Game Explains Why “The Doctor’s Advocate” Is His Best Album

Shot & Edited By: Maurice Nesmith (@Realreeseeldon) & Valerie Sakmary (@ValerieXRose)
Interview By: Justin Hunte (@TheCompanyMan)


matthew mann says:

The Doctors Advocate May have lacked Dr Dre beats, 50 Cent Hooks, And Eminem Verses but it was still a good album with Kanye West, Just Blaze, Scott Storch, Cool And Dre, Swizz Beatz, Willi.AM. and more to add.

WonderWaffle01 says:

You i agree doctors advocate was his best album also LAX

Brain says:

11:59 ohh… I forgot it was an interview

Assad Abdul Muhammad says:

keep up the good work game. you’ve remained relevant in the rap game all this time . much respect to you .

nikolavgeorgiev says:

The Game is finaly growing up! Great!

LastSaiyanLeft says:

underated as fuck. Literally the only artist right now from album to album keeping legends names alive by name dropping the consistently.

The Don says:

Doctors advocate is the best game album wish he would of kept that same style

Coinkidink Fella says:

Docter’s Advocate was probably one of the LAST proper Westcoast album with that pure Westcoast sound. It’s the album to an end of an era but 100% respect for him for holding the Westcoast down and making great music.

bhuddahigh says:

he doesn’t get enough credit man he’s a good guy doesn’t seem it i kno but he is actually humble

S Ruiz says:

doctors advocate was a classic!!!

Hrmnrrr McShnrr says:

I prefer documentary tbh

Mista O says:

that album was the shit

TURZO says:

Doctor’s Advocate
The Documentary
Untold Story
The Documentary 2
Purp & Patron
Jesus Piece
Blood Moon

qqweas says:

Game a funny cat man, gets too much hate fr

BoyBlaze2002 says:

People who say that “documentary” was Games best album are willfully ignorant, bitter, biased ass G-Usnitch fans. If yall actually listened to music instead of arguing with emotions as opposed to intellect, yall would know that “Doctors Advocate” is games best album. It had more of a west coast vibe, and he did it all by himself. The documentary was way too New Yorkish for me, and hardly had no west coast elements incorporated in to it. Please listen to games catalog before making fallacies.

Amir G says:

i bought that album.. goodshit i was like 13

Rob Anderson says:

Game was right but he was wrong about one thing: Jay-Z was 27 years old when he dropped Reasonable Doubt. 27 not 30. He was born Shawn Corey Carter on December 4 1969. Reasonable Doubt was released on June 25, 1996 on Roc-A-Fella/Priority Records. If you think I’m lying about this shit, GOOGLE IT!!!

Anthony Tucker says:

I believe the documentary was the best album then doctors advocate

Cheyanne luvs Joseph says:

that’s actually my favorite record of his we know the same dope shit game make a number 2 Doctors Advocate II

Dennis Garcia says:

the game don’t want to admite his first album was his best cuz 50cent help him be who he is today…..he know that 50cent made his best hits and he keep switching one day he like fuck 50 then he say I want to say sorry to 50 like come on son we all know the true and it is what it is the documentary2 is not a classic to me his first documentary is his best work period to bad he can’t man up to say it……

jkid323 says:

i loved the The Doctor’s Advocate

he said “I’ll NayNay Nigga Face” he funny too

Ian Clark says:

The doctors advocate is by far one of the gangsta rap albums ever. It is pure westcoast gang banging sound

Dolla Phat says:


pullupseattle says:

best game album, the documentary. then maybe, LAX

Tim R046 says:

I love that album, currently listening to it daily again. California Vacation my fav. Game should do more tracks like that.

Sagistar says:

The Game got game

Oliver Hernandez says:

Yea the doctors advocate is a good album but then his first documentary album is his best to me

Jeff Wynn says:

It was one of his best albums


Old the game is so much better

GJD says:

Doctor’s Advocate > The Documentary.

Jay J. Moss says:

I remember him saying that critics called the L.A.X. album average. I felt that album was a classic just like the first and second album. I’ve always been a game fan

Ace Capone says:


Mr. J says:

Doctor’s Advocate > The Documentary

ovidio perez says:


Dark Sheep Rise says:

A west coast great

King cory Martin says:

The red album is my best game album

Trevon Lewis says:


Sumeya Ahmed says:

Game! Thats exactly why I love u. You live for your kids, your family and your carrier! You’re amazing and nothing but a inspiration

Alex Senciuc says:

1 da2 jesus piece3 doc4 doc 25 lax6 19927 red8 blood moonIdk man, I just freakin love jesus piece, I think it’s such an underrated album

Stupid MAN2488 says:

doctors advocate will always be his best

Loso Banks says:

I love lax album tho he snapped

Dan says:

its funny cuz his best album is The Documentary 1 not doctors advocate 😀

Vincent Espinoza says:

bruh one blood had the craziest remix of all time in my opinion, practically every relevant artist of that era was on that song.

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