Every My Chemical Romance Album RANKED Worst to Best

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1- conventional weapons
2- danger days
3- bullets
4- three cheers for sweet revenge
5- the black parade

Yeah CW is my favorite

leeski says:

Could you rank weezer?

Michael Sheridan says:

No no no. The world is ugly is great. It helped me a lot in writing. Basically wrote the second to last scene in the second season of a show I’m writing. Powerful song

S T O N I N G says:

Revenge is better than black parade in my opinion

I am one of the Pilots says:

Dear Jon what do you think of interweb joker’s new songUncommonly good looking ?

just another fan account says:

5.danger days
4. Conventional weapons
5. Black parade

Kelsi Elizabeth says:

You describe the albums so well!

Hearse The Taker says:

i would put black parade on 5..

RojosDeFuria says:

My personal top:
05. Danger Days – 7.5/10
04. Conventional Weapons 8.0/10
03. Bullets – 8.1/10
02. Sweet Revenge 9.0/10
01. Black Parade 9.5/10

Frozen Grapes says:

My list is veeery special…
5. Conventional Weapons
4. I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
3. The Black Parade
2. Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys
1. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
But I love ALL of their music so much

Reagan Ballooon says:

My Ranking:

1. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

2. Conventional Weapons

3. The Black Parade

4. Danger Days

5. I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love

Leah Bulova says:

I miss them so fucking much

Chibi Wizard says:

Three Cheers and The Black Parade encompassed the entirety of my HS years from 04-08, I had the jacket for cryin’ out loud <3<3<3<3

Eddison Thomas says:

Best is danger days. Worst is I brought you my bullets. Everybody gonna say the black parade but danger days is FAR more superior.

fulltortilla ._. says:

My list:
5. Conventional Weapons
4. Danger Days
3. Bullets
2. Three Cheers
1. The Black Parade

diana says:

In my opinion 1. Bullets 2. Revenge 3. Black parade 4. Danger days 5. Conventional weapoms

Infected says:

Oof the fact that I’m also debating whether which one is my favourite, American Idiot or Black Parade. Even before this video

Josh Price says:

Bit cringy with some of the descriptions sounding like they’re out of a 10th grade English essay but pretty neat vid

spoopy gerard says:

1. every single album

Ilovepancakes says:

My list:
5. Danger Days (3/5)
4. Conventional weapons (4/5)
3. Bullets (4.5/5)
2. The Black Parade (5/5)
1. Three cheers (5/5)
Black parade and three cheers are tied I guess but three cheers is my personal favorite. The black parade is a masterpiece tho.

tiny mcr says:

i think that the best album is the black parade but three cheers for sweet revenge is very good too

Lara Nagelschmidt says:

What about a top ten concept albums video

Adam Smith says:

Three cheers is the best MCR album

psychomaniac26 says:

My Worst to Best:

Black Parade (sorry lol)
Conventional Weapons
Danger Days
I Brought You My Bullets
Three Cheers

mattgamingHD says:

Can you also rank the Beatles albums please as well

Terranout says:

How do you even do a list like this when every album is actually fucking good?

Cmhowerton1998 says:

Ehh I love the world is ugly… I like the lyrics.. But opinions differ soooooooooo…..

Jahkyah Winston says:

ok how dare you conventional weapons is way more than 4 nah

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