Every Taylor Swift Album Ranked WORST to BEST

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►Today on Ranked, we’re ranking all the studio albums by mega-successful pop queen Taylor Swift. That’s right, every Taylor Swift album ranked from worst to best! This is my opinion, what’s yours? Drop a comment letting me know, and leave a like while you’re at it.

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Ken Futch Vlogs says:

I would rank all of her albums at number one and I would rank all of her songs from all of her albums at number one. Every album is 100% perfect and every song is 100% perfect. You need to keep your mouth shut about reputation. It’s pop perfection. Every song on the reputation album is pop perfection. She can dish out revenge and keep her song writing just as good as it’s always been. Also, none of her albums are too long.

peyton bigelow says:


Anson Hartzler says:

Even MUSE used dubstep in 2012.

jillian vance says:

I don’t agree with all your answers, but you definitely had some good points. I, personally, have grown to adore reputation; while I didn’t like it at first, but it’s grown on me and I listen to it nearly every day. I think my love for it has grown due to going to 2 dates of the reputation tour, and seeing those songs come to life and realizing the album was really a catharsis for her has made me just adore it so much more than I had before. I’m glad Speak Now is at #1, though. Songs like Last Kiss, Dear John, and Long Live just make that album a pleasure to listen to every single time

Chibi Rainbow says:

My ranking would be:
1. Red
2. Speak Now
3. Reputation
4. 1989
5. Fearless
6. Taylor Swift

I’m not very sure about 1989 and Fearless, perhaps I would switch them around? All of her albums are awesome, though.

Red is such a timeless piece of art and holds so much positive memories for me that it’s nearly impossible for me to ever even call another Taylor record superior or equal to it. It has a lot of dance, folk and even alternative rock elements all the while maintaining the overall country-pop feel of her previous albums. State of Grave will forever be one of my favourite songs of all time, her songwriting during that era was incredible.

Speak Now is so good, to think she wrote it all by herself is so inspiring and yet not at all unbelievable, as Taylor is known to be an incredibly talented songwriter. The lyrics and powerful instrumentals on this album are very bold and exciting, and even on slower songs I wouldn’t call it boring whatsoever. Songs like Dear John and Haunted stound out to me, not only due to the songwriting but the vocal delivery also, it’s clear her voice improved a lot since the previous album, Fearless, and her high notes are breathtaking.

Reputation is, despite what some may think, a very honest album. Taylor had been strong and resisted the media’s harsh words and hatred, and seeing her talk about it in such a vulnerable way is very eye-opening. Despite the change in view that Taylor experienced, the honest words paired with an upbeat, poppy-instremental is very “Shake It Off-esque” and showcases the message that Taylor has been portraying for a long time, to never give up and continue living despite what people think of you very well. The themes on the album, if revenge, crime and punishment, and finding true love are very consistent and the album is altogether very sonically cohesive, maybe except for Gorgeous. Some fantastic songs on the record are for sure I Did Something Bad, Getaway Car, Don’t Blame Me, as well as a few others such as the beautiful ballad, New Year’s Day.

1989 seems heavily overhyped, when in my opinion it’s a good pop album full of really good upbeat songs and powerful lyrics, but the songs aren’t anything incredible, the best ones are probably the ones on the deluxe version, which you can’t find anywhere unless you live in america or buy it from a streaming service (or pay nearly £30 on amazon.)

Fearless is a good country-pop album, despite that not being a genre I enjoy much at all apart from Taylor’s music. It features timeless hits such as You Belong With Me and is the album that really made Taylor into the pop star she is today. Some amazing songs from here are You’re Not Sorry, Change and even the album’s namesake, Fearless. Although this album is very sonically cohesive and memorable, it’s not revolutionary or as incredible as some others.

Taylor Swift (the self-titled album) is cute and a nice trip down memory lane, but for my own personal taste it’s just _too_ country, nevertheless, it still has some wonderful songs, such as Cold as You, Invisible and even Tim McGraw.

Purple Mage says:

My ranking
1. Speak Now
2. 1989
3. Reputation
4. Fearless
5. RED
6. Taylor Swift

Harry says:

Reputation is by far my favourite album of hers

A F says:

Thank you so much for the insightful reasoning. I agree 100% with putting Speak Now first.

Cris González says:

1) Speak Now (I think the lyrics and the music are amazing.)
2) Taylor Swift (It’s not the best one but I really like it because I used to listen to it a lot when I was younger.)
3) Fearless (Caaatchy.)
4) RED (Great lyrics too. Especially ‘All Too Well’)
5) 1989 (There are some songs that I don’t really like, but it has great ones too such as ‘Clean’ or ‘I know places’)
6) reputation (I didn’t like it very much at first but now I love it, even though I think I like it a lot just because Taylor is my favourite singer… otherwise, I wouldn’t like it THAT much.)

Ben S says:

I love all of her songs and it’s so hard to create a ranking but if I had to choose I would say:
1. Red
2. 1989
3. Reputation
4. Fearless
5. Speak Now
6. Taylor Swift

gman9tree says:

Rank the 69 eyes albums

James Deplazes says:

you’re so right about speak now, jon.
my personal ranking:
1. Speak Now
2. Red
3. 1989
4. Fearless
5. Taylor Swift
6. Reputation

Luna Linde says:

what a queen I repeat what a queen

amber chem x says:

i hopes you would rank speak now and #1. ever since it came out i’ve been waiting for her to top it and i haven’t heard anything that even comes close to it yet. love reputation but speak now will always be my favorite

Jennifer Stevens says:

i respect your views but don’t be to hard on her earlier albums.
i like this is why we can’t have nice things

Natalie Mahoney says:

Reputation is #1 what r u talking abtttt?!!!!!

