Nicki Minaj finally released her long awaited fourth studio album, QUEEN. Is it fire? Is It trash? What’s the best song? I unpack all of that in this track by track album review!

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Metahuman Turned Model says:

Her mixtapes she started in the game with was better than the Queen album. This was not ok. She not a first time artist girl what is you doing…

S3Republic says:

You wont get the Kobe Kd Kyrie Pick a K bar if you dont watch basketball or know the Dream Draft Pick

La La says:

I like the whole album except track 9 sway Lee voice gives me a headache. Maybe I’m getting too old lol.

Imani Nll-b Williams says:


Eric J. says:

I couldn’t disagree with this review any more

jessica says:

Great review, per usual! Can you do an update video on this in a few weeks after you’ve sat with the album for a minute? And you’re so right, I feel like no one ever interviews her the way she needs to be interviewed. They literally are asking shit that we don’t need to hear again. I want to learn more about Nicki because I really want her to prosper.

Unrelated: Personally after my first listen I’m like “no… too many skips for me.” but there’s a good chance I’ll find something to like on there within a few weeks. But as of rn, I’m good off this album lol. Also, I think people need learn to differentiate between constructive criticism and hate. I’m tired of hearing “hater!” just because someone isn’t feeling it as of rn.

Ayesha Go. says:

You’re absolutely! You gotta know the artist you’re dealing with when it comes to music.

enrir901 says:


Giggles says:

Just saw the Ganja Burn video…It’s LIT. She looks beautiful!!
Nicki Minaj – Ganja Burn

Jp23 says:

Why am I trending?

Natu wolf says:

your honesty is out of this world! thank you dude! we need more honesty Youtubers like you.

Kenyetta Neal says:

This is her best album. Its a song for every mood

Mike Strong says:

Whats next for nicki, she should do random drops for the rest of her career. No more lead ups she had nothing left to prove

Jeneva Anderson says:

I agreed with this whole video. Real nicki fans no how to give proper criticism

Everything Alexx says:

Good Form is definitely my favorite song hands down on the album.Its a whole turn up session when thats on.

lvrm dxm says:

I wish y’all would stop saying stuff isn’t in Nicki’s control. She’s the artist. Everything is in her control. Whether it’s something she actually handles or not, it’s her responsibility to make sure it’s handled correctly. This is her art. Don’t tell me she’s not in control.

Tessie Dobey says:

The album is not for me. I didn’t like it. I heard these kinds of song before.

King Kwamey says:

The Kobe KD Kyrie Line is A BAR. They are all shooter so its Pick AK or Pick a K cos they start with a K

JazzyQ says:

Where have yu been? Yu haven’t posted

Charlie quick says:

I really feel like this was a great album. But because of the timing it’s more open to criticism. Had this came out a year or two ago it would be good


Lyrically the album was great. There are definitely filler songs this album could’ve easily been a good 13 songs. I still think Bed should have been a bonus deluxe edition song

natalie Davelaar says:


P La says:

Gunja Burns is one of my favorite songs on the album

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