Every Red Hot Chili Peppers Album RANKED Worst to Best

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►A heavily requested episode is finally here! Today, I rank every album by the alternative & funk rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers, a now iconic act that have steadily produced albums since the ’80s. Keep in mind that this is just my personal ranking, no need to start a war over it. Enjoy!

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►Opening riff “Swimming Pools” covered by Rob Scallon: https://youtu.be/Wm-H2d_5FSg

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►Watch my Top 10 RHCP Songs: https://youtu.be/WuHsNfV6kLI


Trace Whitley says:

My favorite album has always been my favorite album but I have been recently listening to stadium arcadium a lot more in depth since your list and it has gave me a new perspective of what the band was expressing. thanks for that, love your videos!

Tim Murphy says:

Nice. Mine would be:

1.) BSSM

2.) Californication

3.) By The Way

4.) Stadium Arcadium

5.) One Hot Minute

6.) Mother’s Milk

7.) I’m With You

8.) Uplift Mofo

9.) The Getawat

10.) Freaky

11.) Red Hot Chili Peppers

I was born in 1980, so the Chili Peppers were in their prime during my teen years. A lot of the songs on these albums are on the soundtrack of my life.

Judi Eme says:

My ranking: 1-By The Way 2- Blood Sugar Sex Magik 3-Stadium Arcadium 4-Californication 5-Mothers Milk 6-One Hot Minute 7-I’m with you 8-Freaky Styley 9-The Uplift Mofo Party Plan 10-The Red Hot Chili Peppers 11-The Getaway

Abyss watcher Artorias says:

Throw away your television not turn off your television

Moose says:

Stadium Arcadium is their best album

Ryden's forehead says:

My list would be:

7)Blood Sugar Sex Magik
6)The Getaway
4)One Hot Minute
3)By The Way
2)Stadium Arcadium
1)I’m With You

But i really liked your list!

Ser Gwayne Corbray says:

BSSM>Californication>By the way>Stadium Arcadium>Freaky Style>I’m with you> one hot minute>Getaway>Mother’s Milk>uplift>Self tittled

Anonymous Guest says:

Great video! Subbed

Parker Walters says:

Blood sugar sex magik should have been number 1

slimlokz559 says:

One Hot Minute Was The Best!!!!

Brandon C says:

Would’ve put btw first personally

Snip Snap Doggo says:

Thank you for singing the praises of Brendan’s Death Song!! In my top 5 RHCP songs and nobody knows about it

Bearded Dragonite says:

wholeheartedly agree with this listing especially the top 3. Stadium will remain one of if not my absolute favourite album forever and I enjoyed a lot of your song callouts. You clearly took the time to really experience these albums

Fredrik Helgeland says:

Dosed is my all time favorite song. By the way is incredible and full of soul.

Matti M says:

Really amazing video Sir 😀 keep on the good work

Jason Harshman says:

Massive RHCP fan for close to 27 years when I was 13 (turn 40 in October). Blood Sugar Sex Magik has remain #1 since the start, they will never top that album in my opinion.

1. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
2. Stadium Arcadium
3. By the Way
4. The Uplift Mofo Party Plan
5. Californication
6. Freaky Styley
7. Mother’s Milk
8. I’m With You
9. One Hot Minute
10. The Getaway
11. Red Hot Chili Peppers

reservoirfrog1 says:

You pretty much nailed my opinions on this ranking.

*Stadium Arcadium is their magnum opus.*

Skyline34x says:

Wet Sand is by far the best song on Stadium Arcadium in my opinion… So underrated.

Blake Thompson says:

1. stadium arcadium
2. by the way
3. californication
4. the getaway
5. i’m with you
6. blood sugar
7. one hot minute
8. mothers milk
9. uplift mofo
10. rhcp
11. freaky styley

Solomon McQueen says:

One Hot Minute helped in my getting off heroin.

rupman27isback says:

Where did you get that version of Annie wants a baby????

Nathan Peters says:

My list: (least bias as possible)
11. Freaky Styley 3/10
10. Red Hot Chili Peppers 3/10
9. Uplift Mofo Party. 5/10
8. I’m With You. 5.5/10
7. One Hot Minute. 6/10
6. Mothers Milk. 7/10
5. The Getaway. 7/10
4. By The Way 7/10 (overrated imo lol)
3. Stadium Arcadium. 9/10 (my personal favorite)
2. Californiacation. 9/10
1. Blood Sugar Sex Magik. 9.5/10

Marcos V.A. says:

Personally I don’t hold Stadium Arcadium in as high esteem as I do BSSM or By the Way. It’s by far their most mature album but it never really made me feel the way those other albums did.

man man boy man man man man man man boy jeff says:

I prefer their earlier songs

Billy The Flid says:

I’m a hardcore lifetime Chilis fan, this is how I’d rate this.

11. The Uplift Mofo Party Plan
10. Freakey Styley
9. Mother’s Milk
8. The Red Hot Chili Peppers (I think this album demonstrates the band at their most youthful and rough and ready)
7. One Hot Minute
6. I’m With You
5. The Getaway
4. Stadium Arcadium (an ambitious album but there is a lot of filler)
3. By The Way
2. Californication (best singles)
1. Blood Sugar Sex Magik (Best album front to back)

FOT2010 says:

2. Californication
3. BTW
4. SA

Jason dude says:

Literally anything John Frusciante touches is gold. He’s extremely underrated as a guitarist and vocalist, despite being on some top 100 lists. The emotions I get from listening to anything with Frusciante is unparalleled with any other music I’ve listened to so far. God I fucking love RHCP

joel johns says:

Please do Oasis albums ranked worst to best

DerangedDonut123 says:

Blood Sugar Sex Magik is by far the best album

JulzJulzzJulzzz says:

By The Way and Stadium Arcadium has a whole mess of great songs that a few RHCP fans don’t know about. For example in By The Way (Midnight, Universally Speaking, The Zephyr Song, This is the place, Dosed etc.) and in Stadium Arcadium (Strip My Mind, Hard To Concentrate, Death of a Martian, She looks to me, etc.)

Rudy Hernandez says:

Pearl Jam next !

STJIMMY 182 says:

Mothers milk is much better than I’m with you

Desi Jenkins says:

2:58 what song is that

Owen Van Vlack says:

Self titled is the best

EMAC says:

2. By the way
3. One hot minute
4. Stadium Arcadium
5. Californication
6. Mothers milk
7. The getaway
8. Freaky Styley
9. Uplift mofo party plan
10. IWY


I could pick tracks from any album apart from the first. But i do listen to it every now and then, a band should be allowed to evolve, not something we see much of these days unfortunately

ed salisch says:

Blood Sugar at number 4…. Had to have been #1…

Hiram Camacho says:

Although my personal list may vary from this one, I’ve got to I can respectfully agree with this one

Michał Cieżadlik says:

I’d really like to see your Foo Fighters albums ranking

Alexander Amaya says:

Foo Fighters next!

Obi Wan Kenobi says:

Interesting picks

ARTV says:

Ranked requires the most effort out of any series on my channel, due to the sheer amount of time they take to make. Help continue the series by supporting me on Patreon: http://patreon.com/ARTV

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