theory

soutrik pal says:

Still they are better than every latest pop songs dude

Linkin park could create any kind of music

Michael Bunn says:

1: A Thousand Suns
2: Living Things
3: One More Light
4: Hybrid Theory
5: Minutes To Midnight
6: The Hunting Party
7: Meteora

Marco says:

Best Linkin Park Albums For Me:
7. The Hauting Party
6. Minutes To Midnight
5. A Thousand Suns
4/3. Hybrid Theory/Living Things (idkkkk)
2. One More Light
1. Meteora
I want to say that i hate the ppl who say that One More Light sucks. I love Rock and Rap so much and i always hated pop so when One More Light comes out i said it was shit. But Linkin Park is my favorite band so i give it a try… I loved every single song of One More Light even if it is to “sentimental”. I love ALL the songs of Linkin Park no matter what kind of music they made… Before u hear a song of One More Light u dont need to think “Oh shit the new Linkin Park” bc theres not a NEW or a OLD Linkin Park.I hope u guys give a try to One More Light. Do it for Linkin Park. Do it for Chester.

NeoKokoro20 says:

Worst to best for me:

One More Light
A Thousand Suns
Minutes to Midnight
Living Things
The Hunting Party
Hybrid Theory

Mark Eames says:

Great video mate. I don’t quite agree with all of the list but, my own is similar.

My best to worst is as follows with my favourite 2 tracks:

1) Meteora – Numb, Faint
2) The Hunting Party – All For Nothing, Rebellion
3) Living Things – In My Remains, Powerless
4) Hybrid Theory – One Step Closer, Papercut
5) Minutes To Midnight – Bleed It Out, No More Sorrow
6) A Thousand Suns – The Catalyst, Wretches And Kings
7) One More Light – Talking To Myself, Good Goodbye

TheReal Geki says:

Dude, you do know Valentine’s Day wasn’t written about Chester’s father, right? His Dad is alive and well, even today. It is clearly about death, though, it’s extremely obvious. 90% of this album is about death, which was even confirmed by the band in various interviews, but this song in particular was very obviously about it. So you weren’t far off, but it’s not about his Dad. Valentine’s Day is being used a metaphor here, it’s not about the literal holiday. I have met Chester 8 different times through LPU meet and greets throughout their career and I asked Mike about the meaning of this song once, and he told me that Chester wrote it, so you’d have to ask him what it’s about. I asked Chester and he told me it’s about death, and it’s using a lot of metaphors, it’s not about the literal holiday.

Hi, my name is [ Dan ] says:

What the helllll?!?!?!!! One More Light is good :/// Why does no one like it?

Alex Robinson says:

one more light “being different isn’t necessarily bad”
minutes to midnight: “its bad because it’s different”
ok then

adrian mendez says:

Favorite to least favorite:
1. Minutes to Midnight
2. One More Light
3. Meteora
4. A Thousand Suns
5. Living Things
6. The Hunting Party
7. Hybrid Theory
I’ve watched your recent videos and seen your updated thoughts on OML, curious to see where it ranks on your list now!

shitty guitarist says:

My list
7. One more light
6.living things
5. A thousand suns
4. Minutes to midnight
3. The hunting party
2. Hybrid theory
1. Meteora

DPA says:

My ranking (which hasn’t changed since Chester’s death) is;
7. The Hunting Party; It felt very distant and very cookie-cutter
6. One More Light; It was very polar from anything Linkin Park has done before (but not in a totally bad way)
5. LIVING THINGS; My first Linkin Park album, but not my favourite (at least, anymore). It was more Hybrid Theory than anything preceding or proceeding (besides the original HT)
4. Meteora; While a great follow-up to HT, it felt a bit more like it’d be better as it coming third (after MTM)
3. Minutes to Midnight; A great record, but lacking consistency. It flipped back and forth between being calm and hardcore, and could’ve used more middle-ground songs.
2. Hybrid Theory; Of course, their first studio album, and a great nu-metal record. But, it falls short of their best, even if it is the first.
1. A Thousand Suns; Their most creative and enjoyable endeavour, I think there should’ve been more records like this.

mitharam phuyal says:

7. One More Light (Certainly not a bad album)
6. Minutes To Midnight
5. A Thousand Suns
4. The Hunting Party
3. Hybrid Theory
2. Meteora
1. Living Things (Surprised aren’t you?)

Alex Rowlings says:

1 down 5 to go

WarGamer 42 says:

Minutes to Midnight (love its political messages and sound
Meteora (Classic)
Hybrid Theory (Classic
Living Things (Good sound and lyrics)
A Thousand Suns (For what it tries to be its amazing)
The Hunting Party (a bit bland with some songs but when songs work it’s one of the greats)
One More Light (Flawed but had some great singles)

Aradhita Dasgupta says:

My Ranking
7. One More Light
6. The Hunting Party
5. Minutes to Midnight
4. Meteora
3. Living Things
2. A Thousand Suns
1. Hybrid Theory

purple headed hedgehog says:

Give your opinions on XERO there first demo

MJ says:

1. A Thousand Suns 10/10 *(MASTERPIECE)*
2. Living Things 9.5/10
3. One More Light 9/10
3. The Hunting Party 8.5/10
4. Minutes to Midnight 8/10
5. Meteora 5/10
6. Hybrid Theory 5/10

Dante Hnt says:

1. Hybrid Theory
2. Meteora
3. Minutes to Midnight
4. Living Things
5. A thousands suns
6. One more light
7. A haunting party

Master of Muppets says:

7. OML
6. MTM
5. ATS
4. HT
3. HP
2. LT
1. M

Med R says:

I think all albums are 10/10

Tyler McCarter says:

Mine is
7. One More Light
6. Hunting Party
5. Living Things
4. Meteora
3. A Thousand Suns
2. Hybrid Theory
1. Minutes to Midnight

Nimir 59 says:

I am glad u put a thousand Suns at 3rd …… I listened to it at that time when I didn’t even knew what album actually is.


