Jorja Smith – LOST & FOUND ALBUM Review

Jorja Smith is a Walsall, UK singer who first found success as a collaborator on Drake’s More Life Playlist along with a lasting impression on the Black Panther album with members of TDE. Now she’s deliver her first studio album & we discuss if the effort was worth the wait.

Jorja Smith – Lost & Found Full Album
1. Lost & Found
2. Teenage Fantasy
3. Where Did I Go?
4. February 3rd
5. On Your Own
6. The One
7. Wandering Romance
8. Blue Lights
9. Lifeboats (Freestyle)
10. Goodbyes
11. Tomorrow
12. Don’t Watch Me Cry

Best Tracks – Goodbyes/Don’t Watch Me Cry/Tomorrow/Lost & Found

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Alisha Aristel says:

Please react to Sabrina Claudio

KIDDINGartisticDUDE says:

React to smino

JHDurh says:

What happened to your cool thumbnails?

Life of Jay says:

This is one of the reasons I can never hate on Drake because he has put so many artists on and so many of them I listen to…the guy know music man. Jorja Smith beautiful work!!

Donald says:

Goddess in action

Solomon Young says:

February 3rd makes me melt

Kaleb Hausley says:

REACT TO “Ethernet” by Wifisfuneral

LukeGabrieI Gaming says:

review ne yo good man album lol

IBC says:

my favourite artist seeing her 3 times this year im so excited

Tanishia Hall says:

Omg you do look like the black Eric foreman I love it

Steven Curry says:

Ha he gave her the D, smooth

Luis Alvarez says:

Loved hearing your thoughts on this. I don’t entirely agree on your interpretation of the production, because I feel as though it lends to the vibe of the album and her voice in a very nice way. Not saying she couldn’t sound good over other production, but I think for the concept of the album it served its purpose. I really love her voice and think that with this album she falls in line with some of the R&B greats of this era, being that she is a young artist with so much potential and so many years ahead of her. I would personally give it an 8/10, but I just really connected with the vibe and her lyrics so that’s just me. Much love Shawn, keep up the good work.

jason hernandez says:

you should listen to YOTA: Youth of the Apocalypse’s single ‘Drop the Bomb’ ft. MF Doom
I found it to be quite dark but I really liked it and wanted to know your opinions on it

Your Mom says:

react to juicewrld and scarlxrd album

blazekaizer9000 says:

Are you ever going to review or react to Kali Uchis’ Isolation

WildOne TV says:


* siren says:

Are you crazy, her voice is distinct? Dude she sounds exactly and I mean exactly like Rihanna. I really can’t take you seriously now.

Wasee Rahman says:

That’s how our U.K. girls are

Katie Prieto says:

Please react to Kail unchis her new album isolation

Cesar says:

I really hope mick jenkins will drop soon

Jon Snow King Of The Comments says:

6/10 ? damn i would give it an 8 at least


Im 15 and this is so far my fav album of 2018, strong 8. I love every song (although i think that on your own and wandering romance are just ok) i loved the concept (i dont rly care about lyrics but they dont bother me i guess. I got goosebumps on goodbyes and yeah the last three tracks are the best. I do agree that the production is not something very interesting but i cant find an instrumental i dont like.
Love this album
Hope u read x

M C says:

She has a great tone. But she has problems singing in tune. She at times sings out of key.

Kaz Pasternak says:


NotGivingOutMyName says:

When’s he gonna react to Anonymuz

John Igomu says:

Boys channel is blowing up fast

AliBeBack Bradley says:

Artwork looks like Sade’s album

Jake Reid says:

6/10 you’re trippin

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