Every White Stripes Album RANKED Worst to Best

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►Today on RANKED, I’ve finally put together the list I’ve been promising! Every album by the indie/garage rock icons The White Striped RANKED worst to best! It should go without saying, but this is of course my personal list and opinion.

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whitestrokes says:

De Stijl is actually my fave one. That’s just a personal choice, Elephant and White Blood Cells are probably their best albums, but I always had a soft spot for De Stijl. I’ve been a fan since early 00’s, but I remember Get Behind Me Satan being a disappointment for me. I think I listened to it only once or twice.

Laura White Simonič says:

I have same order!!!! except #4 and #3 switched but other albums are on sam places as you have 😀 😛

Noah Baker says:

1. Get behind me satan
2. Icky Thump
3. Elephant
4. White blood cells
5. De stijl
6. The White stripes

Bendik Sæther Wessel says:

I would love Weezer worst to best, i think it would be worth the hard work for you as well.

Sad Sade says:

It looks like BØRNS in the thumbnail!!

Project FC says:

Can you do a ranked video on arctic monkeys albums? I really like your content

Adam LaTour says:

Your 6 and 5 is my 3 and 4

TokyoBlue says:

I love The White Stripes! Favorite song: Ball & Biscuit

Mackenzie Lambe says:

Strongly agree with your choices! The white stripes are one of my fav bands of all time and I agree you have to be in the mood to listen to them. Jack White’s solo stuff on the other hand, I can listen to that day and night 24/7. I’m pretty sure I have worn out my Blunderbuss album. My husband is so annoyed with me because I have over played it so much. But I absolutely love it.

Juan Gutierrez says:

I love hearing your opinions. Keep it up. Heres my personal list:
6. Get Behind Me Satan 5. De Stijl 4. The White Stripes 3. Icky Thump 2. Elephant 1. White Blood Cells
Though tbh I think theyre all such fantastic albums. I love them all and honestly 1-3 is a toss up, as well as 4-5. GBMS is definitely my least favorite but I still adore that release. Theyre discography really is one of the most interesting and flawless assortments of music under any artist’s name.

Raymond Winge says:

That guy in the thumbnail kinda looks like you

HyperNova says:

Some of the tracks at the beginning of elephant are a little hard to listen to sometimes for me as they consists of repeating the same verse over and over throughout the whole song. There’s no home for you here. I don’t know what to do with myself. Cold cold night. Those three get really tiring to listen to consecutively. I find it awesome on other tracks like no faith in medicine tho

So Southern says:

1. Elephant
2. White Blood Cells
3. De Stjil
4. Icky Thump
5. Get Behind Me Satan
6. The White Stripes

Rock21 says:

Rank Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin

Atomic Punk says:

Great band, and maybe it’s the mainstream pick, but Elephant is definitely my favorite album from them. A solid album that I could say is an all time favorite of mine.

Adam Blackwood says:

Could you do a Queen album ranking? or talk more about Queen?

UseYourGlutes says:


Paula Mexico says:

do a review of From the Fires, Greta Van Fleet. pls

Fejrus887 says:

Great list Jon 😀 Waited for this list since forever xD and I hate to be that guy, but you put music from DeStijl in the section for White Blood Cells. Talking about DeStijl: I love that album. Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise is still one of my favorite White Stripes songs and waaay underrated and it’s great album to jam out to ^^ ( I have great memories playing this record on drums at my summer vacation in Bosnia, perfect place for a raw, more lofi album like that 😀 xd)

piefort99 says:

wait no i change my mind i bet it’s foo fighters

Peanut Butter Pikachu says:

Gorillaz ranked? I know it’s been summed up by most people, but I know your opinion is very different, so this would be actually interesting. Also, where the mcr ranked at?

The Pancake Reviewer says:

Blur Ranked.

piefort99 says:

i wonder if next month is the my chem ranked

Diego Becerra says:

Wow I have the same order except #6 and #5 are switched. Great review Jon! I’ve been waiting for this one! 🙂

Chinju says:

6. Get Behind Me Satan
5. White Blood Cells
4. The White Stripes
3. Icky Thump
2. De Stijl
1. Elephant

Chinju says:

I can’t believe you didn’t talk about “Catch Hell Blues”

JLT says:

I think a more interesting video is Jack White releases ranked. That includes his solo stuff, dead weather, Raconteurs and white stripes

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