Kanye West: BEST ALBUM

Kanye West is likely one of the most iconic rap artists the industry may ever see. There has been extreme talk over his personal ranging from his marriage with Kim Kardashian to his infamous relationship with Jay-Z and even his MTV stunt with Taylor Swift over Beyonce. Kanye West’s best album ever has been highly debated among hip hop heads and casuals for about a decade now and I finally have decided to step into the ring and give my take. Here we GOOOOOO

(Let’s not forget about the long list of hits Kanye has like Golddigger/Flashing Lights/N’s in Paris, features with artists like ScHoolboy Q on THAT PART and countless collabs with artists like Drake & Big Sean on Blessed)

808s & Heartbreak (ALBUM)
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (ALBUM)
The Life of Pablo (ALBUM)
The College Dropout (ALBUM)
Yeezus (ALBUM)
Graduation (ALBUM)
Late Registration (ALBUM)

You thought I was gonna put the order I ranked these in the description? LMAOOOO

This is my opinion but feel free to let me know what you have ranked as your number one in the comments below. Thanks for watching and have an awesome day.


Theodore Clarks says:

I loved Yeezus

NuClear LUCkyy says:

3. 808s
4. College dropout
5. Late registration
6. Graduation
7. Yeezus

None of these albums are below a 7/10 in my opinion, and I don’t think people give TLOP the credit it deserves.

Jigga the BOAT says:

Who the hell is that at 7:33?

Cyrus McCarthy says:

Pablo is Pablo PiCasso, Yeezy is referring to himself to Picasso as an artist.

George Thomas says:

Bruh, you can’t talk about College Dropout without talking about Jesus Walks. That track is legendary.

Andres Esqueda says:

Yeezus is ahead of its time

Colby Morrison says:

The Life of Pablo was changed, updated, and fixed in public by Kanye which is pretty crazy for an artist of his size. He remixed, remastered, and added entire tracks, he re-recorded and swapped out vocals, he even put out an out of time song and had to fix it. You could say it presents the process of creating the album unfolding after it was released, which is certinally something of an artistic statement. It also from the outside looks like a complete mess, so it makes sense the music of the album itself is going to sound messy and patched together, as you said. I think that’s at least one alternative lens to view it through.

Devin Day Benford says:

Saint Pablo was definitely in my top 3 alongside Graduation which should of been up there as well think you really underrated it a tad bit


Yeezus was amazing

Lg says:

yeezus is a 10/10. the lyrics are trashy as HELL, the production is loud and creative as HELL…it’s all visceral extremes on that album. and if what you’re looking for in music is just shit that makes your blood boil and goes dumb as hell, it’s 10/10 shit, and makes shit like Lil Pump seem ambient.

Unbiased Basketball Stan says:

MBDTF is the best thing to ever happen to man kind.

Garrett Mitchell says:

I actually think that Bound 2 is a great song and definitely stands out on Yeezus

porkchop0212 says:

I like Kanye not only for his lyrics but more importantly his production and the unpredictability of his stuff. I don’t listen to Kanye for nostalgia or to relate, I listen to bump to Kanye lol.
3. 808’s
4. Graduation
5. Yeezus
6. College Dropout
7. Late Registration

I personally believe College Dropout is super overrated. Great album but it’s not his best and is kind of boring. One dimensional for sure, same thing with Late Registration.

Newhouse says:

Yeezus is GOAT

Ben Berman says:


S.G.T. SULTAN says:

I believe yeezus was his best Album… My opinion tho

timoteo says:

You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about

byMafia says:

Rubbish list

Travon Chappell says:

As soon as you put graduation at number 4 I left the video… I know it’s your opinion that you’re entitled but you’re buggin lol!

Shawnald McDonald says:

Blood on the Leaves is too 5 Kanye songs and it’s on Yeezus

Bepis says:

I don’t know if me being a fan of Death Grips has anything to do with it but Yeezus is one of my favorites of hos


“We don’t care” is Kanye’s most underrated song

Johann Jimenez says:

LIFE OF PABLO is LIfe of Saint Paul, Saint Pablo. The theme was Kanye was emboding himself as Saint Paul, a disciple of Christ. Tbh not much was shown to embody that

Kieler Young says:

What was that song where Kanye was singing?

Dgobes says:

So does the song paranoid on 808’s not exist?

Julean Burger says:

smh, 808s at #6?

Cyle Laframboise says:

The College Dropout (ALBUM) TIMELESS
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (ALBUM)
Yeezus (ALBUM)
The Life of Pablo (ALBUM)
Graduation (ALBUM)
Late Registration (ALBUM)
808s & Heartbreak (ALBUM)

AidanMurphy says:


Unbiased Basketball Stan says:

All of his albums are great; ahead of its time.

StevenM says:

Pretty sure the person on the intro of College Dropout was DeRay doing his best Bernie Mac impression

gabriel salazar says:

Sleeping on YEEZUS 🙁 . top 2 Kanye album in my opinion and I used to hate this album, call me crazy

IceCreamFrost says:

You buggin college dropout is better than late registration

Mad Rye says:

My Ranking

2. CD
3. LR
4. Graduation
5. 808s
6. Yeezus


1. 808s & heartbreak 2. MBDTF 3. The college dropout 4. Graduation 5. The life of pablo 6. Late registration 7. Yeezus

Eli Gammill says:

808s is too low imo

ThisisGabeB says:

TLoP is an autobiography.

Noah N says:

Yeezus was my Favourite lol

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