My Ranking:
7. A Thousand Suns
6. One More Light
5. Minutes To Midnight
4. Living Things
3. The Hunting Party
2. Hybrid Theory
1. Meteora

JJVS4life says:

7 – One More Light (2017) Favourite Track: One More Light
Least Favourite Track: Heavy

6 – The Hunting Party (2014) Favourite Track: War
Least Favourite Track: Guilty All The Same

5 – Minutes To Midnight (2007)
Favourite Track: The Little Things Give You Away
Least Favourite Track: Wake

4 – A Thousand Suns (2010) Favourite Track: Waiting For The End
Least Favourite Track: Empty Spaces

3 – Living Things (2012) Favourite Track: Lost In The Echo
Least Favourite Track: Tinfoil

2 – Meteora (2003) Favourite Track: Faint
Least Favourite Track: Session

1 – Hybrid Theory (2000) Favourite Track: In The End
Least Favourite Track: Cure For The Itch

Finding Myself says:

I love all the album from Linkin Park

Rafa Kutz says:

The world needs a new band of young guys on their 20’s making something awesome just like this guys did. Oh by the way, METEORA is my favourite LP record.

TerminatorX8 says:

We almost have the same ranking:

7: One More Light
6: Minuets To Midnight
5: The Hunting Party
4: Living Things
3: A Thousand Suns
2: Hybrid Theory
1: Meteora

Linkin Park was introduced to me as a young kid from my dad who use to DJ. Linkin Park always holds a special place in my heart. I cried so much when Chester died. This band helped me through some tough times in my life. Linkin Park’s music will live through all of us

Nick P says:

1. Hybrid Theory
2. Meteora
3. Minutes to Midnight
4. Living Things
5. The Hunting Party
6. A Thousand Sons
7. One More Light

Ian Mitchell says:

What is the song for thousand suns

Alex Igra says:

I have only listened to One More Light all the way through, but I think it would actually be my favorite by them considering that In Utero is my favorite Nirvana album, Nimrod is my favorite Green Day album, and After Laughter is my favorite Paramore album. Would that be accurate? One thing is for sure, with Chester’s passing, One More Light is NOT cheesy.

Samhith Padala says:

Rip chester

Ognjen P says:

My opinion

7. A Tousand Suns
6. Minutes to Midnight
5. Living Things
4. One More Light
3. Hybrid Theory
2. Meteora
1. The Hunting Party

Xman116 says:

1. Meteora, 2. The Hunting Party, 3. Hybrid Theory, 4. Minutes to Midnight, 5. A Thousand Suns, 6. Living Things, 7. One More Light

Ace Dragon says:

I think the hunting party is the best linkin park record

Red 2.0 says:

One More Light was the first album I listened to by Linkin Park, which says a lot about my music taste. I then moved onto A Thousand Suns, then Living Things, Hunting Party, and Minutes To Midnight. I will be moving into Meteora and Hybrid Theory soon, but I personally feel like OML was my favorite album. It was the first album I got hooked up on. Not long after that, I hear the news that Chester Bennington had passed. This made me look deeper into the music and feel what each song has to say. Thank you Linkin Park for helping me appreciate music more than I could have ever known.

WarGamer 42 says:

Hybrid Theory (5/5)
Meteora (5/5)
Collision Course (3/5)
Minutes To Midnight (5/5)
A Thousand Suns (4.5/5)
Living Things (4.5/5)
A Light That Never Comes (4/5)
We Made It (3.5/5)
The Hunting Party (4.5/5)
One More Light (3.75/5)

Ed Dur says:

Linkin Park’s biggest french collector here, my top :

7. Hybrid Theory
6. Meteora
5. Minutes to Midnight
3. One More Light
2. The Hunting Party
1. A Thousand Suns

ryebread 07 says:

My personal list:
7. One More Light
6. A Thousand Suns
5. Living Things
4. Meteora
3. Minutes to Midnight
2. Hybrid Theory
1. The Hunting Party

Edit: Wow, it’s funny how my list changed slightly, but I’ve come to appreciate all the albums, but THP is definitely still at the top.

Updated list:

1. The Hunting Party
2. A Thousand Suns
3. Minutes to Midnight
4. Hybrid Theory
5. Meteora
6. Living Things
7. One More Light

purple headed hedgehog says:

Am I the only one that doesn’t hat OML its quite good in my opinion

blue_thunder_02 says:

This is a great video

Two Dollar Bill says:

I think you should make a new review of the hunting party

Euan Davies says:

1. The hunting party
2. One more light
3. Meteora
4. Living Things
5. Hybrid theory
6. Minutes to midnight
7. A thousand suns

TheReal Geki says:

I love the first three albums, even the demos for those three albums are A+ material. But I hated New Divide In 2009, that’s when the band fell apart to me. I hated A Thousand Suns, and everything released after it, even The Hunting Party, which was heavy, yes, but wasn’t heavy in the way the first three albums were. Minutes To Midnight was not all soft songs. Given Up is probably the heaviest song they have ever made, Bleed It Out and No More Sorrow are quite heavy, too. And even rock ballad songs like Leave Out All the Rest, What I’ve Done and Shadow Of The Day are basically like metal songs compared to the pop shit they put out years after. The experimentation on Minutes to Midnight was also good, IMO. I loved how each song was so different from the last and the ones that had some crazy experimentation were actually really good songs, good lyrics and didn’t sound like shit, they were just different.

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