Fall Out Boy – Folie à Deux | Album Review

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►After years of anticipation, I FINALLY reviewed the infamous 4th album by pop punk/pop rock band Fall Out Boy! Folie à Deux was released in late 2008 to mixed reception, but is now looked at as one of their best albums. Watch as I weigh in with my feelings, and then bring in Hannah for a second opinion!

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“Folie à Deux”
Release: 12/16/2008
ARTV’s Rating: 4.5/5
Infinity on Hannah’s Rating: 5/5

►Favorite tracks: Headfirst Slide into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet, The Shipped Gold Standard, West Coast Smoker, 27, w.a.m.s., She’s My Winona, (Coffee’s for Closers), Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes

►Least faves: I Don’t Care, What a Catch Donnie

►Intro/Outro Video by Jillboard100! https://www.youtube.com/user/Jillboard100

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►Try it out: https://open.spotify.com/album/6KOWjVP0mh5rOqmzm4tkPD


XXX_Random thing_XXX 74 says:

West coast smoker + 20 dollar nosebleed enough said

Legitimate0073 says:

My favorite album of all time, but god i fucking despise West Coast Smoker. He says “we need more pete screaming” but thats the reason i hate it so much.

Why did Anna have to kill Sam :/ says:

My friends all just listen to the singles of folie and it sucks. I want to jam out to the songs and talk about them but I can’t :/

EagerTube says:

One of the best albums out there

yung menace says:

Little did they know that these “friends” ended up in a relationship.

Yopix says:

Shocked to see What a Catch as one of least favorites. But hey, opinions.

bonita w says:

“Especially on my favorite track on this album, West Coast Smoker”


My favourite Fall Out Boy album.

Alex Conn says:

him calling Hannah a friend gives me a weird smile

ChaoticZAY says:

I Almost Murdered You…Then this entire video was compliments and I just sat and smiled.

Alex Conn says:

cork tree is so overrated. Infinity On High is better and Folie A Deux is a masterpiece.

Garrett Moore says:

Listening to Folie just makes me feel for how the band must have felt when fans like us who treasure and appreciate it for the work of art it really is weren’t around or vocal enough. I just wonder what they would have sounded like today if they weren’t driven away by the hate. Who knows. All I know is this shit is incredible. Thanks for the review.

David Sanchez says:

Guess they don’t care about the album.

Kyubey Incubator says:

I love headfirst slide soo much

Killjoy says:

Oh, hell yed! Im a nervous wreck!

Definitely the best track on the album

Rob K says:

How could you talk about this album and not even mention What a Catch Donnie?

Fanny Berg says:

my biggest pet peeve is ppl mispronouncing “deux” like JESUS just google it its not that difficult (ik im unreasonably mad but AAAHHHH its just irritating)

camron parker says:

I know no one really cares, but 27 is one of my favorite Fall Out Boy songs

Dari Star says:

Coming back to this after listening to MANIA.
My God. This truly is their peak album. It was all downhill from there after this was released.

Andrew Vlack says:

Fall Out Boy should re-release this album for his 10th anniversary in 2018, because the songs are really good, this tecnique has been used before with Weezer album Pinkerton, which went to a mediocre album to an Ultimate Masterpiece

Papa Chrisu's Pizzeria says:

i often forget that i don’t care was in folie e deux

Mr. Hankey says:

Am I the only one who thinks that America’s Suitehearts is easily the worst song on this album?

BandTrash says:

Disloyal Order was the song that got me into FOB. I will forever love Folie.

JesseTS says:

*sees least faves* sees what a catch donnie* *gets really really mad at jon but remembers that opinions are a thing of this world and just barely keeps my cool*

Alana D says:

Other than their big singles, I’ve never been a massive FOB fan…But Folie absolutely owns my ass.

Beebo's Cheez Whiz says:

Your favourite off the album is my least favourite off the album

yung menace says:

Disloyal order is my fav song on that album

Joe Perez says:

If what we’re talking about is good music & song writing, considering the confines and context of the US music industry and American pop culture, this was truly a great album. This is coming from the prospective of someone who grew up listening to gangster rap/hip-hop/pop hip hop and only just started to listen to FOB’s back catalog 4 years ago. Truely a treat to peep what music I was missing out on as a teenager/young adult. Good review too guys.

Thomas Westman says:

Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown on a Bad Bet is probably my favorite

Dying Rocket says:

The way I see it, West Coast Smoker is the closer and Pete screams in the song. Thus, it’s like the final installment of getting to hear Pete scream on an album.

Just my thoughts

Jeremy Schep says:

I’m glad this album is finally getting recognized as the masterpiece that it is

Zachary Cremen says:

I got Folie for my 13 birthday and I’ve always understood the meaning of the songs, especially What a Catch, Donnie, which means so much to me

Beebo's Cheez Whiz says:

American suithearts, 27 and 20 dollar nosebleed are my favourite if the album, arguably… with myself in my mind but then I just say no but what about… and list the whole album I can’t choose weather this is my fave album or infinity on high or from under the cork tree

Jordi Danen says:

Folie was a weird record for the band in a weird changing world/music industry (2009). I did not like this record in 2009 but it aged amazing and it still feels fresh when i listening to it. The record has great little moments and in my opinion the most fun FAB record to listen to from front to back.

Dutch Messiah says:

I don’t care made me buy the album, loved the rest, now I own every FOB album

MCWolfGang says:

Twenty dollar nose bleed is my fav

Valery S says:


Katie Moroney says:

folie á duex is my favorite album from fall out boy. my favorite songs off of it are headfirst slide in to cooperstown on a bad bet, what a catch, Donnie, America’s suitehearts, and 20 dollar nosebleed. I can never really decide which one I like the best, but I still LOVE all the songs more than any other album.

HoneyNutTheAlleyCat says:

Headslide first is the best <3
"Just want to be a footnote in someone else's happiness"

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