Every Muse Album Ranked WORST to BEST

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The episode you’ve been waiting for is finally here! I’m ranking from worst to best EVERY Muse studio album, from 1999’s Showbiz to 2015’s “Drones”. It’s all just my opinion, let me know how you would rank the albums in the comments!

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Rehan Noor says:

for me, origin of symmetry still the best, even blackhole and revelation was the first album i got into them

1. Origin of Symmetry
2. Absolution
3. Blackhole and Revelation
4. Resistance
4. Drones
5. 2nd Law
6. Showbiz

I put showbiz to the bottom, because this album is too mediocre. Sorry for all you guys, i think you’ll be mad at me. Just my opinion.

Gonçalo Miguel Pinheiro Carapuça says:

Nope oos is the best

Smab Smabbington says:

7. Resistance
6. Showbiz
5. Drones
4. The Second Law
3. Black Holes
2. Origin of symmetry
I love them all anyway. Even The Resistance is pretty good.

alex goerz says:

1-4 I agree, but the bottom 3 IMO are the 5.resistance, 6.drones and 7.showbiz, I always had a hard time getting into showbiz after I listened to origin, absolution, and black holes

Ann Eberly says:

7. 2nd Law
6. Drones
5. Black Holes and Revelations
4. The Resistance
3. Absolution
2. Showbiz
1. Origin of Symmetry

elevator operator says:

My opinion.

1. Blackholes And Revelations
2. The 2nd Law
3. Absolution
4. The Resistance
5. Origin Of Symmetry
6. Showbiz
7. Drones

Kasabian Fan04 says:

Absolution is their best

Mr Flibble says:

Before you say anything, I do like all muse albums, this is just my list.
7) the resistance
6) the 2nd law
5) showbiz
4) drones
3) black holes and revelations
2) absolution
1) origin of symmetry

The Pretender says:

If I had to rank every Muse album I would probably end up with the same order. Everything you said to explain your choices made so much sense to me and I think I’ll be listening to some Muse again soon. Drones has been quite disappointing so I kinda forgot about Muse but seeing this video reminded me of what a great band they are. I saw them live twice and it just brings back so many good memories so thank you so much for making this video and opening my eyes to my former favorite band!

chris210racer says:

Showbiz is tied with Origin of Symmetry for #1 on my list

Emilee Blakely says:

I have the same PARAMORE SHIRT OH SHIt, carry on, good vid.

ShearerStuff says:

Honestly I really like drones. I agree that it’s not their best album (my favourite is origin of symmetry) but it is still filled with adrenaline and a fresh blow in 2015. But meh, maybe it’s just because drones is the first album I’m introduced to muse and I’m just nostalgic

Jeffy Paul says:

Muscle Museum is my favorite song

Mighty Diamond says:

I don’t know why Showbiz is my favourite Muse album

Arcane Senzen says:

I shall be the only one with this order

7. Origin of Symmetry (sorry, I just can’t get into it at all)
6. The Resistance
5. Showbiz
4. Absolution
3. Drones
2. Blackholes and Revelations
1. The 2nd Law (loved every song except Isolated System, which I just “liked”)

Jackson Ward says:

Rank the foos

NameIsError says:

Black Holes is such an awesome album, I’ve listened to that album hundreds of times and I still love it

DJ Star says:

Falling away with you is beautiful

Seweryn Sołtys says:

I know, I know, Grammys aren’t meaningful anymore but the two albums you put at the bottom actually are the only ones that won Grammy.

Sacha Sánchez González says:

2nd law above showbiz?

mU2se says:

The problem with the 2nd law is that it doesn’t feel like an album it just feels like a bunch of songs thrown together

SnakeEater866 says:

The only differences between your ranking and mine is that I would switch Showbiz and The Resistance with each other, and Black Holes and Revelations with Origin of Symmetry.

The Kaiju King 1984 says:

There have been songs very few know about that can’t really be found a lot.

Some can’t even be found as often as even Showbiz, which I have only seen 1 copy of in hand.

Seweryn Sołtys says:

Mine’s gonna piss you all

#7 Showbiz (just a bunch of songs from EPs and singles but it’s a good start though)
#6 Drones (it’d be excellent record but songs like Revolt, Defector and oh god Mercy just ruin it all)
#5 Origin of Symmetry (I think we all idealize the past)
#4 Black Holes and Revelations (it doesn’t have weak moments, just others are better for me)
#3 The Resistance (classic elements are gorgeous, whole Exogenesis is a masterpiece and tracks like Uprising, MK Ultra and Unnatural Selection make it prog rock album)
#2 Absolution (it was one of the first Muse albums I fell in love)
#1 The 2nd Law (the most innovative, revolutionary and artful LP made in 21st century – each song is so different, amount of genres in this album! And yet it forms a whole thing)

Timothy Morris says:

This band is just near perfection. I don’t get most people’s opinions on them. Every album to me is a 9.5/10 or higher to me. As a musician, this is attempt at ranking these records.
7: Showbiz6: Origin of Symmetry5: Drones4: The 2nd Law3: Absolution2: Black Holes and Revelations1: The Resistance
Well, the top 6 are essentially tied for first because they are all so tightly packed at the top.

