Judas Priest – FIREPOWER Album Review

Judas Priest do their best impression of the early 90s with their new release, seemingly channeling one of the best achievements, Painkiller. But more questions loom than answers at the end of the day. What all does this mean for the ageless metal vets?

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Zach Bolinger says:

Off topic but coverkiller should review some death Grips, I think he’d like it

Oni64 says:

The first 3 tracks were the best in the album. Overall, the album is way too long and I feel like every song after the first 3 songs are borderline filler. Rob Halford can still sing though.

Alex Huth says:

This is an incredible album. Some seriously good metal. Been listening nonstop.

Nichalas Edward says:

Absolutely love this record!

FogZone says:

Life long Priest fan here and I rank Firepower right up there with the classics.

Ar 15s Kick ass says:

I’m just glad these old dudes are still producing albums,amazing! But if Tipton can’t write or record in studio ,it’s not Priest anymore!

Aaron KM says:

Its what I have wanted since Painkiller !! At last a Priest record worthy of my cash imo . I delivers everything JP fans could want period …

Davide Di Paolo says:

No mention of Guardians/Rising from Ruins? Seriously, that track is one of the best things Priest ever created in the last 30 years. Monumental work. Monumental intro.

nick tardif says:

judas priest is garbage

tempo529 says:

In your or anyone’s opinion,how much do you think Glenn played on this album?…and yes I know he wrote the songs with Rob and Richie…without Glenn and KK Priest lack’s the magic chemistry that was Priest!

Jackson Haymond says:

Thank gosh they released this. I lost all hope after redeemer. I know a lot of people like that album. But it just wasn’t the same. It was recorded poorly.

mezsh says:

Ok, you have 70,000 subscribers. time to spend a few dollars on a decent mic… seriously…

CoderatheGreat says:

I think this album is much better than Redeemer of Souls overall, their best since Painkiller perhaps! I do like the last album’s closing ballad (Beginning of the End) a bit more than Sea of Red though (still a good song regardless).

Max Scardanelli says:

I hate to be that guy, but ‘Living Bad Dreams’ was the closing track on ‘Painkiller’. Not ‘One Shot Of Glory’. Great review though I’d give this album a 7/10. ‘Redeemer Of Souls’ was better.

Perry Joseph says:

Great Album. I love Painkiller, but there are a dozen Priest albums that are comparable, or that I even like better. Including everything since Painkiller. I really like Nostradamus and Redeemer of Souls, and I’m surprised they weren’t more critically acclaimed. I liked Priest in the 80’s, but I like them even more now. Redeemer and Firepower are very similar in sound and quality. They are sister albums. 9/10 for both. or 27/30, whatever. Have you reviewed Blaze’s “Redemption of William Black” yet? That’s a 29/30. Lost a point for the cover art. But “Fly to the Rainbow” had a worse cover.

Donald Lutkin says:

Bottom line FIREPOWER kicks ass!!! I don’t hear Painkiller at all I hear earlier priest.

Chuckm4n says:

2:03 Geezuss

greybrother01 says:

Firepower isn’t as similar to Painkiller as some people have said. It has more variety, like most of their other work, whereas Painkiller is one of their least varied albums. Firepower is like a much better and fuller version of Angel of Retribution.

Kruegerisgod says:

“He’s our tomorrow just as much as we are his yesterday…” :'(

Harry Reich says:

Priest ripped off aussie band TAIPAN with the title and tracks FLAMETHROWER and Stand in ruins!! Even art is very very similar!!!

Kenny Fiorisi says:

I would love to hear your review of the new Rivers of Nihil album.

Kevin Greer says:

Bell Witch rules.

Flash Flanagan says:

loved it

One-Eye says:

You can’t convince me Glenn Tipton played more than a random riff or solo on this.

Thomas Ackerly says:

This is an awesome been fan since 78

Capt. Dade Pool says:

that music in the background is annoying it detracts from the audience hearing you.

Steve Tucker says:

I wasn’t too impressed when I listened to Firepower. It sounds very mediocre to me. All the songs just sound so uninspired and uncreative, almost like they’re just struggling to come up with good melodies and ideas anymore. And the guitar tone still sucks. It has this weird bassy sonic quality to it. They haven’t put out anything really good since Painkiller. They need to hang it up after this tour, especially because of the situation with Glenn.

Eric Ramondino says:

Have you ever reviewed Halford solo albums..or Bruce Dickinson solo albums?

Ed Guy says:

Tom Allom is what Mutt Lange was to Def Leppard. Keep producing Priest albums.

Jeremy Jenks says:

Hoping for a Kalmah Palo review!

Marin Hrabrić says:

An album i would consider a comeback album for those who didn’t like Angel Of Retribution. Firepower is amazing. it feels concrete. much better than Reedemer. Although reedemer had great songs on it, for some reason i get this weird deppressing feeling from it. With firepower it’s completely different. it’s positive, energetic, heavy, powerful classic Priest. the only song that reminds me of reedemer is children of the sun and it’s in my opinion the worst track on the album and i always skip it. Favourite song Flame Thrower. sounds like classic priest the most out of all songs and could with no problem be on Screaming For Vengeance if it had the sound from that album. also like the album cover. going back to Priest original formula of album covers by having either a person or a metal monster breathing fire and shooting lasers and rockets. also like how the whole cover is narrow like screaming for vengeance and turbo. overall rating would be 8/10. and people stop reapeating one another “the best album since painkiller”. no. it’s the best album since jugulator.

james andersen says:

Best Judas Priest album in more than 25 years!

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