Every Three Days Grace Album Ranked WORST to BEST

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Milestone episode here guys! Today, in honor of my channel’s 8th anniversary, I’m ranking every Three Days Grace album from WORST to BEST! 3DG were the first band I ever reviewed on my channel back in 2009, so it’s kind of become a tradition to do a video related to them on the anniversary each year. The ranking you see today is all just my opinion, let me know how you would rank the albums in the comments!

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Marc D says:

My #1 favorite Three Days Grace: Life Starts Now

Boogie Boys says:

Honestly Transit of Venus and self titled are tied for first for me.

Supplemental Sense says:

I would have ranked them the same except for switching #2 and #3.

Dan Anderson says:

What did you think about gone forever?

Willy P says:

How about Avenged Sevenfold?

Ogremedia says:

My ranking from worst to best is only one difference in yours. I personally enjoy Human as an album more than I ever enjoyed listening to Transit If Venus, although I still have more favorite songs from TOV than Human. The only song from human I truly love is Tell Me Why, it just feels like what Three Days Grace should sound like with Matt Walst

nick supreme says:

One-X is obviously the best Three Days Grace album. It got pretty damn high ratings by critics too and it’s a post grunge album, no genre is more (over)hated by them. That says quite a lot. And anthems like Animal I’ve Become and Never Too Late are still remembered, no matter how much elitists would wish otherwise…

Bouie Watson says:

My list:
5: Transit of Venus
4: Life starts now
3: Human
2: Three days Grace
1: One-X

Alex Holt says:

I actually really love human Matt and Adam are both great ❤️ TDG

Javier Estrada says:

I fell in love with this band when I was in my first year at college. I couldn’t agree more with you, Jon. Totally loved this video.

Samantha Schwertley says:

Wave of popular feeling is an album TDG did that came out in 1995 before they were tdg when the band was named groundswell

MrPainKiller says:

I pressed LIKE the SECOND I saw Human as your “Worst” album <3

Dillon Haggett says:

My rankings for TDG’s albums.
5: Human
4: Transit to Venus
3: Life Starts Now
2: Three Days Grace
1: One X.

Tuxedo 25 says:

Same here with home I love it

Eric Delhotal says:

5) Human
4) Life starts now
3) Transit of Venus (I don’t know why people hate this album)
2) one-x
1) Three days Grace

Jayden Brasher says:

I predicted this list even before watching this

Adam Blackwood says:

Could you talk more about Queen?

Crocodile Dundingle says:

Please do The Offspring Worst to Best!

Alec P says:

1. Transit of Venus (severely underrated)
2. One-X
3. Human
4. Life Starts Now
5. Three Days Grace

Honestly they’re all really good, it was hard to chose a favorite
Also, you must be on some hard drugs to put Transit at number 4. Lay off the crack bud

Ja'Crispies says:

I know it’s been asked for so many times but can you please do Foo Fighters next? They’re my personal favorite band and I’d love to hear your take on each album.

Randomsa_uce says:

Great video ! Was one of my favourite bands when Adam was apart of the band still 🙁

GamerfromtheInside says:

1. One – X
2. Life Starts Now
3. Three Days Grave
4. Transit of Venus
5. Outsider (So Far)
6. Human

Molly the gsd and Angel bird says:

Wait I thought u don’t like the album human. You said that in top ten faverite 3dg songs

matt Walter says:

I saw them back in 2010 they we’re great

#Twerkoal Vlogs says:

My favorite songs off the first album are Now or never, drown, born like this, burn, and i hate everything about you but i like every song off their first four albums and some off the fifth album

Rolling Stone says:

Every three days Grace album from worst to best 1…


Dav1d Music Channel says:

Three Days Grace
One X/Transit Of Venus(tied)
Life Starts Now

[DC42]gamer says:

Should do one for bring me the horizon

Hannah Rose says:

For my personal ranking it’s gotta be1. Three days grace2. Transit of Venus3. One X4. Life starts now5. Human

ARTV says:

Can’t believe today marks 8 full years of ARTV on YouTube. Help me get this video to 1000 likes for the anniversary, thanks so much for your continued support! https://www.patreon.com/ARTV

Adrian Vargas says:

Personal top
5- Transit to Venus
4- Life starts now
3- Three days grace
2- One X
1- Human

The Mediocre Jumper says:

Human is underrated

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