Adhiraj says:

2nd Law is Top for me.

Crocodile Dundingle says:


7. Drones
6. The Resistance
5. 2nd Law
4. Absolution
3. BH&R
2. Showbiz
1. Origin of Symmetry

princess by dawn says:

Muse are my favourite band but I feel like I’m the only one who absolutely loves Drones. It’s one of the few albums out there that I love to listen to as a whole in one go.

Cons Lorenzo says:

The Handler is amazing though, like damn, that riff

Erick Quintero says:

Absolution > Black Holes and Revelations

Diego Folliero says:

Am I the only one who thinks that unsustainable is one of their best songs?

Akkarin Chen says:

3.the resisitence and BH&R
7.2nd law

Thomas Carroll says:

Worst to best:

7. The 2nd Law
6. Drones
5. Resistance
4. Showbiz
3. Black Holes and Revelation
2. Absolution
1. Origins of Symmetry

Pink Haired Sloth says:

The feeling when your two favourite Muse albums are the worst two on this list xD

Make that top 3… Oh dear xD

Nik Rich says:

It’s pronounced problemat-eek

Oreo The Food Motivated Cat says:

7. The 2nd Law ( I love the 2nd Law I just like their other albums a little more)
6. Drones
5. The Resistance
4. Black Holes and Revelations
2. Absolution & Showbiz ( I couldn’t decide)
1. Origin of Symmetry

I still love the 2nd Law , Drones, and the Resistance even though they’re at the bottom and I honestly don’t understand why people hate them.

The Average Aaron says:

Can agree Hysteria is unique

Kevin Daggett says:

This is an interesting perspective. Just for fun, here’s my list.

 7. Drones
I felt like this was the weakest album. There were definitely notable singles, but ehhhh.
 6. Showbiz
It’s like muse does nirvana, WICKED cool!
 5. 2nd Law
Some of my favorite songs muse has ever done is on here. Animals has so many layers and is so complex… But some of the worst songs are on here as well.
 4. Absolution
 This album flows very well and there are some great songs on here. 0 complaints.
3. Origin of Symmetry
Filled with classics! Fantastic album.
 2. Black Holes and Revelations
 Some of my favorite songs period on here. I get emotional every time I hear starlight and invincible. 
1. Resistance
As an overal album, this is fantastic. Taking influence from old classical songs and mixing it with pop and heavy rock resulted in something REALLY cool! Undisclosed desires takes me to another world. I felt like they were doing something very different than anyone else at the time and this album is just front to back filled with passion. I also really liked the exogenisis bits since it’s muse in almost full classical mode.

Eric Taxxon says:

No sarcasm, The 2nd Law is the only good muse album.

muse trying to be queen > muse trying to be radiohead

Cinque says:

I don’t know why people dislike Drones that much, and for those here in the comment who rank it high, it’s considered a “blasphemy”. How? It’s their heaviest album and for fans with such taste, it’s gold. The Handler is a massive song. Reapers is amazing. For long time fans, hearing Psycho for the first was a mind blower cause it’s a tune they’ve been playing since 1999 and it’s a hell of a tune. The Globalist is a also beautiful song, hearing it live, especially, is even better (which goes for almost every song, actually), that section based on the Helsinki Jam and last piano section are incredible. Dead Inside is another good song too. I can imagine people considering it worse that some other albums, it’s a matter of taste, but objectively bad? It’s one of my favorites from them and it’s the best thing they could’ve done after 2nd Law

fmahave87 says:

7. The 2nd Law
6. Drones
5. The Resistance
4. Showbiz
3. Black Holes & Revelations
2. Absolution
1. Origin of Symmetry

James Kidman says:

I honestly think if you had been from the UK or Europe, Origin Of Symmetry would be number one.

Nabil Bsat says:

Currently on a muse hiatus to appreciate other music.

Owen McCulloch says:

Resistance is my favorite lol

Andrew M says:

For me its 7. Second Law, 6. Showbiz 5. Drones 4. The Resistance 3. Black Holes and Revelation 2. Absolution 1. Origin of Symmetry

Davis Changes says:

My opinion is their music is drab.

ZachNotZachary says:

7. Showbiz (4/5)
6. Drones (4/5)
5. The 2nd Law (4/5)
4. The Resistance (4.5/5)
3. Origin Of Symmetry (5/5)
2. Black Holes And Revelations (5/5)
1. Absolution (5/5)

Dofie says:

Plug in baby is my favorite song from them

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