Lola C says:

Mi favorito: RED/Speak Now
Menos favorito: Taylor Swift/Reputation.
Respecto a Rep, canciones como Gorgeous, Look What You Made Me Do, King of my Heart y This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, son lo peor de ese álbum, la letra de Gorgeous y la sobreproducción de las otras 3, son de lo más malo que ha hecho, en mi opinión, en toda su carrera.
Esta “new Taylor” la siento más fake que nunca, su último álbum realmente honesto fue RED.
Sin embargo, volviendo a Rep, es un placer que contenga tracks como Call it What You Want, Getaway Car, Dancing With Our Hands Tied (un poco sobreproducida pero la letra es magnífica), New Year’s Day e incluso Dress con ese verso en el puente que suena tan sincero.

Terka5551 says:

My ranking:
1) Speak Now
2) reputation
3) Red
4) 1989
5) Taylor Swift
6) Fearless

Kelsey Perez says:

Not that anybody asked but my rankings are
Speak now
Taylor Swift(debut album)

ARTV says:

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The Best of Taylor Swift says:

My rating
1 1989
2 Fearless
3 Reputation
4 Red
5 Taylor Swift
6 Speak Now

Domingo Santiago says:

Reputation doesn’t deserve this tbh

Darkfoxy1313 says:

Mine is
1) 1989
2) Reputation
3) Red
4) Fearless
5) Taylor Swift
6) Speak Now

ExplorerDS6789 says:

Taylor Swift can suck it for all I care.

Lintzoo says:

I wouldn’t put 1989 as high as number 2. But then again i love all her albums and never know which one’s my favourite. But Red and Speak now are I think lyrically her best albums

Mahak Punjabi says:

My Rank
1. 1989
2. Red and Speak Now
3. Reputation
4. Fearless
5. T.S.

Oblique Kant says:

1. Speak Now
2. RED
3. 1989
4. Fearless
5. Taylor Swift

bacsi109 YouTube says:

Well, time to play my Taylor Swift CD’s now… from worst to best after I get _Speak Now_ and her self named album.

Domingo Santiago says:

It’s only ur opinion tho
But in everybody’s opinion,reputation is one of her best.

Brett McDaniel says:

Reputation is top 3

Becca Newton says:

My Ranking:

1. Speak Now
2. Reputation
3. RED
4. Fearless
5. 1989
6. Taylor Swift

allyson says:

Hit thumbs up as soon as I saw 1989 was #2 CAUSE THAT MEANS SPEAK NOW IS #1 RIGHT WHERE IT SHOULD BE!!!!!

Troy Swift says:

i love how you describe each album it’s getting me goosebumps!! thank you for you rank! <3

my ranking from best to worst is:
2 1989
3 Speak Now
4 Fearless
5 Reputation
6 Taylor Swift

but i think 1989 & Speak Now is tie though i can't really decide because all are great!! <3

Kelly Jelly says:

Do Britney Spears Since She has 9 albums and a 10th one on the the way.

Jen Ye says:

My order of best to worst is newest to oldest in chronological order.

Nicole says:

For me:

1. Speak Now
2. Red
3. 1989
4. Fearless
5. Taylor Swift
6. Reputation

Nathan Wright says:

I really liked the analysis but I don’t know how you go thru Speak Now w/out mentioning Enchanted or 1989 w/out talking about Widest Dreams. IMO 2 of her better and underatted songs.

My list:
6. Taylor Swift. For a debut album, it’s pretty good. Her songwriting is a little raw and her voice is a little too country for me, but overall quite good.
5. Reputation. I used to hate it, but the more I listen to it, the more I like it. End Game is my favorite duet she has done.
4.Speak Now. I love the whole album except Story of Us and Innocent. If those songs are not on the album, I would enjoy it much more.
3. Red. Great album except for what you liked about it. I hate the duets on this. Her voice does not go well with Gary Lightbody’s and Everything has Changed is too basic for my taste.
2. Fearless. Great album. The only complaint is Hey Stephen. One of her worst songs to me.
1. 1989. Phenomenal album. Wildest Dreams might be my fav song by her and Blank Space, Style, and I Know Places are up there.
Just my opinion.

Troy Swift says:



Ken Futch Vlogs says:

Reputation sold 2 million copies in the USA and you uploaded this video after it’s 2 million copies mark so, check the facts before you say reputation didn’t sell as good as other albums. 1989 didn’t even sell 2 million copies in the USA. Taylor should write a song called mean about you. Asshole!

Sofia Terese says:

I was okay with the ranking until you put Fearless fourth. FEARLESS IS THE BEST ALBUM!!! And your dissing of the Ed Sheeran part in End Game, ridiculous. Sooooo yeah, do more research next time. This is the kind of stuff Taylor talked about in the notes of Reputation.And you keep bad talking her songwriting. With Fearless, SHE WAS SIXTEEN. And after Speak now, she has people help her with the writing. Again, this video is disgraceful.

Thalia L. says:

1. RED
2. 1989
3. Speak Now
4. Fearless
5.Taylor Swift
6. Reputation

Esrafeel Feels says:

1989 is her best album

Trush Tucker says:

GET TO THE TOPIC directly AND STOP TALKING OUTSIDE FROM THE TITLE .WE GET IT,THAT’S WHY WE CAME HERE.Don’t repeat the title of what’s your going to talkw about

ohifonlyx33 says:

6. Rep
5. Self-titled
4. Fearless
3. 1989
2. Speak Now
1. RED

Ryan Garza says:

Me before the video starts: I bet Reputation will be worst
Me after the worst gets revealed: called it

I am Blank says:

They’re ALL fantastic

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