How many times I listen to an album.

How many times do you listen to an album before you decide you like it or hate it. Me? I don’t have a number, really. I’m shooing for more of a feeling most of the time. I listen until I figure out how I feel. Then I have to listen to the album and figure out why I feel that way according to what’s going on in the music. There’s no set number, and there will probably never be a set number. That’s just the way the process works.


saystheman behindthemask says:

theneedledrop to me it depends really. On genre on the band. If i am familiar with the band or artist or not. Sometimes the albums i initially hate turn out to be some of my favourites. I could not understand some progressive stuff for the longest time… Band like Karnivool for example… i always had some songs i liked by them but i could never really grasp the effort they put into songs that are over 6 minutes long, so naturally i don’t enjoy an album in it’s entirety. But now… nearly 8 years later longer songs are some of my favourites. Album am referring to is ” Sound Awake”. Another example would be Tool apart from a few songs i used to find too boring, now it’s probably my favourite band. Tesseract “Altered State”: i was already into prog at that point… but found most of the songs on the album too bland and boring after first listen. Eventually it became one of my favourite albums… i keep getting back to it because there is so much to explore.

If you ever read this. I have a question. All of the bands i have mentioned above especially Karnivool and Tesseract. I don’t think you ever reviewed any of these bands. How come? Not your cup of tea? Am curious because a there have been quite a few comments in random videos on youtube including yours such as “Rock is dead! There is no good new rock/metal! ” Each time somebody says that i show them these bands… Because to me this is some of the best music to come out in recent memory, of course it’s not meant for mainstream but i don’t feel like this kind of music or good music overall needs to be mainstream. It requires patience and attention you can’t understand it after one listen for the most part. So yuh just curious of your thoughts on that. Skyharbor are also good…


I do realize that 2 of the bands mentioned belong to Djent genre or prog groove metal, but i feel like these 2 bands stand on their own feet without being lumped together with the rest of this genre that are repetitive and uninspiring.


Joshua Alexander Pagliara-Nydam says:

On Fandango Island

Ylere Moulende says:

Yeah. I listen to each track 3 times each the first time and the second time if I like it i just listen all the way through one time per track and if I really like it 3 time is the charm to seal the deal. Literally. Else I will never listen to it again which means it was not that good.

Paul Olsen says:

If I were to review a boring album I would break it up into 2 or 3 listening segments so that my brain won’t get tired and start needlessly disliking the music due to oversaturation. Then later I’d listen to it all at once because I’ve already had the break in period for all these unfamiliar songs and the rest of the listens are all about honing my perception on the music which could take any number of times.

Ephemeron says:


Anon says:

5 times at least for every album before I trust myself with a real opinion

1st time is a background listen to internalize the album
2nd time a deep dive into the album
3rd time is my favorite listen to almost every album I’ve listened to
4th time is to really pay attention to lyrics and/or background that I may have missed
5th time to solidify my opinion

I try to avoid discussions about or reviews of the album until after the 3rd listen

Jordan Ashby says:

A pressing question for me is… HOW THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TIME TO LISTEN TO THE AMOUNT OF MUSIC THAT YOU DO?? I guess that’s why you’re the internet’s busiest nerd.

Praying Patrick says:

Why does his voice sound so weird here?

Mr. U says:

0:14 Melon has a stroke

Kaneki Ken says:

Personally my set standard would be about 2 to 3 times for an album. Let’s do a little example, you read a new book and thought it was a decent story, you decide to give it another read and you realize it went from being decent to good or great or terrible. Another example would be for a tv show or movie, rewatching something can always change its ratings and it usually takes about 2 to 3 times. I really can’t give something an honest rating w/o having watched it twice.

John Vicary says:

if you are going to review I think the artist deserves your attention and at least twice and probably more

Tazl Wurmerl says:

How many times? Ultimate answer:


theboi ! says:

2:42 ‘DNA’ – Kendrick Lamar

Mason Sizemore says:

i listened to the booty tape at least 4 times in the first day it came out

Pablo Nino Nathanael Stoop says:


Angered Keith David says:

imao and album should be listened to between 1 and 2 times after that going back through and listening to the best singles on it or whatever can give you a good idea of were you stand on it its just important to repeatedly experience the album in small portions

Nathan's Art Project says:

whooaaa a red flannel

Adam Kocur says:

I have to listen to songs about 3 times that truest formulate opinions about it.

minguspucha says:

Kid A is hiding in that collab

Dennis Maberry says:

some songs grow on u

Kami Lee says:

Normally I listen to an album once, than wait a while (which is anywhere from a few hours to a week) and listen to it again, maybe listening to some individual tracks from the album that I like in the in between time.

XD says:

oh thicc boi OH THICC

Andrew Jo says:

<3 u 2

Matthew Mertens says:

For me, I have to listen to an album at least twice to properly review it

Stanley Kubrick says:

Also listening to an album
Or music in general
In different settings
In your room
Woth your friends
In the car
Wherever it is
It’s fun to explore

Frank Hood says:

0:15 this will be sampled in a death grips song

jibblito says:

is this tha same way u review memes

Joshua Alexander Pagliara-Nydam says:

In the Fuzz Over the Melon

Edgar Addington-May says:

Fugazi is 311 for people who read books

freakymrq says:

3 times, once at home through my speakers, once in the car, and once at work on headphones. I feel like they all give me different perspectives

Sleeping childhood says:


darth boner says:

listening to things a specific number of times, forever.

InBrooken says:

i don’t know for example my first listen for tpab i think wow my favorite album ever, and now i listen i dont know 10 or 15 times and still my fav

bensley56 says:

love you too

Webby the Rapper says:

I usually hate albums when I first listen to them, even the classic ones and the best ones and my favourite ones, I have to listen to it once or twice then get away from it for a day or two then I come back to it and listen to it until I have a genuine opinion on it

Zach Cate says:

Sometimes you know you like an album the first time through, and from there you listen to it just for fun because it’s such a good album

shady hodge says:

some albums take like 4 or 5 times to get into

Andrew Miroslawski says:

the mountains in the background of the main album cover shown on screen look straight off of the kid a album cover

Bongo Supreme says:

You’re so young. So innocent. Mm.

Jack Of No Trades says:

A collaborative album between Kanye West, The Antlers, Neutral Milk Hotel, Animal Collective, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, My Bloody Valentine, and Radiohead would be absolute fucking insanity.

Cal says:

How much time do you have!?!?!?

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