Is The Life of Pablo Kanye’s Best Album? | Bobby Burns

Is The Life of Pablo Kanye West’s best album?
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Nice2347 says:

Bobby, now you’re a rap connoisseur?

Townes Genoves says:

2.graduation of Pablo dropout
6.late registration

Hidden Planet Productions says:

1. LR
2. TCD
5. 808s

CJ Eastt says:

You should listen to some old Kanye albums (College Dropout, Late Registration) and if you say that you have then listen to them again and rearrange your list. the beautiful soul samples and chopped r&b mixed with gospel blend makes for masterpieces.

Morituri te Salutant says:

But you didnt include all the songs 🙁

Pistachios42 says:

I agree with you on Yeezus. It’s challenging, but when it works, it really works.

daniel_pls says:

Does Metro Boomin Trust you Bobby?

Avbone The Kid says:

Graduation should always be in the top 3.

Ryan Francis-Hume says:

gtfo, you know graduation is the best Kanye album, followed by college dropout, followed by TLOP, followed by MBDTF

Matthew Coyte says:

Top 3 Kanye Album’s

1. Graduation
3. The College Dropout

Michael Lipscomb says:

random but I love the fact that Earl named an album “I don’t like shit I don’t go outside”

Jayden Palmer says:

Ima rank my favs
2) Graduation
3)late registration
6)the college dropout

iixabxii says:

For all Christians.

My friend told me something really cool about this album title.

Life of Pablo,
Or life of Paul the Apostle.

He was converted through an “ultralight beam”

And in Romans, Paul describes in detail the inner struggle of temptation and sin.
Living the christ centered life, or falling in the passion and glamor of a hedonistic lifestyle.

Much Love God bless!

Bradley Hickman says:

Trying to rank Kanyes albums is like trying to rank the colors

Drizzy says:

I think graduation is in my top 3, it’s just a great album overall and doesn’t have more than a single track I don’t like

iixabxii says:

College dropout??

Elanete Howard says:

Kanye is a great producer but he can not rap to save his life

Chris Johnson says:

kayne west = huge piece of shit

Dylan Drury says:

kanyes top 3: 1. late registration 2. graduation 3. college dropout

sP0o D0gG says:

Thanks for answering my question Bobby!!! Great video as always

UnicornBountyHunters says:

UBH is on the rise to all my hip hop stans and fellow unicorns,we got what the game ultimately is at its purest..

Jory Canfield says:

I worked a little more on rearranging the album using your list, just adding a couple other tracks and adapting to the album’s changes. I also took out “Low Lights”. My track list is:

Facts (Charlie Heat Version)
Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1
Freestyle 4
30 Hours
No More Parties In L.A.
Real Friends
Saint Pablo
Frank’s Track
Ultralight Beam

Henrí Galvão says:

I don’t see how anyone could prefer this new version of “Wolves” to the one with Sia and Vic, but I totally agree with what you said about the new version of “Facts”.

Overall, though, I’m kind of frustrated with the album, because it could’ve been amazing if Kanye really followed his plan, which was to make an album of “gospel with a lot of cursing”.

Nothing Really says:

Do not sell Kanye short by proposing that this album is a contender for his best. This is probably his weakest effort. Still some good tracks on this thing, as it’s Kanye, but yeah. If Watch the Throne counts as a Kanye album, then that’s my least favorite. And of course, if Cruel Summer does as well, then that is his only bad album, but he wasn’t very present on that album.

Luc Turgeon says:

1. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
2. Late Registration
3. 808s & Heartbreak
4. Graduation
5. The College Dropout
6. The Life of Pablo
7. Yeezus
8. Watch the Throne
9. Cruel Summer

chocolate cake says:

I didn’t know you watched the third pew.

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