Kanye West: Worst To Best

I think the title here pretty much explains itself. This is me listing Kanye’s albums from worst to best, taking into account my personal taste and how pivotal each album was to his artistic evolution. Enjoy!

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Y’all know this is just my opinion, right?


daan pauwels says:

Cruel Summer < Watch The Throne < ........... < Yeezus < MBDTF < Late Registration < College Dropout < ........ < The Life Of Pablo < ....... < 808s & HEARTBREAK < GRADUATION

Matthew Clarke says:

Graduation was my favourite

Lycho Wouffe says:

Kanye West, from Kanye Worse to Kanye Best

vesu says:

1. College Dropout2. MBDTF3. Late Registration4. Graduation5. Yeezus6. idk7. idk

Kaleb Hunt says:

I used to not like Kanye, just like most people who never actually listened to him. I had heard a couple of his more catchy popular songs when I was younger but never got into him. Then once The Life of Pablo was released I listened to all of his albums in order one day and since then I haven’t been able to get enough of him. I feel like I really got to know Kanye and watch him change throughout his life by listening to his albums and songs in order. I think listening to singles is like only looking at a corner of a painting. I see myself in Kanye which is probably why I love him so much, I bet we would get along great lol.

My ranking for his albums are

1. College Dropout
2. Late Registration
3. Yeezus
4. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (this would be #3 if Nicki Minaj wasn’t on it)
5. Graduation
6. Pablo
7. 808’s.

#1 and 2 are pretty much interchangeable for me
#5 and 7 are too popy for me

Not sure about his collaboration albums. I’ve only heard a few songs off of Watch the Throne.

Gunner Dohrenwend says:

light 6

Emmett Coons says:

you suck

obi_the_president says:

10 years from now Yeezus will be seen as a classic.

Fat Bastard says:

Robocop bangs

Jonah Gaskell says:

drake best to worst pls

Caleb Reynolds says:

Due to that he tried to make a vibe of artistry and barely any auto tune. “All of the Lights” is the worst while “Blame Game” was the best.

2. College Dropout
When he was telling a story and had a style where it was original and took a turn in hip hop. “All Falls Down” is my favorite in this album.

3. Late Registration
He took jazz and had a style, just like College Dropout.

4. Graduation
The “I got bling” generation and it was when he was saying how he got here with his fame.

5. Saint Pablo
Very unique and odd. He combined Tech Music with a hip hop, take “Saint Pablo” for example.

6. Yeezus
He attempted to experiment, but failed. It’s not bad, but it’s not good. This is his turning point to where he is today.

7. 808’s and Heartbreak
Autotune piled with club beats. There are only a couple of songs I like on this album, but in my opinion, the rest were just filler songs.


Oliy says:

I’m the only one who likes late registration the most I take it?

Anna Lokteva says:


Bonnzai says:

That Flylo album in the back is the first I heard from him. Should I be ashamed? Should I have known of Flylo before then?

TomsGoingHAM says:

Why does no one praise Street Lights that song is a masterpiece

Pyro Lesbian says:

I paused this video and went on Spotify to listen to TLOP. GARBAGE

HoveLand says:

This is my exact list, with one exception, I’d swap Fantasy for Late Registration. Nice!

Mindcrime80 says:

worst to worst: all of them

Jorge Clarkson says:

Yh fuck Yeezus. Nothing will beat Dark Twisted.

Mark McNenney says:

I don’t know why I keep watching this video

Steve Davidson says:

Yeezus isn’t great but it’s better than Watch The Throne, WTT honestly feels more like a thrown together mixtape, no structure at all, maybe 2-3 good tracks (Murder to Excellence was great, rest of the album was meh), does not have any front to back playability.

Yeezus is at least listenable, listen to both and see which has more tracks you skip.

Other than that I agree for the most part.

Melekh says:


Bach Aoun says:

whats the album cover after the money store?

Larrell Lewis says:

Good list even though Graduation is my personal favorite I really like how you did this list…

Coat of Arms says:

Personally my favourite Kanye song from College Dropout is Family Business

Apollo Prodigy says:

Kanye’s best Song is I Love Kanye, someone prove me wrong

Don't look at my profile picture says:

yeezus is HELLA underrated

BrianPatrick Keegan says:

My beautiful dark twisted fantasy is an absolute masterpiece. Not only Kanyes best album, but maybe the best hip hop album of all time. Can’t think of a flaw. No question the best

Kwame Eshun says:

Didn’t you say ‘Facts’ was shallow and shit? Now it’s one of your favourites??

WAKEUP!!! says:

Can’t believe Pablo is above Yeezus. Pablo never really felt like a real album and also the lyrics and production is just terrible.

Tanner Jordan says:

This list is wack

Merrick Giles says:

u r a melon

Kristian Hill says:

Why is yeezus so low

SkepticalFox says:

So man amazing tracks from Mr. West but my favorite has to be “Street Lights”.

Pilot Jones says:

“Just Kanye crying about the fashion industry?”

Bruh, fashion’s his passion, what if you were kept out of an industry cause you were a certain race? I feel Yeezus

Merrick Giles says:

i would love to smear suncream all over your magnificent bald head

Eww Oppp says:

cruel summer 
watch the throne 
808s and heartbreaks
college dropout
late registration

Clayton Cummings says:

Today I bought a physical of Graduation (to complete my collection of Kanye that matters), and Doris (Earl is wicked bruh), and Madvilliany (obviously no explanation required for this one).

ItzBofa says:

i was so surprised that mbdtf was not number 1

Nik Reiter says:

No love for street lights? Fn wow

Mr. Montana says:

Can we get much higher!

Hans Carabonala says:

This is the first time I have ever seen the uncensored cover MBDTF, I always thought the pixel mesh was the actual thing. Huh


Graduation 5? No

Rory Gallagher says:

Do jay z melon

Oshino Meme says:


Nicholas Smith says:

This guy obviously isn’t a Kanye fan.

BAZx says:

I’m glad you did this. I was thinking about best to worst at the beginning of this year. Life of Pablo would have been last on my list.

Luke Vanhaezebrouck says:

Missed a lot of good songs on MBDTF and definitely should’ve been #1

Emmett Coons says:

life of Pablo should be higher

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