Every Panic! At The Disco Album Ranked WORST to BEST

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Ranking all six studio albums from alternative band Panic! At The Disco, WORST to BEST! How would you rank the Panic! albums? Be sure to like the video and leave a comment with your list!

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Kelly Carcie says:

Ok V&V goes higher for me than Pretty. Odd. But I personally do not like Ready To Go so much/…. my top 3 are (in no particular order) Too Weird, Vices and A Fever

_C.h.l.o.e_ says:

I couldn’t pick a fave album as of now, but PFTW is probs my least fave. Still love the album, though! ❤️

disko kid says:

I would rank it:
#6: Vices and Virtues
#5: Pray for the Wicked
#4: Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die
#3: Death of a Bachelor
#2: A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out
#1: Pretty. Odd.

xSong says:

1. Vices & Virtues
2. Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!
3. A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out
4. Death of a Bachelor
5. Pretty. Odd.
6. Pray for the Wicked

Aliyah Smera says:

Pretty. Odd is so good god bless

ARTV says:

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JammyBoii_528 says:

I put all of them in the BEST slot.

SparkleKayla says:

I really disagree with this ranking…

Ryden Trash says:

Ranking 😛

2.) V&V
3.) P.O.
5.) PFTW
6.) DOAB

TraceVideoProductions says:

I liked the high hopes, hey look man I made it, silver lining, Saturday, and king of the clouds from the new album. Everything else just seemed so random and didn’t follow the sound of those mentioned above and seem like throw aways.

Cynical Scorpio says:

I pretty much agree with your ranking, I’d just switch Vices and Death of a Bachelor.

Beebo! At the Disco says:

My list:
1. Vices and Virtues
2. Death of a Bachelor
3. A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out
4/5 TWTLTRTD and PFTW are interchangeable
6. Pretty. Odd. (I know everyone will come after me for putting Pretty Odd as last)

entirely partial says:

As a huge fan of panic! You would think I’d say “nO aLl Of ThE aLbUmS aRe a PeRfEcT,” buy I can totally agree with this list. I love all of them with all ny heart but if I had to rank them, this list would do it for me. It has definitely gone downhill sense the other members have left and it’s really sad to see. I hope Brendon will use his older albums as inspiration for him new ones, if he makes any more.

iTwiggyyy says:

1) Death of a Bachelor
2) Too Weird
3) Fever
4) V&V
5) Pray for the wicked
6) Pretty Odd

That’s my list

Lps Ivy says:

I hope I don’t seem like a fake fan, but my ranking is:

1. Death of a Bachelor or Prey for the Wicked depending on how I feel
2. Too weird to live to rare to die
3. Vices and Virtues
4. Fever or Pretty. Odd.

I’m mostly used or the albums Brendon made, I still haven’t gotten into the ones made before than. So I guess that kinda has to do with everyone’s ranking, whether they like Brendon, or miss the old days of Panic! Ether way I love them lol.

Panic! At The Cheese Wiz says:

1) A fever you cant sweat out
2)Pretty. Odd.
3)Pray for the wicked
4) Virces and virtues
5) Too weird to live, too rare to die
6) Death of a batchelor

Foxygamer75 says:

Me: *sees from worst to best*
Me:da fu- there isn’t any worst albums!!!!

Billy Cobb says:

I literally thought I was the only one who liked PO the best

TetoGamer Girl says:

Let me guess the worst are the newest ones and the best are the oldest ones

Lana Papanyan says:

Can you do a ranked for radiohead?

Dalslap says:

AFYCSO got so much hate, but it’s my favorite by faaaaaar.
My rank:
2.- Pretty Odd
3.- Death Of A Bachelor
5.- Vices And Virtues
6.- Pray For The Wicked

Katie Writes Codes says:

I would personally rank Panic! At The Disco’s albums as: (best to worst)
#1. A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out
#2. Vices & Virtues (when including the deluxe songs)
#3. Pretty. Odd.
#4. Death of a Bachelor
#5. Pray For The Wicked
#6. Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die

trash cannøt says:

My Ranking

some emo kid says:

pretty. odd

Holly Smyth says:

1) Vices and Virtues
2) A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out
3) Too Weird To Live! Too Rare To Die!
4) Death Of A Bachelor
5) Pretty. Odd
6) Pray For The Wicked

Sage Rose12 says:

While I wouldn’t rank pretty. odd at number 1, I do really enjoy the album & I don’t understand all the hate it gets. I know people who vehemently hate the album & it definitely is a vast departure from every other album panic (with or without the exclamation point) has put out, but it can be appreciated on it’s own as a work of art. If people just listened to it with out the attachment of what band it was, I bet more would like it.

fatalkrash says:

not 100% sure but my ranking pretty much goes in order of release. Fever is definitely my favorite.

Don’t Panic! No Not Yet It’s Longer Now says:

my favorite album changes everyday from panic! but like i feel that currently my favorite is vices & virtues.

Maddie Hill says:

V & V > everything else in the world

Florin Preda says:

1. Vices and virtues
2. Too weird..
3. Pretty. Odd
5. Pray for the wicked
6. Fever

Nico and the Jumpsuits says:

My person ranking is:

1.) Vices and Virtues
2.) Pretty Odd
3.) A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out
4.) Pray for the Wicked
5.) Too Weird to Live too Rare to Die
6.) The Death of a Bachelor

Josh Nun says:

in my opinion it’d be :
1) pretty odd
2) vices & virtues
3) death of a bachelor
4) a fever you can’t sweat out
5) too weird to live,too rare to die!
6) pray for the wicked

miss jackson cuz im nasty says:

Best to Worse:
1. Pretty. Odd.
1. Death of a Bachelor
1. Vices and Virtues
1. A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out
1. Too Weird To Live Too Rare To Die
1. Pray For The Wicked

i love all the albums

Cameron Ladd says:

Someone tell me I’m not the only one who isn’t a fan of Pretty. Odd !

Julia Wasco says:

Nice pirates hat

Angie Diana says:

For me:
1) Too Weird To Live, Too Rare to Die
2) Death of a Bachelor
3) A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out
4) Vices and Virtues
5) Pretty. Odd.
6) Pray For The Wicked

Stephanie Quintero says:

worst to best for me would be:
6. Death of a Bachelor
5. Pray For the Wicked
4. A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out
3. Too Weird to Live, to Rare to Die!
2. Vices & Virtues
1. Pretty Odd.

aimee k says:

my faves are a fever you cant sweat out and too weird to live too rare to die

maddie albion says:

Pray For The Wicked is definitely their most “pop” considered album, compared to AFYCSO, which has long, complicated titles, and definitely improves everybody’s vocabulary. Everybody has their own opinions, but Pray For The Wicked is a pretty personal album for Brendon, so if people dont like it, they dont have to. Brendon wrote it, and it means a certain significance to him.

fran r says:

the 163 dislikes are people who saw kenny for 3 seconds

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