We’ve done best albums for Drake & Kendrick Lamar, so now you know we’ve gotta do J. Cole. Lets look at the his album discography and see what Fayetteville, NC nurtured


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seg timz says:

Folding Clothes is a song for the kids, I tell you. I find ma self singing the hook to my little sis, and she loves it. she sings only the hook and she satisfied. Prop to you Shawn you da realest

Blac Clinton Dapoet says:

Forrest Hill drive #1

Mentor Arash says:

Cole World: Sideline story is my favourite J.Cole album. There was not a single song I did not like. They all sounded great and the overall content was really good too. This was the second J.Cole album I listened to(First being 2014 Forest Hill Drive) and it has remained my favourite album since. One thing I wanted to ask was how do you say that Friday Night Lights is your fav J.cole project but u dont like Sideline Story as they both sound very similar due to the fact that Friday Night Lights is made from tracks that were suppose to be on Sideline Story. and that aint me tryina diss or somthin its just a genuine question.

MAC CHZ says:

4 your eyes only is like Kanye’s 808s and heartbreak its gonna separate the fans into 2 lanes

ryan mutombo says:

You are way too passive in these reviews. You need to be more direct. This video felt like reading a bad essay.

Abdulmalik Umar says:

WTF how can you say born sinner is the worst album

Videogameaholic6999 says:

What about Ville Mentality my dude that’s my favorite song for 4 your eyez

Kiing_McCoy says:

2014 FHD

Fadlan Sheikh says:

1. 2014FHD
2. Born Sinner
3. CW – SS
4. 4YEO

Crowbra D. Crow says:

*I totally disagree with what you said for “4 Your Eyez Only” because you can listen to most of the songs with out having to listen to the whole album.*

Young Tmac says:

You ugly

Janz HelliTV says:

born sinner is his most creative project to date you smokn good dope. its his best album period, its what put him in the covo with kendrick as being arguably the best rapper. FHD was dull and corny….and FYEO was just his lonner tape, it didnt work for me cause j coles voice cant carry that manny songs with no features hes one dementional

Youngtitomakni says:

Ur a Nigger

NewyGolfKid84 says:

I agree with everything here except the stuff about born sinner. In my opinion born sinner is a story about his like where he tells stories about the stuff he’s gone through. And I get that most of this stuff isn’t relatable but the stories that he told makes this project one of my favourites

Diego Vasquez says:

“I don’t believe j Cole finished his thought or got his point through this song” summed up the whole video

Peter Read says:

the blow up ?

David Sage says:

4 your eyes only song was looked at as a summary of the album I’d say that ties it more together. False prophets and everybody dies have the most replay value tho. I agreed with how the concepts held back the replay

Jonas Brown says:

Ok you said that people have to listen to the whole 4 Your Eyez Only album for the full effect, by also said that the last track goes so deep into the concept, the rest of the album doesn’t matter, what?

Dro Budden says:

his Adam’s apple was distracting me the whole time

Abdulmalik Umar says:

HOW CAN YOU SAY 4YEO IS A BETTER ALBUM THAN FHD….. You’re so sick, Shawn cee uve lose my respect…. Is now I know that you don’t actually really know MUSIC…. Your reviews are wack… You claim to know music while you don’t…. Idiot…

Papi Chulo 15 says:

Do best ScHoolboy Q album

DatBoii Savage says:

The warm up and forest hills drive really every project is great expect for born sinner

Jeeses99 says:

1. 2014 fhd (8/10. Many great highlights and no bad songs. There were some inconsistent moments like Hello and St. Troupez but even those songs were enjoyable to an extent)
2. 4yeo (7.5/10. Great story telling and he’s a lot more Lyrical. But why THE FUCK are deja vu and foldin clothes on this…)
3. CW:SS (7.5/10 while it’s his most inconsistent project it still has many great highlights to his career. It’s way more entertaining than born sinner)
4. Born Sinner (7/10. It’s pretty consistent but the highlights here weren’t as good as SS or any of his other albums. It’s a solid album but there’s a handful for mediocre tracks)

My opinions on his mixtapes:
FNL: 9/10
TWU: 8.5/10
TCU: 6/10

Caleb Igwe says:

What do you think Lil Wayne’s best albums are?

Khalid H says:

I liked born sinner , sometimes you need that calm, composed flow, like listening to his shit is like meditation

Interce says:

Fire squad is your favorite song on the album but you don’t even know the name

Rez says:

You hit that shit dead on w/ the Friday Night Lights tape, that mixtape… there aint nothing that sounds like how that mixtape sounded. Definately could’ve been an album

Sid Essex says:

As a teenager i love 2014fhd bc its abt growing up and i can relate to it

Dridzoe says:

You don’t have to be black and young to relate to J. Cole im young and white and I relate alot to J. cole

Muhammad Patel says:

You got born sinner wrong mate. Not that it’s his weakest but what he said about it. That was all about sideline story.

Kelly Swank says:

The fans/stans of J Cole are also a major reason why people don’t like him.

ANT _ says:


Adrian Watson says:

4 your eyez only & Friday Night Lights

Stromboli says:

friday night lights is also my favourite mang, but i do actually like born sinner

Jlong908 says:

J Cole blew his load with Friday night lights and it ended up hurting sideline story.

Adrian Watson says:

i’d switch Shawn’s review for Born Sinner with Sideline Story. Born Sinner had Let Nas Down which was directly related to how he felt inauthentic on Sideline Story.

T. Witt says:

Honestly feel like ITs born sinner forest hills drive was a dope album but its what started all the dick riders who never listened to his music claiming goat because of no features and saying need a certain level of intelligence to listen to him and u can listen to born sinner all the way through except maybe runaway

Sebastian Lopez says:

Forest Hills Drive is his best album. It’s his only album that comes close to his mixtapes.

Forever Isaac says:

you should do asap rocky with his 3 projects

Isaiah Walker says:

J cole was born in Germany but raised in Fayetville aka fayetnam

Paulino Rodas says:

2014 FHD is my favorite hands down. Because I feel like I can relate or like I’m talking to my homie about life I used to listen to it every day.

Shawn Cee says:

I see alot of J Cole fans can’t handle criticism as well as other fan bases


I have to agree born sinner was trash the good song was let and down

10 Shevo says:

As a fan of cole and being in his world I don’t really care about any criticism cuz yes u can say I am blinded by the fact I relate to his music and I still so happy about it and still he’s the best for what’s he’s doing and I’m very convinced that if he wants to go hard core then he’s gonna shit on everybody in this game

Yung Tax Return says:

Born Sinner > 2014FHD

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