Hopsin – No Shame REVIEW! (HIS BEST ALBUM?!)

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Hopsin’s latest project is over an hour long and 17 tracks! Is it good or is it trash!? Well… its like … nvm watch for yourself!

Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTUb25hZhVU


Favorite Tracks: Panorama City, The Purge, No Words 2 (skit), Cute In A Suit (Skit), Witch Doctor, Hotel in Sydney

Worst Track(s): Happy Ending, Tell’em Who you got it from, Money on the Side,

Track Weight – (17 Tracks)
Trash – 1.5
Bad – 1
Ok – 2
Good – 3
Great – 4

Hopsin / 300 Entertainment & Undercover Prodigy / Featuring (None!?) / Producers: Hopsin & Undercover Prodigy / Writers: Hopsin / rap / hip-hop / conceptual rap / jazz funk / Real music (jk)
Hopsin – No Shame REVIEW / REACTION

Soundcloud: https://goo.gl/XwgVVe
Youtube: https://goo.gl/tVCwti


BBGagger says:

What he hopsin?

Lone Wolf says:

Did you notice that Passionate MC is the interviewer on no words

Elwood P. Dowd says:

i honestly don’t think i’ll ever listen to a whole hopsin project. i just can’t even handle him.

Inprogress (Official) says:

Great review as well. I personally just feel that if you try to disect Hopsins work it makes it less enjoyable. I think he has wonderful abillities and some talents for sure, just he has some things that should be taken seriously and then has some things that are suppose to be. But you made great points.

Jose Aguilar says:

This was his best mixed album bro?!?!? Did you hear this shit with crappy headphones or something.

Luc Turgeon says:

You earned yourself a subscriber man.

davinatordawg says:

Someone come get their special little brother

Dennis Ivanov says:

Great video man, agree with a lot of your points on this album. As a hopsin fan, this album has some of the best hopsin songs in his discography, but it’s still pretty flawed. Hope your channel gets big, clearly you put effort into your video


I think if you listen to it as if it wasn’t hoisin you’ll find it a little bit better but it had some Goodish songs but also a lot of shit

WOLF says:

While Happy Ending is a song I skip, it’s still very good. It’s just completely ridiculous. Good Beat. Funny story. Just over the top.

DommeDamian says:

Probably my favorite review of No Shame along with Shawn Cee’s.

My scrabed version of the album:

01. Hotel In Sydney
02. Twisted
03. All Your Fault (*Original*)
04. The Purge
05. Witch Doctor
06. Black Sheep
07. No Words 2 skit
08. Panorama City
Ill Mind of Hopsin 09
10. Marcus’ Gospel

amp 864 says:

Idgaf money on the side is dope!

Kirandeep S.S says:

Your opinion have me cancer. Kill youreself

Trigger Happy School Shooter says:

I’m a HUGEEEEE fan and I still think this album was trash

MR. X says:

U oviously skipped Tell’em Who You Got It From. Dude, THE FUCK ARE TALKING ABOUT? 5.7? U deaf? No one will hate, but will know u don’t know SHIT about music. Gigantic growth, Diversity and totally new producing. What Eminem influnce? A song where he talks to his son? IT’S A MUST DO ! Nas did a song DAUGHTERS. So he copied Eminem too huh? Dude, u just another NEEDLEDROP WANNABE. No dissrespect tho, the review is aight. But you don’t know much about music. Happy Ending sucked. That one i agree with

luke vlogs/reacts says:

I love happy ending

Greg Hayle says:

I hate this album

Noah Kennedy says:

What about the song Twisted, I thought that was one of the best

Zakk Official says:

I gotta disagree with you on Happy Ending. The production is fanfuckingtastic, all done by hopsin, and the story telling is really compelling and funny. Great humorous track. Good review though!

Freddy Bernard says:

Idk if you take requests, but could you please review blackbear’s “cybersex” mixtape (yes, that is the name of the project) when it comes out on November 27th?

Sean West says:

Excited to listen to this album. I definitely fuck with Hop

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